Our History

thar Shaddin has been around for longer than this website, although previously under a different name and different server (ezboards) sometime around late 2004. Prior to being renamed Thar Shaddin it was called Terre Haute, although due to the lackluster Ezboards service (which was awful, and was eventually hacked to pieces) and the kinds of political stuff that plagues so many forums (ah, drama) it was moved and renamed (all our old writing was deleted by the old co-admin, leading me to write a stipulation that all in-character player writing is now protected from deletion). A few players have been writing together since before that on various Ezboards. The founder's (that's me) online role-playing roots go back to the early days of Yahoo! Chat (long ago, and never again).

Thar was created out of necessity, rather than for its own sake. We needed a role-playing forum where the rules were loose and sane, not obsessive and stifling, and where the staff was capable of keeping in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) separate. We also needed a place that upheld a modicum of writing standards. It was designed to let people bring in characters from other RPs if they wanted to, which is why Pal Tahrenor closely resembles Earth and why the magic system is set up the way it is.

The website and forums you are currently viewing were created in June of 2005 after hosting services were graciously offered by a wonderful guy named Mike who runs rpgee.com.

This project grows organically. As questions about the setting or rules arise, new sections are added and developed. It exists and can only exist for the writers who use it.