Marn and Shim Businesses

This is a list of all businesses currently operating in Marn or Shim. If you'd like to add something to this list, please place it here.


Ripened Vines

Owned by Ella and Drue Greyner (NPC).

A small and modest inn, The Ripened Vine was known for being a relatively cheap yet clean inn. It had minimal staff, and those that were paid to work were friends of the owners. It was built from stone, and featured a homey common room on the ground floor, and three rooms on the second floor. Unfortunately, in a recent mishap one of the rooms was half torn out, and part of another damaged. The Greyners are still deciding if they wish to rebuild.

An aspiring player could work a rp around the rebuilding of this inn, and probably get paid reasonably well in the process.

The Content Merchant

Staffed by Themes (NPC), a tall man with greying hair.

The Content Merchant is a well built building, with foundation of concrete and sturdy wood construction. It is white-washed on the outside, possibly in an attempt to imitate the Justice Hall. Not too pricy.

The Proper Lady

Owned by Tress Grypheli (NPC), staffed at the front counter by either Merka or Fin Rathshod (sibling NPCs).

An upscale inn set off the beaten path of the main road, it features luscious carpeting and well polished hardwood walls. Paintings from moderately well known local artists are featured at every turn, and fresh flowers are kept in various pots and vases. There is an entryway, to the right of which is a very large desk, and a wide set of stairs to the right. Further back is a parlor, from which entertainment, food and drink may be had. Only patrons of the inn may take advantage of the sumptuous food and drink. Also to the rear are two rooms, the cheapest in the Inn. These are usually taken.

The Proper Lady features a paid cleaning staff. Lice or fleas are almost unheard of in this establishment. As such the upstairs rooms can run you up to 100 Bishan a night, depending on which you take. Most rooms are about 25 bishan, with the ground floor rooms costing 10 bishan due to noise from the parlor and heat from the kitchen.

Upstairs are classier rooms. These hold full beds with soft mattresses and pillows, as well as windows overlooking the buildings next door and the street.

The Red Chalice (Shim)

See The Red Chalice.

The Three Lions

Owned by [NPC] and his wife, Marie [NPC]. Staffed by Aura Thesin [Inactive PC].

A modest inn, filled with homey comfort. It has a common room furnished with a few tables, and large overstuffed armchairs by the fireplace. Beverages and food are also served in the common room, to those renting and non-renting guests. There are private dining rooms available.

Tiger's Crossing

Owned by Mr. Svirepyy [NPC], staffed by in-house musician Julius Jenofonte [PC].

Two story inn with a small lounge and bar downstairs. Rooms are located on the second floor. The inn has a long history, having been built as a high class establishment that eventually was mismanaged and fell into disrepair. However, the inn was bought by Mr. Svirepyy, who was a tiger shifter from Zhaltev, and restored into a much more refined establishment. At present it caters to the moderately wealthy.


The Drunken Rat

See The Drunken Rat Tavern.

The Hammer and Spring

A working man's bar, set down into the ground. Dim lighting, cozy atmosphere, and live music is featured here. It is a rough environment without descending into nastiness. However, due to a recent event of mass murder that occurred in the tavern, it is closed as the City Guard conduct their investigation.

Owned by Ramer Selyndrai (NPC).

The Split Tumbler

Owned and staffed by Fueller (NPC). He keeps other npc bodyguards on staff, as well.


Owned by Vicenzo V (NPC).

Commonly referred to as "Vic's", this tavern is located near the Guard's HQ. Spitting distance, as some of the guardsmen have been heard to say. The owner, Vic himself, likes it that way. He goes by Vic, though truth be told he's Vicenzo the Fifth, and he succeeded the tavern itself from his grandfather after the man settled in Marn. The family pride in the tavern is visible in how well kept it is, though time has worn down the edges a bit. It's kept clean, and very orderly (helped along by the fact that it's a well known guard hangout). Good business over the years has seen it expand twice with additions, one for the main room and one for the back stock room and partial kitchen.

Inside are numerous tables and chairs, with a short, rounded bar that connects to the back wall next to the door leading into the back room. Single story with a basement, it's a quaint joint with plenty of good alcoholic options on tap and the occasional bottled foreign brew traded in from Eyropa or Tian Xia.

Vic keeps four serving girls on staff, and two bouncers with split shifts. He doesn't tolerate violence or harassment in his tavern, a notion encouraged by the frequent "official" visitors.

