Avari Gul

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Name: Averi Gul
Race: Half-Elven

Avari Gul

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Name: Avari Gul
Age: 28
Race: Half Elf
Height: 6'2”

Physical Description:

Avari is a half-elf with human looking ears. He has naturally jade green eyes and mahogany colored hair. He stands six feet two with a muscular build. He sports facial hair mostly to spite the male members of his family who don't grow facial hair as well. He passes for human most of the time, but with the right cosmetics, an add on to his ears, and a corset underneath his shirt to tighten his waist, he could pass for a slightly short elf. He has an average, trim build. He is considered very handsome for a human and reminded of it fairly often by the match-making members of the family.


Avari has been trained to be the perfect companion. He is charming, intelligent, good-looking. He can hold a decent conversation on a wide variety of subjects. He is humble, polite, and a damn good lover. But those obvious skills are a front for his more dangerous assets. More than a courtesan, he has been as a spy and an actor. He has been trained to understand how people operate and how to read their intentions. Pacify them. Please them. Learn their secrets. Apply them where needed. Talk people out of anything and get paid to do it. He knows how to forge documents. He can disguise himself with cosmetics. He also had a knowledge of botany and a knowledge of chemistry and medicine that he can use to make poultices, home remedies, as well as the shadier side of putting people to sleep, halucinogens, mild narcotics, teas that help with nausea and headaches, and poisons.


Avari is the epitome of being a lover and not a fighter. His entire training and skill set is based around his ability to charm, act, flirt, seduce, or talk his way into or out of any situation, but he is almost useless in combat. His null, while useful in some ways, are also a hindrance in that he can't sense magic being worked around him. He doesn't sense if magic is being worked on him. He doesn't sense illusions or disguises. He doesn't know if the secrets people want him to see are actually secrets.

As far as personality goes, Avari has a very people-pleasing personality. He does his best to be pleasant and courteous and wants people to think well of him. He wants to fit in and be accepted coming from a childhood of being different from everyone else. Above all, Avari wants to excel on his own terms and his insecurity with failure and his lack of bravery don't make him ideal for every situation.


Born as a Half-Elf to a highborn Elven family was a scandal. Born as a null into a powerful and renowned family of mages was almost an outright calamity. Avari Gul means "unwilling magic" but it has always occurred to Avari that it was more like an absolute lack thereof, like a black hole that sucked in all the magic around him.

From the early years, Avari couldn't help be made aware that he was different from anyone else. Because he was. While his cousins and elder half-siblings of full blood studied arcane magic and artifacts, Avari was not allowed anywhere near the libraries and study halls during lessons. He was definitely not allowed to touch anything, after he zapped the power from a particularly powerful heirloom. He was still educated in with them in all the mundane arts and live his life. Because he was so aware of being different, he tried hard to be charming and obedient, and was successful at his endeavors, being one of the more wittier and pleasant people to be around.

When he came of age (in human years) Avari was called to a meeting with his mother and other elder members of the household. It was clear that Avari didn't have a career in the family trade, but it was time to consider Avari's future. Nulls were rare, but not unheard of, and their talents could be useful. Avari, at the time, didn't know what he was good at and what wasn't, but his family were not unkind people. Practical, but not unkind. Special tutors were arranged for Avari. A curriculum was formed with a variety of trades that would not rely on magic. Avari learned the rudimentary skills in medicine, chemistry, fletching, combat skills, archery, blades, hunting, stealth, botany, cooking, and sewing, and etiquette.

Although an excellent pupil, Avari was not adept at any of the physical arts. Poor at archery, hopeless with a blade, and couldn't land a punch to a drunk thief standing still, those classes were quickly dropped from his curriculum to focus on other talents. In his early twenties, his family began to arrange for magical artifacts to be delivered to the family home. He was instructed by his mother to simply touch the item. Since he didn't sense any magic at all, he had no idea that the items were magical at all. A lot of them were cursed. Some just had abilities that were inconvenient. All Avari had to do was touch them until the magic drained. His mother would be there to sense when the item had been cleansed.

After his talents had been recognized, other ideas were formed as to how to utilize his 'gift'. He could see through illusions and glamour. Fireballs magic missiles fizzled when they got close. His siblings had fun with those. One day, Avari's received a letter requesting him to attend a ball that Avari's family was always invited to and Avari himself sometimes attended. His presence was never mandatory at social events, but was never shunned. He was charming and polite and was trained in the arts of conversation. He was told that someone would ask him to dance at the ball with a certain phrase and that he should accept and follow instructions from there. It was... intriguing and Avari accepted.

