Ravena Vorlac

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Name: Ravena Vorlac
Race: Werepanther half elf

Ravena Vorlac

Post by Raven » Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:03 pm

Thar Shaddin

Character Info :
Player name : Raven
Character name : Ravena Vorlac
Age : 30
Race : werepanther (half elf before being bitten)
Height : 5,6
Weight : 143 lbs

Physical description :
Human form :
At 5,6 Ravena is neither small nor tall, she is somewhat slight of build but physically fit, she has firmly muscled arms and legs due to excessive training in hand to hand combat and her shifter nature. She has slightly pointed ears due to her elf heritage, although her left ear ends somewhat raggedly just above the curve of a normal human ear, the tip torn off. Thick black hair hangs to her waist, usually worn in a think braid to keep it out of the way and she has grey eyes with a green ring around the pupil.

Panther form :
As a panther she has a dark charcoal, almost black coat with darker spots (as are usually seen on panthers) and the same grey eyes with a green ring around the pupil. Her left ear in panther form looks just as ragged as it does in human form because it was an injury sustained before she became a werepanther.

Posessions :

Ravena doesn’t own much, she has a small, one bedroom house in Zhaltev, now rented out to someone from the Jorvik clan.

All her other possession are carried around in a big black duffel bag :
- Clothes : 2 pairs of black leather pants, black long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts (2 of each) 3 pairs of
clean underwear, a wide brimmed black hat and a pair of soft leather shoes she uses when on a job
- A set of throwing knives, made for her by one of the smiths in Zhaltev, especially balanced for her hands
- A coin purse containing around 30 Bishani
- First aid kit containing basis poultices, herbs and bandages

The rest of her possession are worn on her body
- The clothes she’s wearing : black leather pants, black long-sleeved shirt, black leather boots and a long
black leather coat
- A leather cord around her neck with a small wooden disk, an elven rune carved on one side (although no
magic is contained in the rune anymore, it is a rune for stealth, secrets, shadows and the dark of night)
it was given to her by her elven mother
- A sturdy knife on her left hip and a short sword on her right.
- A pair of sturdy leather arm braces carved with runes for strength and protection, but not infused with
- A black horse named Fringe

Powers and Strengths :

Ravena is a professional thief and burglar, so her stealth is pretty high, her shifter nature gives her the usual speed and agility perks.

She is proficiently trained in hand to hand combat, knives (both throwing and fighting) and sword fighting.

She has an innate skill for blending with shadows, this is connected to a magical ability for bending/controlling shadows (thanks to her elf heritage) although she herself sees it as a skill she’s practiced to almost perfection and does not connect it with the use of magic in any way

She also has basic first aid knowledge

Silver causes extreme burns

She has a lack of impulse control and this tends to get her in trouble, especially the fact that she doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut

Suffers from a mild form of insomnia, causing her to have trouble getting to sleep

She is also stubborn and headstrong with a strong dislike for authority

History :
Born in Corezo, at the edge of the forests near Belleza to an elven mother and human father, her father passed away before she was born and her mother never remarried leaving her without siblings.

She had an unremarkable childhood, though she tended to get into fights with the children from nearby villages and farms who pestered her about her pointed ears, on one such occasion the fight got so out of hand that one of the older boys had grabbed a sharp stone from the ground and had tried to cut off the points from her ears, he and the others had held her down while he hacked at her ears, taking off the tip of her left ear before she got herself free by biting his ankles, leaving her with a ragged wound and uneven ears.

The rest of her childhood went by quite uneventful up until her mother died when she was sixteen, leaving her in possession of their small cabin near the woods. Life went on peacefully until two years after her mother’s death.

One night, when Ravena was returning from the small pond in the woods where she liked to bathe, she was attacked by what she thought was a large panther, although what a panther would be doing in these woods, so far from its natural habitat she had no idea. Though severely injured she managed to drag herself back to the cabin and tend to her wounds. Surprisingly enough it did not take her long to heal although her wounds had been severe, but Ravena thought it might have to do with her being half elf. After she was completely recovered she felt restless, like an itch she couldn’t scratch, over the next few weeks the restlessness got progressively worse, making her wonder if the animal that bit her might have been ill and had infected her….
The day before the full moon she decided to travel to Belleza to see one of their famed physicians and prepared to leave, packing a bag with enough gear and food to last her a couple of days, since she had to travel by foot and decided to leave early the next day. When she woke up the next morning she felt physically ill, all her joints and muscles were aching and she felt as if she might have a fever, deciding to stay in that day she kept fading in and out of consciousness, eventually falling into fitful, vivid dreams……dreams of black fur, running through the forest and the thrill of chasing and catching prey.
She woke up the next day, laying naked in the clearing near the pond where she always bathed, covered in blood and gore with no recollection of what happened and how she’d gotten there…..shaken to the bone she quickly cleaned herself and made her way back to the cabin, where she decided that she must have been sleepwalking due to whatever illness that animal had given her. Desperate to know what was wrong with her she left the next day to Belleza.