Willow Root Tavern

A squat, homely building set in the north end of the business district, Willow Root Tavern is well known for its good ventilation and quiet atmosphere. Doubling as a restaurant during the day, it tends to attract the sort of patron who would rather eat or drink rather than talk. As a result, the atmosphere might seem foreboding to the uninitiated, but to those patrons who are looking to remain anonymous and undisturbed, Willow Root is the destination of choice. The food in Willow Root is cheap, and some of its more loyal customers call it the best kept secret in Marn. Rather than the greasy slop some other taverns try to pass off as food, Willow Root serves good quality home-cooked meals.

It features a small bar, and favors locally crafted brews over imported varieties. It is a small tavern, having room enough to comfortable fit fifteen people (twenty-five at the most), though it does have a private room in its cellar for discreet meetings or dealings -- something not very well known.

Long-term Residencies

Haskell Boarding House

Owned by Ma Haskell [NPC] and Pa Haskell [NPC].

Set in the east end of the business district, this boarding house is a well-kept two storey building. While there are numerous rules in regards to being a boarder, they have kept the place safe and earned it a good reputation. It features a reading room, kitchen, a dining room and twelve rooms open for renting, along with a room for the manager and for Ma and Pa Haskell.

Rates are 1 and 1/2 bishani per night, or 10 bishani per week. You must book a room for at least 5 days.


Bepa's Buns

Owned by Vadim and Bepa Campion (NPCs). Staffed by Talia Idris.

Vadim Campion lovingly named Bepa's Buns after his wife when they started the bakery 6 years ago. They and their business are popular due to the buns that they make. The make fresh bread on a daily basis as well as occasionally fresh sweet treats when time allows it. They start work daily at 4am, open at 6am and close at 8pm. More often then not they will have their door propped open, both to help keep the kitchen cool and to attract customers in with the smell of fresh baked goods.

The interior of the bakery is not very large. The left contains several shelves with their fresh bread and buns, bagged and easy to purchase and go. There is a glass display case near the back of the room with any of their extra treats, often this will consist of cookies, sweet buns and specialty breads. Behind the case is a window through which part of the kitchen is visible. On the same wall to the right is a swinging door which leads to a slightly bigger room, the kitchen, as well as a pantry where all the supplies are stored. Within the pantry is a small set of stairs opposite the interior door. There is a second door that opens to the alleyway and is only unlocked during delivery days. The upstairs has a bathroom and a small room currently inhabited by the bakery's one other employee, Talia.

Hanser's Stall

Owned and staffed by Hanser ( NPC). A rather ramshackle, long wooden affair built almost like a wagon without wheels. Hanser sells wooden trinkets, occasionally furniture, hair ornaments, and simple brass jewelry. Sometimes he'll carry exotic scented wood, as well, but it is not a good he is able to stock all the time.

Joram Blacksmithing

Owned and staffed by Joram Vondan (NPC) and staffed by Breda Dreaughan (PC), apprentice.

Kori's Blacksmithing (Shim)

Owned and staffed by Kori Stronghammer (PC).

Maloardin Lerrit's shop

Owned by Maloardin (NPC).

Sells odds and ends.

Vaspar Herbalism

Owned by Lily Vaspar(Inactive PC). Staffed by Gauruk Korpiklaani, bodyguard.

Sells herbal medicines and folk remedies, in addition to questionably legal creations after normal shop hours.



Marn has a theatre.

The Bitch's Bite

A dog fighting ring in Central Marn.

See The Bitch's Bite.


Ale Star

Owned by Andreas Ricoletti (Inactive PC). You can find the list of staff here.

A grand, five story building that combines a tavern and brothel, Ale Star serves as a place where Marn's upper class can mingle anonymously. Masks are the norm rather than the exception, and while the brothel and bar are its primary money earners, Ale Star also contains a dancefloor and restaurant. As such, it is considered to be a titillating place to go for a bit of mischief and revelry.

The Cozy Kitten

Government sanctioned

Buildings of Note

Marn's Hospital

See Marn Hospital

Marn's Orphanage

A place dedicated to taking care of orphaned children. However, due to the cultural bias against certain species, the vast majority of orphans are human. While there are some elves, dwarves and gnomes for special interests, most such children are turned away.

Temple of Teonidus

Run by Brother Ezekiel (NPC) and Brother Matthias (Inactive PC).

A temple mostly utilized by Puradynes (who don't particularly recognize that there are other religions that revere/respect Theogios), though it is open to all and not descriminating. Though it had fallen into disrepair thanks to Brother Ezekiel, Brother Matthias has recently come into Marn and taken it on as a spiritual sort of project.

Brother Ezekiel has turned to drink over the years, and is not to be considered a reliable keeper of the temple grounds.