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Name: Xyon
Race: Xenetian

Xyon of Calhoun

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Player Name:

Name: Xyon of Calhoun
Age: Real 20 / Apparent 26 or 27
Race: Xenetian.
Class: Currently fighter. Aspirations of Paladin. (I'm hoping to make him one later on...)

If you asked him, he'd say human. That does not explain the physique or the purple eyes now does it? I think not.

Xenetians are very similar to humans, and this might stem from the fact that they are almost a sub-race. Their culture follows strict honour codes and warrior principles, but also teaches discipline and self restraint for situations where it is necessary.

Endowed with a tiny ability to sense magic and with each Xenetian family having a unique ability or trait (passed on in the blood), combine that with their strength and Xenetians can be fairly difficult to deal with. Fortunately for all things good in the world, there are only good or neutral aligned Xenetians.

Excluding, of course, those that are evil. Occasionally, a fallen Xenetian may be encountered. No physical differences, (Well, none that a non-Xenetian can see, anyway), however their honour codes and warrior principles seem to have been lost in favour of those regarding self-gain, and other concepts most Xenetians would not dream of upholding.

One in every hundred Xenetians will fall.


Height: 7' 2" (Average for race)

Weight: 290~300 (Mostly muscle mass. Will probably fill out a bit as his powers and abilities increase)

Physical Description:

Standing at seven foot two has it's advantages, such as the fact no-one can see your eyes. This can be useful if your eyes are purple and have a dim glow to them. His height also has it's disadvantages, such as the fact that he must frequently remember to duck before entering most human buildings. He can rarely stand upright indoors, and so spends most of his time sitting.

Usually, Xyon will wear chain or splint mail armour. He does have a full plate suit winging it's way towards him in the future, but for now he's content. The armour fits snugly, it having been made specially for him, and hugs his frame just right to hide his physique.

He is not overly muscular, but what is there is well-maintained. At a glance you can tell he's strong. When he picks you up and throws you halfway across the room, you find out he's very strong. And quick to anger.

Upon his face lie the memories of battles won and lost. Thin scars cover his entire body, but these are never displayed to the public. The scar on his face, however, is more difficult to hide, since he detests wearing helmets.

It runs down his face at a diagonal angle, from the left to the right, dividing nicely his eyes. This scar was given to him in a pitched battle during a war that was fought between the Xenetians and the fallens. If questioned on it, Xyon will lie. He does not like to talk about the war.

Xyon will wield only one weapon at present, and this is his greatsword, Inohen. Forged two years ago from the fragments of his brothers broken shortsword, and infused with a part of his own life force, Inohen's creation took a little of Xyon's strength away. What he gained from this is explained in powers & abilities.

Possessions: Inohen, armour. A ring of no apparent value, inscribed thus:

To my son, on his coming of age

I'd like him to start with 100 bishani, don't know if that's too much or not.
From his last mission he has some loot left over, but not much. About one hundred grams of gold and two diamonds, one ruby and a sapphire.

Powers or Strengths:

Strength: Xyon is strong, and not just physically. His mental discipline allows him to cope with days, if not weeks without sleep at a time. People find it very difficult to break his spirit. Physically, he's the kind of guy that could perhaps shoulder-charge a troll.

And win.

He was stronger, but the crafting of Inohen required he put the essence of himself into the blade. This reduced his overall raw strength - nothing really noticable to anyone other than him.

Diplomacy: Whilst not in his mind a particular strength, Xyon has the inherent ability to talk people around from attacking him. This is usually aided by the sheer size of the guy, but not always. An awful lot of Xyon's problems are resolved before his sword is even drawn.

Inohen: Xyon's strength reduction did not come without benefit. He has uncanny control of the sword, and many swear they have seen it move over a foot to jump into his hand again. He will also always know exactly where the sword is, useful if captured. He also took a small bonus to combat with it, the sword more a part of him than a weapon. Whilst wielding the sword, and only whilst wielding it, the all but unnoticable strength reduction is eradicated. It returns upon sheathing the weapon.

