Active Character List

Here is a quick list with all of our active members (people who have logged in in the last 60 days) and all of their characters. I will try to keep this list updated on a regular basis and add new members when they are accepted. Note that some members are known only by their character's name and that is because they have not provided us with any other name.

Racial breakdown

Only Characters are counted and not NPCs.

Humans: (69.5)
Elves: (12.5)
Shifters: (21)
Gnomes: (3.5)
Dwarves: (3)
Trolls: (1.5)
Fairies: (0.5)
Vampires: (1)
Others: (13.5)

Total: 126 Active Characters

Magic users vs Non-magic users

Only Characters are counted and not NPCs.

Magic users: (53)
Non-magic users: (73)

All Fairies/Fae and vampires count as a magic user regardless of abilities, all other races fall into non-magical unless it is listed that the character has a power. Shifting is not counted as a power. Anti-magic counts as a power. A non-magical person under a curse or possessing a magical trinket that has no real powers of their own are still non-magical.


Frug's Characters

(Frug has other characters as well but these are his more commonly used ones)

Ming's Characters

Mina's Characters

Tovia's Characters

Ree's Characters

Lopa's Character

Meesha's Characters

(also currently playing Porter)

Kat's Characters

(Also currently plays Rutenchioth and Anther's Crew)

Zina's Characters

(also currently plays Zou)

Jason's Characters

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Navarre's Characters

Matt's Characters

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Kit's Characters

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James' Characters

Colors' Characters

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Inactive Characters

These are important player characters who are currently inactive.

Dave's Characters

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