At the ball, he couldn't deny he was having more fun that he normally would have, with the secrecy and the anticipation. As the evening wore on, he was beginning to think someone was playing a joke on him, probably one of his cousins. Until a man appeared and asked him to dance. Avari was flustered... he had been expecting a woman. He blushed and almost backed down, but he was... curious. He acquiesced and during the dance, the man spoke to him in a low voice. Avari was asked about the surroundings, the other guests, the expensive decorations, even the layout. Avari answered these questions the best he could, but since he couldn't sense magic, he didn't know it wasn't there when he was looking right at it. Avari saw the world exactly as it was, which meant he could see through disguises. He could see people through the masks they wore. He could see where a hallway was when everyone saw a wall. This apparently, was valuable information. When the dance was done, the stranger disappeared and Avari felt... conflicted.

A week later his family received a letter than changed Avari's course in life. Avari was shown a letter that his family received. Although it was made clear that choice was his and his family would support him, Avari still felt that it was made clear that this was a definite opportunity not to be squandered. Although Avari had his misgivings, Avari left his family home alone for the first time to undertake the training offered with the promise of reward later to come.

Arriving at a special and isolated academy in a posh section of the city, Avari started his special training. Most of the arts he had already been a pupil in as a child. He could read music, recite poetry, had a knowledge of economics and politics. What the school taught was also psychology, sociology, cosmetology, and fashion, and acting. Avari loved found these subjects fascinating, but he was uncomfortable with the more physical aspects. Although he was aware that this training would allow him connections and skills that were very useful, that he was being trained as both a spy and a courtesan, he had never had a relationship before. Although he had been popular, he had never attended social events without some members of his family present.

Avari was taught how to please people. A man and a woman were brought in from a brothel in the shoddier side of town to trained the students, boys and girls from all races and walks of life, the art of seduction and romance. Although Avari blushed a lot, he chose to treat it like any other subject and learned his best. He also found that he enjoyed it. All of it.

Apart from the classes, the students played games that challenged their memory, observation, perception, improviszation, and forgery. They played other games as well, but Avari didn't write home to his family about them.

Upon graduation, Avari received his first assignment. He was to travel to a city called Marn in a place called Thar Shaddin. He was to set himself up in a local mixed brothel. He was to act at all times like an ordinary courtesan, establishing a clientele, and performing the necessary duties expected of him. The other duties was to set up safe houses within the city with money given to him under the ruse of the madame. The employer was to remain anonymous and would never meet with Avari directly. The madame of the brothel would give him further instructions.

With fond farewells from his family, Avari began his journey away from everything he has ever known to a place he knew nothing about... and he was looking forward to it.

Noteworthy Family/Connections

Mother: Mor Wilwarin (Black Butterfly)
Father: Unknown and never really talked about or acknowledged by his family. Dismissed when asked about.
Stepfather: Thalion Fenn (Strong Threshold)
Elder: Naneth (Mother)
Elder: Ada (Father)
Half-Brother: Bein Elen (Beautiful Star)
Half-Sister: Glor Anna (Golden Gift)
Half Sister: Alata Óre (Radiant Heart)
Aunt: Áre Bragol (Sudden Sunlight)
Uncle: Draug Rana (Wolf Wanderer)
Cousin: Hith Estel (Misty Hope)
Cousin: Caran Ithil (Red Moon)
Phaden Mirth (Recruiter who danced with Avari at the ball
Madame Rose: The madame of the brothel and Avari's and middleman for Averi's anonymous employer
Ariana Belle: Student Coordinator in charge of Avari's classes and scheduling
Orion Thadeus: Student whom Avari formed a bond with during his education
Alice Rainier: Student whom Avari formed a bond with during his education
Employer: Unknown


- cosmetics kit with dyes, liners, and other feature disguising items.
- chemistry set and bunson burner
- fine-tipped quills and quality scrolls
- a dagger (just in case, but probably won't use it for anything except to help carve a particularly rubbery cut of meat)
- clothes of various classes of quality, from flashy to unambiguous, trendy to unfashionable, sexy to grandma.
- a coin purse with a modest amount of emergency travel expenses

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