Energy transfer: Xyon wields no magic but a basic healing ability. This healing ability stems from his capacity to channel energy from himself into the wounds of another. Whilst this could arguably do harm as well, this is not something Xyon has ever considered. The heal ability can cause superficial wounds to heal at 130% their usual rate for about two days after it is used. Logically, the more severe the injury, the less he can help. Grievous or near-fatal wounds he cannot help with except to ease the pain a little.


Carried away: Xyon has been known to get a little over-eager with the pointy end of Inohen. This has led him into a lot of trouble that he has paid a very severe price for, and not just in terms of finance.

Peace of Mind: Xyon's mind is troubled, though he'd never tell anyone as much. Memories from the war occasionally resurface, or the nightmare will return (See history). He berates himself for his actions in the war and believes himself responsible for the murdering of his entire family by the fallens. Needless to say, Xyon doesn't get much sleep.

Unfamiliar with evil: The simple fact that Xyon's mind is programmed to do only good can be a bad thing at times. It certainly limits his options in some situations. A lot of times, situations that would benefit from a small amount of evil mindedness simply pass him by as impossible, because he can't think that way. Since trechery and cruelty are prospects foreign to him, he has difficulty in anticipating such behaviour from others.


Xyon of Calhoun was born, strangely enough, in the city of Calhoun. This now lies in ruin. Reasons for this include the rather large war there a couple of years ago (Either 5 or 6, haven't decided yet).

Whilst still a child, Xyon was forced to watch as the fallens murdered his entire family. Once they were dead, the fallens continued to toy with them, to Xyon's great annoyance. Only four years old at the time, he wasn't able to do much about it. Alas, even the prospect of their honourable burials in the eyes of the gods was forbidden him, as the fallens took the corpses with them once they'd finished.

Xyon had wept over this for a long time. The fallens hadn't bothered with him, and the only reason he could see was that it was he who was to blame for it. Reason left his mind for a good while as he became distraught to the point of self-harm, only to be stopped by those who rescued him from Calhoun.

These people were Xenetians also, and they took him to a neighbouring town whose name Xyon cannot remember. There, he grew up, and recovered his mind somewhat. The Xenetians who rescued him raised him as one of their own, and taught him more of the principles governing their culture and faith in the gods. Xyon's mind quickly set on retribution for his family, and he left the town at the age of 14 to fight against the fallens.

With his brother's longsword, which Keldos (his brother) had given him before he died, Xyon set about the slaying of fallens. This wasn't so easy, given that even Xenetians find the difference hard to spot at anything more than half a meter, and so Xyon joined up with the city guard, eager to stop those abusing the good nature of Calhoun.

So it was that a year passed. Xyon himself swiftly earned promotion, and sent many fallens on their way to helhiem. All in all, he was content. Then began the war.

No-one in Calhoun saw it coming. Nobody could have foreseen there could be that many fallens. They were taken aback, and despite the best efforts of the valiant soldiers guarding the city, they swarmed it, overpowering and decimating as they came. A few lines from the Calhoun city history, very near to the end, was added to reflect this:

They came with twisted metal and the weapons of war
To break our spirits and tarnish our souls
And we alone could not contain them
Our own ideals trampled and bruised
For this is the way of the fallens
The evil who now roam our streets

Calhoun soon lay ailing and helpless. The tirade was soon over, and the fallens began to kill Xenetians left right and centre. Xyon and his men were tasked with the defence of one portion of the city, and they did so admirably, fighting shoulder to shoulder, giving no quarter and showing no fear. Of that battalion of 200 men, Xyon and three others survived.

Xyon was wounded in this fight, critically so. His left arm broken and left leg broken twice, he was useless in combat. He was bleeding profusely from the cut to the face and from several other injuries.
He has never forgiven himself for not fighting on. Of course, he was completely unable to even stand, let alone swing a sword, but still, in his mind, he deserted.

After the war, Calhoun was deserted by all who survived. Neither side won, and the city paid the largest price. Xyon, and a few friends, set off for better things, and headed in the direction of Thar Shaddin.

The journey took years, not helped by the constant ambushes by surviving fallens and the numerous times they got lost. In all though, a straight line route should take no more than 11 months to walk.

So it was that Xyon arrived at the gates of Marn, cold, hungry and in need of rest.

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