the fairies (also called the fae) are some of the most magical beings on Pal Tahrenor, which means they're not very popular in Thar Shaddin where magic is strictly controlled as a result of the strongly puradynic populace. Not much is known about them by most humans, especially in this isolated place where so few are present. The ambient magics coming from the cemetery in Shim also frighten them off. They don't know why, but something about the place repels them.

Fae magical abilities vary greatly, but most can change size from between a foot tall and human size and can seduce, entice, confuse, or otherwise interfere with the mental state of less magical creatures - particularly humans.

Their personalities also vary, but they have earned a reputation for being untrustworthy, mischievous, and clever. Evil or mean spirited fae definitely exist, as do those who cause harm entirely by mistake while just trying to have fun.

Cross breeding with the fae is possible by all races that can breed with humans and possibly others through the use of magic.

The natural lifespan of the fae is unknown.

Pretana Fae

The fae in Pretana are notable in that their development and origin, as far as anyone is aware, is entirely separate from that of any other fae in the world. While there may be similarities to other types of fae, scholars believe that Pretana fae originated in Pretana, and did not migrate to Pretana.

Pretana fae are organized into three distinct groups: seelie, unseelie and sluagh. They are known as courts due to their political organization. Though they are not organized in the way humans or other intelligent species might be, they take themselves very seriously and do not take kindly to outsiders criticizing their way. Generally the various species of fae will socialize with other fae within their courts, but it does vary depending on the species and their social inclinations. There is some cross-court interaction, but it is generally minimal.

All three courts are, at large, primarily concerned with themselves. Pretana fae are selfish creatures who believe themselves to be above humankind. Except to toy with them or interact for survival, fae for the most part view humankind as beneath them. Humans are, in their eyes, lesser creatures not worthy of consideration in matters of power, though they are considered to be amusing for small periods of time. As such, the vast majority of Pretana fae do not bother to learn anything about human society or care about their ranks or governments.

Pretana fae are incapable of lying. The majority of them show weakness to iron and dislike smoke.

It is said that an insult or injury done to a member of the Pretana fae will be returned sevenfold.


The seelie court is generally considered to be the more visually appreciable of the three by human standards (though not all of them are necessarily beautiful). Likewise, they are often mildest mannered, and kindest in outward seeming. They might be viewed as shy or even polite. They have the highest capability for living in synchrony with other species, as many of them often have fairly harmless -- or even beneficial -- purposes or behavior.

However, this should not be taken as generosity or congeniality. The seelie court is no more friendly than any of the others. They are manipulative, though fair. Their behavior, or their calling, might seem to be benevolent, but in reality it has nothing to do with the other species who might benefit. The seelie can be just as volatile as the other two courts despite their outward appearance, which is why those who live in Pretana stay as far away from fae in the seelie court as any other.

The seelie court hosts a wide range of fae species, including brownies, fairies, some types of sidhe, hobs, grogochs, and gille dubh.

The seelie court is ruled by Aibell of the aes sidhe.


The unseelie court is composed of the fae generally considered to be visually unappealing or scary (though not all of them are ugly). However, they are not segregated by their looks, but also by behavior and purpose. Unseelie fae are often the more mischievous and violent of all the courts. Humans or other mortal species who meet these fae often come out of the encounter worse for wear -- if they make it out at all.

Unseelie fae might attempt to charm other species or act other than they are -- being that they are still fae, they are still very manipulative -- but more often than not they consider other species to be not worth their time. The unseelie court are more often than not the warriors of the fae, and tend to be more dangerous than the seelie and sluagh.

The Unseelie court hosts a wide range of fae species, including dullahan, far darrig, fachen, pixies, some types of sidhe, and spriggans.

The unseelie court is ruled by Finnbarr of the daoine sidhe.


The Sluagh court is the most easily distinguished of the three courts -- it is largely composed of non-bipedal fae. For the most part these fae are themselves intelligent and capable of communication, even despite their oft monstrous appearances. However, there are numerous fae among the Sluagh court who are less intelligent and often used by the other two courts for nefarious purposes.

The Sluagh court also contains all of the spirit-like fae, making them the most magically potent court. Though they might seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to vying for power against the other two courts, their raw magical ability keeps them from being overpowered by the other courts.

The sluagh court hoses a wide range of fae species, including puca, bluecap, cait sidhe, barghest and gwyllion.

The sluagh court is ruled by the King of the Cats.