Ryxa Liorysei

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Name: Ryxa
Race: Human

Ryxa Liorysei

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Player Name: Blood Ravenous
Name: Ryxa (ryek sa) Liorysei (lee o rye say)
Age: 25
Race & Gender: Female Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Occupation(s): Battlemage and Torturer
Belongings: Ryxa owns a house (click to see layout) in the Residential District not that far from the Justice Hall in Marn. It is full of books, ornate furniture, and artwork all of all kinds. She has bishani saved up, too.

Ryxa’s skin is a pale peach, a rather healthy color despite her unhealthy psyche. What she appears to be belies the evil and psychosis within her. She is undeniably beautiful, in a cold, rather removed way. Like the fire she reveres her beauty demands more fear and awe than admiration.

Her face is oval-shaped, longer rather than wider. Her chin is softly rounded but her jaw is fairly strong, only augmenting her beauty. Pink, curvy lips are usually covered in crimson lipstick, drawing attention to the frown that often creases her features. Her eyes, however, are the most arresting part of her face. They are a unique blend of black, blue, and white, like black ice. Her gaze carries a heavy weight and she is prone to glare or study something that attracts her attention. Often it is a predatory, hawk-like stare that intimidates the weak and causes unease in the strong.

Strawberry-blonde hair surrounds her head in a perfect array. She straightens and brushes it everyday until it is perfect. The haircut is rather odd, but matches her commanding Battlemage demeanor while somehow managing to be uniquely sexy. It is cut short in the back—showing off the nape of her neck—but is long enough to reach her collarbone in the front, like a downwards slash of faded red.

As a Battlemage she is often seen in Battlemage armor with red leather gloves. When she is relaxing at home she will wear black social dresses or high quality silk shirts with black wool pants. Often she doesn't wear much under her armor, though she might if it happens to be cold outside.


Ryxa is a spell-caster. Unlike most spell-casters, many of her spells are up-close and personal. Even so, she is physically weak and has little melee ability.

Mental Powers:
These spells are so innate that they can be activated at any time. The downside is they tire her out after extensive uses. She can faint if she over-extends herself.

Pyrokinesis: Igniting/dousing flames with the mind with her imagination. Her target must be visual and flammable. The flame can only start small, but by further concentration it can grow into a large conflagration at an accelerated speed. Once started her mind has limited control; she cannot direct the flames. Only the intensity.

Pain touch: Anything she touches with this ability will get a nasty dose of pain, varying in intensity depending on the focus she has. The target must be able to feel pain. This is not an illusion in a strict sense because the magic activates real nerves, but it has no lasting physical effects once her touch is removed.

Invoked Spells:
These spells are invoked by use of spoken command (usually in English) and concentration. Each spell can only be cast once within a certain timeframe, usually the duration of the spell. They don't tire her but if she messes up she gets a whip-lash that results in pain, or the spell will backfire on her.

Fright: Invoking fear in target(s) lasting a few minutes, limited to only a few targets at once (no large crowds) and the recast time is a few minutes

Hypnotic Eyes: Target feels the urge to look into her eyes, then is sent into a trance where Ryxa can make suggestions or control target's mind or body; limited to one target at once. No other spell can run simultaneously to this one. It only ends when she cuts the magic off or the target overcomes it with their will.

Telekinesis: Moves objects or people through the air, limited to five small objects/people to one large object/person (dependant on weight and size)

Increased speed: Ryxa or target can move faster, how fast is under their control; limited to one cast for the duration of the spell

Shockwaves of Pain: When focusing on a target or a few targets, Ryxa can induce fits of pain to resonate throughout their bod(ies). It always manifests the same, as if someone was twinging random pain sensors in their chest and stomach, and it comes and goes in waves. The intensity depends on the person's pain tolerance, Ryxa's concentration level, and their resistance to magic. This is an illusion spell.

Fire Shield: Her only defensive spell, which also causes damage. A blazing inferno spins out from her and surrounds her in a ring, until goes out with a whoosh. It only lasts a few seconds but that's enough to hurt an attacker or dissuade an enemy from coming near. Mostly she just uses it to get people away from her.

Debilitating Stab: Cramps a muscle of Ryxa's choice in a target from up to a distance of a few meters away. Useful for halting a fleeing target or forcing someone to drop a weapon. If she concentrates hard enough, she can also cramp a person's heart for a moment, making them faint or get dizzy.

Reliance on Magic: She has little physical strength and takes damage like any normal human. She relies only on magic to win a fight.

