Mavelle Anstrun

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Mavelle Anstrun

Post by Falcon Bertille » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:50 am

Name: Mavelle Anstrun

Age: 16
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 120 lbs

Physical Description: Mavelle has long, silky hair the color of pale gold, strands of which continually drift across her face. Her hair, combined with her petite features, create the impression of a slightly otherworldly creature staring out at the viewer from within a shimmering cloud. Her body is slender, possessing an almost hypnotizing grace of movement. Blessed with surprisingly simple tastes, Mavelle shuns elaborate jewelry, preferring plain dresses in shades that compliment her watery blue eyes.

Personality: As the youngest daughter of a noble House, Mavelle has led a particularly sheltered life -- something which she is now eager to change. She envies her older brother for his opportunities to engage in warfare and seduction, blissfully unaware of the unpleasantness involved in both pastimes. Mavelle is also somewhat spoiled. All her life, her beauty has allowed her to get what she wants from everyone she meets, so she’s used to people pleasing her. But if someone does resist her allure, she’s more likely to be hurt and confused than angry.

Possessions: Girly stuff.

Strengths: While Mavelle’s curiosity is limited to subjects the she finds suitably “exciting”, she’s actually quite intelligent and articulate. She’s always up for an adventure, although part of this willingness stems from her naiveteé about the risks she’s taking. In addition to her beauty, she’s actually rather charming, in a girlish way. At heart, Mavelle is actually reasonably good, and any disregard that she shows for other people, especially people of a lower station, is only because no one has ever bothered to teach her to behave in any other manner.

Weaknesses: Mavelle is fickle and flighty, and can become bored quite easily. Although, if she really sets her mind on something, she can be equally stubborn. She’s a dreamer who’s quite naive about the world outside her father’s House. And on the rare occasions that her beauty doesn’t allow her to get her away, she doesn’t know how to deal with it.

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