BCE: Before Common Era.   PW: Post War.
3400 BCE First evidence of wheel-made pottery in Sumeria.
2560 BCE Great pyramid built.
2000-1600 BCE Old Babylonian Empire.
1400 BCE Development of alphabet by Phoenicians.
1180 BCE Earliest forms of magic discovered by the Egyptian 20th dynasty and the Olmec in Mesoamerica.
1020 BCE Magical practices flourish across the globe and start being used heavily in warfare. Barrier between astral and physical planes weakens significantly.
1000 BCE Introduction of Dwarves.
900 BCE Introduction of Elves.
900-800 BCE Introduction of many more races including orcs, gnomes, trolls and shifters.
750 BCE Appearance of the first of the Changers, Piltzintlicoatl (son of Quetzalcoatl) in Mesoamerica. The serpentine man-god quickly rises to power over the entire continent.
720 BCE King Farahu rises to power in Egypt. Claiming to be the son of Set, he becomes known as the second of the Changers. His appearance is followed by an additional 5 Changers around the globe.
636 BCE King Farahu declares war on Piltzintlicoatl, marking the beginning of the Changers' War.
630 BCE War between Farahu and Piltzintlicoatl spreads to neighboring nations and eventually all 7 Changers are involved.
500 BCE Earliest settlements at Marn.
310 BCE Changers' War climaxes. Earth's orbit and axis are altered, land masses changed, entire civilizations are destroyed.
250 BCE Changers' War ends with death of the last of the changers.
130 BCE Marn falls to Eastern Empire, original inhabitants wiped out.
80 BCE / 2207 PW Seal is restored. New Post War calendar created counting down from 2207.
2127 PW Beginning of our calendar (approx. 0 AD).
900 PW Marn falls to Western Empire.
320 PW Marn abandoned by Western Empire.
287 PW Town of Marn founded around ruins. First of the new settlers arrive. Formation of the guard.
210 PW Town of Shim founded.
205 PW Marn gains status of city.
215-210 PW Trade through Marn declines dramatically, city suffers economic collapse followed by intensive reform.
208 PW Anti-Magic laws enacted. Battlemages separate from the city guard. Founding of the judges.
122 PW Present.