Quick to Anger: Fueled by wrath at anything that offers resistance or for things that don't go her way, Ryxa is a loose cannon driven mad by her emotions. These emotions mostly consist of varying degrees of anger. Her reactions can be sudden and explosive. She is rash and unreliable at best, and downright wild and frantic at worst.

Power Hungry: Of the utmost importance is for Ryxa to feel in control. She has a deep need to feel powerful or better than others around her. She hates being ordered around, and only fear or some sort of personal gain will motivate her to cooperate. This means she is in danger of treason, switching sides, or disloyalty in general. Judge Moryldar knows he is playing with fire when he commands her, and everyday Ryxa is in danger of becoming a “liability”.

Personality: Ryxa's only two emotions seems to be disgust or anger. Otherwise, she is cold and removed. She has major anger management issues, and is known to misuse her powers when things don't go her way or she doesn't like someone. Looking into her eyes is like looking into a reptile's eyes: cold, uncaring, and predatory.

She's a perfectionist and rarely satisfied. She has no sense of humor and apparently no sense of morals; she isn't empathic and isn't religious. Ryxa has a tendency to quietly observe before taking action, like a bird of prey circling overhead, and she is capable of intensely focusing on her victims. When her predator side is dormant, she's a people-watcher.

Ryxa could be considered a pyromaniac and a sadist, and seeing someone in pain or anything on fire is the one time her face brightens. Ryxa revels in power and being in control. This goes beyond mere satisfaction and into the realm of lust, with causing fires and pain granting her the only sexual pleasure she ever receives. Otherwise, she is rather asexual.

Basically, she is malicious, untrusting, cold, and bad-tempered.

Motivation: Ryxa loves artwork, and likes collecting it with the money she has left over from work. Therefore, neither money nor materialism drives her to excel in her job. Rather, she loves seeing others suffer, so she loves her job. Being in control of herself and others is THE most important thing. She is not driven to kill, so much; she would rather a victim live to continue to feel pain, and therefore entertain her.

A middle-aged woman stared out the window at her second youngest child. She had five in all, but this one often gained most of her attention. A pretty little girl she was, even though she was only four. Intelligent, too; sharp, even for her age. It was like she was knowledgeable beyond her years.

Yet, pride for her only daughter was slowly curdling into stale unease. There was something…. not right.

She smiled as Ryxa grabbed the neighbor’s cat, as little kids are wont to do, and begin gently stroking its fur. The cat growled at being caught and squirmed, but Ryxa kept a tight hold. It only tightened as the cat struggled harder until it was howling and trying desperately to get away. The little girl ignored the scratching she was receiving and kept on. Her touches got more purposeful, stroking, poking the cat’s flesh beneath the fur. The more she did, the harder the cat struggled, until the screeching coming from the cat ran shivers down the shocked mother’s spine. She covered her mouth with a shaking hand as she watched, appalled. The cat sounded like a human baby as it squealed as if it was dying.

The cat writhed and somehow squirmed out of the girl’s grip. Calmly Ryxa watched it go, the cat running at full speed until it was out of sight. She then turned her head and saw her mother in the window, watching her. Ryxa only smiled sweetly and stared back. Her face remained peaceful, but there was a strange glint of glee in her eyes.

Unable to stand it, the older woman turned away from the window and ran away, crying hysterically. The boys clamoured at her, asking what was wrong, but she wouldn’t tell them.


“Mommy, I don’ wan'ta go with Ry’!” the boy whined, tugging at his mother’s dress. His mother smoothed his ruffly strawberry-blonde hair and looked down at him affectionately. “Now, you two are the youngest, so you’re going to join your cousins and aunt and uncle. It’ll be nice; you’ll love your aunt. She’s a doll. And your uncle can show you his shop. Isn’t that nice?”

“But Mommy!” The boy was getting hysterical now. “She’s the one who start the fire!”

“Now you can’t blame your sister for knocking over a candle. You need to forgive her and move on.”

“But she was lookin’ an’ stuff, an' then the fire start! There weren’t no candle!”

The mother stilled, and looked worried. Doubt infused in her voice as she said, “Now, now. Go join your father. He’s gonna drive you and Ryxa over there.”

