in order to play on our forums, you need to register an account. Near the top of the forums there is a button to "Register with our forums." Click on that and fill in the information, but keep the following in mind:

  • Please provide your actual valid E-Mail address and make sure our mail does not go into your junk-mail folder. Services like Hotmail and Yahoo assume that messages from forums are junk mail, so add to your safe list. We will not send you spam, your email is private (only registered members can view emails) and we will only contact you occasionally if we have something to say. It is important that we can do this.
  • Do not use numbers or symbols in your account name, and make your account name match the name of your character (or at least make it related to your character somehow).
  • Have one account per character, one character per account. You can use the same email address for all your accounts.
  • Do not use out of place anime avatars or avatars of popular movie stars (its a pet peeve, and it ruins the setting) and do not use a picture in your signature.

The first thing we see about you is your account name. If you make it something stupid, it doesn't bode well. Account names can be changed on request. There is an option in your profile settings to link your accounts together, so you can easily switch between your characters.

The secret word you will be asked to enter when you register is: ofriyu