New Player Guide

There may appear to be a daunting amount of stuff to read on this website. Much of it's there for reference, so it's not necessary to read everything. This page is here to provide you with directions on where to look first. Have patience. Role-playing like this is a long term commitment.

Here's an outline of the things you must do to get started, in order:

1 Read the summary of the setting. I encourage you to read more, but the essentials are all on the first page. The only part you need to read is the first page.
2 Glance over the rules. This may seem obvious, but we still get regular applications that miss some of the basic rules on accounts and characters. If you've never done a play-by-post game before, you may also want to browse the forums for a while to see how our characters interact.
3 Think about what kind of character you want to write. Good or evil? Human or exotic? We allow any fantasy race you can imagine, but we have a list of established races with some common rules.
Come up with an interesting history for your character that gives you something to work with. You've read the setting so you know what kinds of things are possible. Be creative and fashion a character who interests you, who can do what you want to do and who you'll enjoy writing.
4 Register an account with our forums (there is a button at the top of the forums) and use the outline provided in the character creation rules to create your character.
You can either use a program like Word to write up your character and copy/paste it after, or create a new post in the character applications forum and work directly in that. Remember: use spell check. This is a sample of your writing, and it's important that it presents your abilities as a writer to us.
Post your character application in the Character Applications forum and wait a day or two for a moderator to review it. Don't be afraid to ask for help! The staff here will gladly give you advice and help you create a character that will fit in.
5 Introduce yourself and find a plot to join while you await approval. Get to know us, see where we can incorporate you with our writing and be proactive. We're here to help you, but don't leave everything in our hands. It's your mission to enjoy yourself and it's your character in the end.
Once your character has been approved, you'll need to find people to write with (unless you wish to write alone). The best way to do that is to get to know us.