The boy slumped as he stomped off to do as directed. The mother put a hand over her eyes. The little girl had grown, and as she had grown the worse the whole family’s luck, the whole family’s fortune, had gotten. The house had burned down a few days ago; luckily, Ryxa and her youngest had made it out alive. The rest of the family had been at the Fall Fair. The youngsters had only run back to the house to get a pie that had been left behind in the chaos that morning. The story Ryxa told was that she got angry—which was often, and a very believable happenstance—and knocked a candle over as she chased her brother to hit him. Why there was a candle lit in the house during the day while they were gone was a mystery, but no one had pressured the child. She was probably anguished over causing such a disaster. Right?


“MY GOD?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” a woman screamed. Her strawberry-blonde hair was tied tight in a ponytail and it swished wildly as she ran toward a pair of bodies on the floor. Also on the floor was blood. She had seen pigs and cows slaughtered when she was a child, and yet the sight of all that blood was driving her into a frantic panic. The person who was bleeding was a little boy, about age 9. On top of him, wielding a knife, was his older sister, age 12. She was looking up at her aunt as if she was annoyed, more than scared about being caught. The boy was naked, tied tightly up with rope, and bleeding from multiple light stabs and cuts. He was crying and shaking horribly, covered with blood, and gagged and blindfolded. His aunt hardly recognized him.

She snatched the knife from Ryxa and stood there, shocked. She didn’t know what to do. “GET OUT!” she screamed at the girl.

Huffing, muttering something about ruining her fun, Ryxa left the room, shutting the door behind her as if she wanted to give her brother and aunt some privacy. Her aunt, sobbing now, started to saw off the ropes binding the boy, and started screaming for help. Ryxa watched them run into the room, blood on her clothes and hands, stoic. A wry smirk stretched across her face when they screamed.


“This is the last straw, you little witch!” The aunt was shaking with fury, barely restrained by her husband. She was pointing an accusing finger at a girl, age 13. It had been a year since the incident with her brother. They had sent him back to his parents in Shim; they were more financially stable, now. Ryxa they kept with them because her parents really couldn’t support her, too. Or maybe they didn’t want to.

Ryxa just stared at her curiously. The aunt screamed again. “The LAST straw! We don’t want you in this house anymore! We don’t want you! Neither do your parents, you little devil!” She got more shriek as she went, and her finger was re-pointed with each word until her arm shook like a tree in a storm. “A DEVIL!! SHE’S A WITCH AND A DEVIL!” At that, her husband dragged her off through the throng of spectators before she lost control.

The smell of burnt was in the air and Ryxa breathed it in like a drug. She turned back to look at the building. She hadn’t succeeded this time. Her aunt and uncle had woken up at the first smell of the smoke and the fire department had come rather fast for this time of night. The smoke was rising out of the window of the apartment, as if being breathed out of a lazy smoker’s lungs. Her eyes slit with pleasure. Her cousins were standing in a frightened throng, staring at her. She ignored them. She also ignored the spectators that watched her.

Unfortunately for her, a guard watched her reaction, too.


A juvenile delinquent was rare for Marn. At least at her age. She was only 13 when she was led into the jail cell. It was proven without a doubt that it was her who had committed the arson in an attempt to burn down her aunt and uncle’s home, people who had been nice enough to care for her for three years while her parents got back on their feet—after a fire. People shook their heads when they heard the story. The guards looked at her with scorn and amusement when she was in trouble. But other prisoners left her alone. They were too scared she'd touch them.

Fuck everyone. She’d show them that she was better, more powerful.

When she got out, she roomed with a couple of other teenagers who were orphans or who had been thrown out of their homes. She was horrible at earning money, and often did not contribute to the monthly rent. Despite this, her roommates were too afraid of her to press her for money. She spent her day reading and sitting in her room. Sometimes she would be gone all night, or for a few days. Her roommates hated her. That was why, when one of them witnessed Ryxa's pyrokinesis ability, they reported her immediately to the Judges.

A battlemage came to collect her, and she went silently. They threw her in a cell again, pending trial. She had a cellmate, unfortunately for the cellmate. By the time the guards came to collect Ryxa for her trial, her roommate was curled up in the corner gibbering, and if Ryxa came too near they would scream. Ryxa was just amused by the sceams, and made sure to inch closer when she felt like hearing it. Others who were jailed reported, when asked, that they had seen her make fire out of nothing and produce screaming, vomiting, and crying at will with just a touch.

Interested, Judge Moryldar had her display her power before him. He immediately jumped at the chance to recruit her, and she went to training at the tender age of 15. By the time she was of a legal age, she was fairly proficient and joined the ranks of the Battlemages. She has been an official Battlemage ever since, and has gained a notorious reputation for her quick temper, fierce aggressiveness, and frightening magic.
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