Kaledin Manor

situated on a hill overlooking Shim from the north is a quiet manor surrounded by many acres of natural gardens and an iron fence with a gate that is always left open. The sole permanent resident of the manor is well known to the locals as one who has lived there since the founding of the town, and perhaps longer. Calling himself only Belatucadrus, this man is seldom seen but both loved and feared by the locals for the harsh justice he is known to impose on anyone who threatens the peace of his town.


The manor itself is maintained by several servants, hand picked by Belatucadrus from various sources. Few people have seen the inside of the manor, which from outside clearly has more than a dozen rooms on each of its two stories, but it is rumored to be filled with a wealth of exotic art. It is also rumored that below the manor is a dungeon where those unfortunate enough to be taken are tortured and experimented on for purposes only known to the owner.