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Name: Uluki
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Lylessa Uluki

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Note: Sorry this is ridiculously long. This is a character I played in another RPG, and I really liked/miss playing her, and one of your players suggested I bring her over here. I did my best to fit her into the setting, but can continue to play around with stuff as you like.

Name: Lylessa Uluki (like most Dusklings she tends to go by her family name, so most people would know her simply as Uluki, but she will also answer to her given name)

Age: Unknown, since until fairly recently she was not familiar with the concept of marking time in years

Race: Duskling (Fae Creature and Outsider)

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 100 pounds

Physical Description: Uluki has light blue-grey skin, long black hair, and purple eyes. Though she is short of stature and not physically strong, she is clearly an adult woman and probably would not be mistaken for a child in spite of her size. She has several long-healed scars—a burn along her collar bone, rapier wounds on her left forearm and ribs, and a long gash from a great sword down her right side running nearly the length of her body—but she almost always chooses clothing that conceals these old injuries. She has a preference for colourful dresses and is never without her wooden holy symbol and wedding ring.

Possessions: Basic personal effects. Nothing she owns is of any significant monetary value, and she carries no weapons.

Powers or Strengths: Uluki is a healer/shaman with Fire as her patron element. Though at one time she was a decently powerful combat caster, it was more by necessity than out of any desire to fight, and the more she saw of battle the more horrified she was by pain and death. Eventually she came to realize that fighting was not her place, and so she left it to others, focusing instead purely on healing. She now channels her elemental power only into the magical healing of injuries and the treatment of disease.

Uluki’s other major strengths are non-magical. She is very caring, loving, and compassionate. She is quite forgiving, and is able to see the best in others. These skills allow her to help people heal their psychological and mental wounds as well as physical ones. She is altruistic and community-minded. Uluki is very devoted, resolute, and refuses to given up, even against what seem to be impossible odds, and so she often prevails against those odds through sheer force of sustained effort.

Weaknesses: Though wanting to believe the best of people can be a strength, it also sometimes gets her into trouble, and less scrupulous people may find it all too easy to take advantage of her kind and forgiving nature. She is also prone to guilt, self doubt, and feelings of personal failure beyond what she deserves. Though giving up combat casting allowed Uluki to become a better healer, it has left her rather vulnerable, a trade-off she occasionally regrets. Uluki is physically weak and fragile, and has no idea how to use any sort of weapon.

Family: Uluki’s greatest source of strength and happiness is her family. She is married to a human fighter named Rollick, the man she has been with for nearly a decade. They have two adopted daughters, Zee and Dash, who appear to be non-magical human teenagers, albeit with some strange quirks: Dash has wings and Zee has horns and fangs. The family tends to remain vague about girls’ origins, except with close friends. Uluki and Rollick also have a biological child who is still a toddler; he has blue skin like his mother, but his father’s eyes. By all appearances they are quite an unconventional family.

History: (Note: I played this character in a campaign for nearly a year, so she has a fair bit of history and backstory. This is a relatively brief summary of the more noteworthy events.)

The Astral Plane is mysterious and strange. Uluki knows this well, since she has traveled between the planes herself… unwillingly.

The world in which she grew up was much different, a strange and remote corner of the Astral Plane with a physical reality all its own. Technology was all but non-existent, and magic was everywhere. Uluki spent the first years of her life traveling with her family, who were nomadic as almost all Dusklings are. She grew up, fell in love, got engaged, and became a shaman with minor powers. Her life changed completely, however, when she accidentally killed a rival shaman while trying to show off her magic. Her family exiled her, her fiancé abandoned her, and she was left to wander alone for years.

Coming from a highly family-oriented culture and also personally prone to forming deep attachments, being by herself was difficult for Uluki, and didn’t do good things for her mental state, to say the least. She became obsessed with finding a surrogate family, and eventually attached herself to a random group of travelers who didn’t seem to mind her presence. In their search for knowledge, the group (with Uluki tagging along) ran afoul of a mysterious group known as The Council who, unknown to the travelers, protected that land and controlled contact between it and the vastness of the rest of the Astral Plane. The two groups had a dramatic confrontation, during which one of Uluki’s best friends betrayed and attacked her, leaving both physical and mental scars. It was a fight to the death which the powerful Council seemed inevitably fated to win…

But fate is a tricky thing. Without knowing what he was doing, one of the travelers set in motion a chain of events which would cause a series of localized shifts between the Material and Astral Planes. During the fight, several of the combatants suddenly found themselves in a strange new world (by which to say, Pal Tahrenor.) They ended up on an island in the West, an isolated place in a much greater state of planar flux than many other places in the world, far from Marn and Shim. Uluki, her friends, and one of the Council members had to get used to a reality with far less magic, where creatures who weren’t human were a strange minority.

Uluki was lost and alone and frightened, and it took some time before her powers returned following the abrupt shift. The new world was more brutal and cutthroat than anything she’d ever seen before, and she lost a number of both old and new friends. In trying to save one of them she died herself, only to be sent back by the good spirits, who insisted her task wasn’t done. (At least, Uluki claimed that's what happened. Everyone else said an injured, hallucinating Uluki had just been confused, and that she had only appeared to be dead. Uluki will insist she actually died, but believe what you will.)

Then there came time when a group of humans managed to release yet more magic onto the island… with unexpected consequences. A chunk of Uluki’s world physically merged with the island, causing apocalyptic devastation. In the process a powerful evil being, one some called a god, was released into the world. It invaded the mind and body of the remaining Council member, Rollick, a human who, having saved Uluki’s life in this new world, had gone from being her mortal enemy to her friend… and the man she secretly loved.

It was during this dark time that Uluki found her strength and her purpose. She fought with all of her might against the chaos caused by the dark god, encouraging the community to resist its evil influence, since she knew that reducing the chaos it fed on was the best way to weaken it. Rollick also fought, resisting the god’s power, keeping it contained within him and, as much as he could, preventing it from harming people. Finally the god was weakened enough to do battle with directly, and it was defeated (probably not killed, but banished from the Material Plane) by the army Uluki and her friends had gotten together, though many people were lost in the process. Uluki managed to survive, though she came within an inch of death.

As it turned out when the dust settled after the battle, Rollick loved her too, and they got married before too much time had passed. For the next decade they lived relatively peacefully, just generally working to protect the innocent, improve people’s lives, and preserving the community. Sentiment against strange creatures like Uluki was growing on the island. Still, time passed with few great threats. Uluki gave birth to a child, and they adopted Zee and Dash, who had shown up unexpectedly on their doorstep. Life seemed peaceful and relaxed.

That is, until Uluki got in a minor conflict with another spell caster, who attempted to banish her from the Material Plane. Perhaps he miscalculated, or perhaps her ties to those from this plane were too strong, because she didn't end up back in the Astral Plane, but in another part of the Material one... along with her entire family. (Apparently the spell had also affected those bound to her through marriage, blood, or adoption--whether or not that was the intention.) Suddenly the family was stuck halfway across the world, in a place they had little knowledge about, with no simple way to get back.

After her journeys, Uluki has become a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and thinks that maybe there is a task to be completed here in this strange place. So at least for now, they are trying to settle in, and maybe do some good… and who knows where that might lead?
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