the staff are here to guide you, correct you, and to mediate disputes if players have a disagreement. It is important that you accept the fact that the staff makes the final judgement if there is a dispute. We aim to be fair, impartial, and to do what's best for the RP (not our egos) but you must not break the first cardinal rule: No Drama.

If you do not agree with a decision you have the right to dispute it politely, but the instant it becomes personal the discussion is over.

You also have the right to ask to speak to a different staff member if you feel that one of us has been unfair with you.

Everyone's first concern should be to write the most immersive and entertaining stories that we can, and to have fun doing it. Sometimes that means ignoring or forgiving mistakes on everybody's part. Unfortunately, sometimes that also means that we need to enforce rules or protect the integrity setting. We don't like having to interfere. Trust me on that. Usually we try our best to stay out of things, but we can't always look the other way. Please be understanding.