Marn Hospital

medical service in Marn is free. The Marn Hospital is the only legitimate medical facility and medical care is highly regulated in accordance the Laws of Marn and the Marnian tomes. Established during the City's re-settlement by Ciara Sehkhara, Metarie Sehkhara's mother, the building's exterior follows the same architectural design as the other government buildings. The Hospital functions well. Procedures and protocols are well-defined. Records are kept. The hospital provides services all day, every day - the Hospital never closed.

Typically, major injuries are brought to the hospital. Three specially-designed carriages provide transport to the hospital, when required. Most of the medical work is performed by residents, students of the university, who are overseen by the licensed doctor on duty. Most emergency events involve farming accidents from Shim, building accidents, or traffic incidents. Some fights, often with weapons, result in groups needing treatment. Broken bones, bruises, injuries, illnesses, regular check-ups, and child-birth are the primary reasons people visit the Hospital.

Two small, satellite facilities are also in practice, one is located at the University. The other is located in the Industrial district.

Interior Layout

The interior is designed for efficiency and functionality. The primary floor houses admissions, administrative offices and spaces, waiting rooms, exam rooms, a dedicated children's ward, and an emergency treatment section. The second floor offers rows of beds, separated by curtains, for longer-term care. Usually, if one can afford privacy, one is treated at home. The facility feasibly could hold up to 150 people as the facility based on best-practices for cities with similar population sizes.

Draft Diagram of Hospital Layout

Hospital Staff

The hospital is run by the civil government and medical directives are driven by the Minister of Health.

Shifts are 10-hours long, including pre-shift and post-shift transitions, though licensed doctors are always on-call. The hospital staff has grown over the years, working to fulfill the hospital's goal of being always available.

Typical shifts consist of one licensed doctor, ten residents, and ten nursing assistants. The pool of residents and nurses available to work grows and shrinks. Medical care is not a job for everyone and the education requires aptitude. Between the hours and restrictions, dedication is a necessity.

Volunteer Opportunities also exist in the Hospital Volunteer Program:

Duties of hospital volunteers vary widely depending upon the situation. The hospital assigns volunteers to tasks based on real-time labor demand or assigns them to a single unit. All volunteers wear a uniform and ID tags within the hospital.

Novice Volunteers may attend in staff reception areas; file and retrieve documents; take out trash; clean up after the nurses and doctors; provide administrative backup; assist by doing the dishes and other janitorial duties; help visitors; visit with patients; or transport various small items like flowers or other gifts.

Advanced Volunteers Other "advanced volunteers" include patient-care liaisons and volunteer orderlies. These volunteers must operate on the orders of a nurse or a physician and are given special training to permit them to work with patients. Typically Advanced Volunteers are working toward medical assistant roles.

Minister of Health

The Minister of Health is an elected position and having a medical degree is not a requirement.

Dr. Guile Markus Current Minister

Malena Katona, Human, PW130 - PW125

Dr. Magus Lich, Elf PW201-PW130 (retired)

Dr. Ciara Sehkhara, Elf, First Minister PW287 - PW202

Licensed Doctors

Chief of Staff - Dr. Rosalind Gerinkind, Gnome

Dr. Metarie Sehkhara - licensed for use of magic to aid healing

NPC - Dr. Michael (recent medical graduate and licensed doctor)

There is the possibility open for three to six additional licensed doctors.


No named Residents currently 30 slots opened for naming either as a PC or NPC Residents are typically University Students studying for the medical exam. To receive a medical license, the resident must work at the hospital at least three shifts per week for the period of their education (8 years), pass a medical licensing exam, and receive a recommendation from a licensed medical doctor. The Minister is responsible for approving the license certification.

Medical Assistants and Nurses

Keris (NPC) Nicolai Bremer (NPC) - 24 years old (as of 122PW) ~29 Open, unnamed nurses and medical assistants (some may have been named and are just forgotten) Assistants and nurses must have at minimum a certification for nursing care.

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