Trolls are extremely rare in Thar Shaddin, although they have been known to be kept as bodyguards or labourers. Very adaptable, trolls can be found everywhere from frigid to rain-forest to urban environments. In areas where they are more common, trolls may form roaming gangs or small communities, but otherwise they are solitary creatures.

Trolls are easily the toughest humanoid creatures alive on Pal Tahrenor. They are huge, averaging about 8 to 10 feet tall, and are usually bulked up with fat and muscles. They aren't particularly attractive by human standards, with large noses, blunt or rounded features, and their skin colour varies with the climate and food sources they have. Killing a troll with anything but fire is nearly impossible, since they can regenerate limbs or even the entire body in a few hours. The only two sure-fire ways to ensure a troll is dead are to pulverize its brain (which is difficult enough given that they have a thick skull) or to set it on fire.

Much to the dismay of other humanoid species, most trolls procreate in the usual way, and are capable of mating with nearly all other races, producing some interesting results as offspring. The notable exception to this are fungal trolls who spread by release of spores. For other troll races, it should be noted that the average troll penis is 10 inches in length, with a two inch girth. A length of 7 inches with a girth size of 1.5 inches is considered small, while a length of 17 inches with a girth size of 4 inches is considered the largest size possible. Due to troll mating rituals being difficult on the part of the male, they have evolved to have prehensile penises. Additionally, troll penises secrete lubrication to account for the lack in the females. This trait has made it even easier for cross-species breeding to occur.

Unfortunately, trolls aren't particularly intelligent. Math involving numbers greater than 5, for example, is beyond them. Likewise trolls are incapable of learning magic.

The natural lifespan of trolls in unknown. It is possible they can never die of old age.