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Join the Marn City Guard!

Post by City Guard » Sun Jul 10, 2005 7:56 pm

The Marn City Guard is looking for strong, brave, loyal, courageous young men to serve in its ranks and help promote prosperity, safety and stability in the region of Thar Shaddin.

Applicants must be athletic and willing to subject themselves to the rigors of combat training. Only humans, elves and hybrids with human blood will be accepted. Anyone with magical proficiencies should go to the justice hall and seek opportunities there.

High Pay and Great Benefits!
The City Guard is one of the highest paying agencies in the region. Seek within to find out how much more you could be making with us! We also provide great benefits tailored to suit your needs. And don't forget the prestige and respect that comes with one of our uniforms!

Join today!

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