Country/Region: Thar Shaddin
Population: 150
Area: 2 km2 (town core)
Dominant Species: Human
Major Religion: Puradyne
Demonym: Shimian

the town of Shim is far smaller, far quieter, and far less inviting than its big brother Marn. Only around 150 people have permanent residences there. Walking to Shim from Marn takes about two hours if walking, although many travel by horse.

Aside from the The Red Chalice Inn, a small place for travellers who want some peace and quiet, there is nothing for outsiders in Shim. Much of the town consists of farmland and small homes reserved for those who choose not to live in the neighbouring city for whatever reasons they may have. Overlooking these houses on a hill to the north is a large mansion known as Kaledin Manor, owned by the rich and well known man who calls himself Belatucadrus.

A cemetery near the heart of the town bleeds ancient magics that anyone with an affinity for such things can sense as evil. The people are quiet and wary of strangers, and seldom venture near either the cemetery or the Manor.

While the town itself is small in area, at least 100 km2 is Shimian's farmlands. Long, dirt roads lead off into rural farm and ranch land, which feeds the Marnian populace.


Shim falls under the jurisdiction of the city of Marn and follows many of the same laws that Marn does, however there are differences. There are no guards stationed in Shim - the villagers either defend themselves, or rely on the mysterious lord of Kaledin Manor to protect them from danger. It is not necessary to declare magic when entering the town of Shim. Indeed, who would you declare it to?

The Marnian guard will only show up if they are needed. Many Marnians have friends and family who live or work in Shim, thus Shim falls under their umbrella of protection when necessary.

Map of Shim