Government of Marn

marn is run by what claims to be a democratic government but which is in fact an oligarchy which will never be removed from power by peaceful means. A small group of wealthy men including a mayor, ministers (of finance, education, health, culture, industry, etc.), and civil magistrates claim to serve in the best interests of the people. These city officials are either elected or appointed by other officials, however the system inevitably caters to the rich cabal that is already in power. These wealthy aristocrats, embroiled in city politics do little more than govern over the trivialities of daily Marnian life. The true power lies with the Judges and the Military.

It is generally well known that the civilian government serves as a puppet to the feared Judges of Religious, Cultural and Ethical Enforcement. These are the judges who prosecute and execute those who break the magic laws in Marn and are headed by a seldom seen man named Judge Vincas. There are only 12 judges, all of whom work from the protection of the magically fortified confines of Justice Hall and all of whom have the full authority to execute anyone they declare a threat to the prosperity of Marn. The Judges work closely with the Battlemages and use them to enforce their will.

The basic tenets of the Judges are based on the Tomes of the First Settlers, which outline all aspects of the ideal life of a citizen. These tomes heavily stress the virtues of obedience, duty, and purity from the influence of magic and the Judges have become quite adept at manipulating the words in the tomes to suit their needs.

Next to the Judges in political power is the Marn City Guard, which is large and powerful enough to double as a full-fledged military force. The guardsmen are highly respected by the citizens of Marn as upholders of truth and justice who are free from the temptations and corruption of magic. Led by High Constable Thomnas Oslun, and Captain Camulous Smithson beneath him, the Guard's ethics often clash with those of the Judges and Battlemages. These two entities coexist despite the tension . The guardsmen accept the Battlemages as a necessary evil and the Judges as corrupt but far less corrupt than the evils that threaten Marn from without.

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