Upon arriving in Belleza she quickly found a doctor and sat in the front room awaiting her turn to speak to him, when a young man, around her own age sat next to her and after looking intently at her, making her a bit nervous, gave her a lazy smile and asked “what flavor are you?” She looked at him quizzically “what on the goddesses green earth do you mean?” he frowned at her question “what kind of shifter are you?” he asked her “I assure you, I have absolutely no idea what you mean, now if you’d excuse me” she stood up to switch to another seat, when he grabbed her wrist and stopped her in her tracks “I’m guessing you don’t know it then” he gave her a smile that looked somewhat feral “when you find it out for yourself and want answers come find me, my name is Lorenzo and I work at the Drunken Mariner near the docks” Ravena stared at him for a moment, something about the boy seemed almost …familiar…though she was absolutely sure they had never met, she pulled loose and swiftly fled out the door, no longer thinking about the doctor she planned to see.

That night she was lying on her bed in the inn she’d taken a room in, the blanket was scratchy against her skin, and she was still feeling somewhat feverish. When she finally fell asleep she dreamed again about black fur and running in the forest but when the dream went on to catching a small deer and ripping into its throat she bolted awake, sweat covering her body. She jumped out of bed and splashed cold water from the pitcher on the small table into a bowl, washed her face and dressed herself, feeling so restless and confused that she decided to take a walk outside, maybe the night air could clear her head so she could go back to sleep before she made the journey back home tomorrow. When she got outside she just let her restless energy take her where it wanted to go and when after a couple of minutes she turned a corner she found herself near the ports, the smell of the ocean tickling her nose and to her surprise she saw an pub with a sign with a drunken man painted on it in bright colors ‘The Drunken Mariner’ was painted on the small wooden sign attached to a post near the door. Remembering the strange conversation she’d had with the boy named Lorenzo she decided to walk inside.

She stepped into a somewhat gloomily lit room, only a handful of people scattered around the tables that were placed haphazardly throughout the space, a long wooden bar at the back of the room, where, presumably the owner, was busy polishing glasses and a boy and a girl sat waiting for new orders. Ravena made her way to the bar and sat on one of the wooden stools there, the bartender walked over to her “what can I get ya Luv?” “I’ll have a cider please and I’m looking for someone that said he works here…his name is Lorenzo?” The barkeep poured her a glass of cider and pointed towards the end of the bar where the boy and girl stood waiting for signs that one of the patrons needed a refill “He be standing over there Luv, don’t let that boy fool you into doing stupid things, you look like a nice girl to me, he be rotten to the bone that one” he gave her a wink and started laughing. Ravena quickly put down some coins for the cider and made her way toward where the two were standing. As soon as she approached Lorenzo looked up, that feral grin appearing on his face again “So you’ve decided you want to know more have you” he said and he gently grabbed her by the elbow “let’s sit down and I’ll tell you what I know. He looked over his shoulder at the barkeep “I’ll be taking my break now Guisseppe, I won’t be long” The barkeep started laughing again and went back to polishing his glasses.

Lorenzo guided her toward one of the tables in the back and sat her down on one of the low stools that were scattered around the table “I’m sure you have plenty of questions and I’ll answer them as far as I’m able to, but first tell me, how long ago were you bitten, because if you’d been born a shifter you would have known for years” he looked at her expectantly while she just sat there not knowing what to say at first, off course she knew shifters existed, there were plenty of stories about them that her mother had told her and she knew that there was an entire city filled with shifters up in the cold regions of Eyropa called Zhaltev, but she just could not begin to believe that she was now one of them…..she shuddered “A little more than a month ago I was walking in the woods when I was attacked by a big black panther, I was severely wounded but managed to drag myself home. After I tended to my wounds I healed fairly quickly….I just thought it was my elven heritage that made me heal so quick..” Lorenzo shook his head “It must have been a feral, some shifters get so attached to their animal form that they never shift back, their feral side will take over after a while and they just go on being their animal, never switching back……where did you say this was? I’ll have to get word to a group of hunters to catch it before it attacks other people” Ravena shook her head, still not believing what was happening to her “what do I do now, can I just go back to living like I was? Besides the fact that I’ll turn into an animal every now and then? What happens if I go feral? Do I have any control over this shifting?” Lorenzo put up his hands as if to ward off her rapid questions “slow down, one question at a time, jeez. The first couple of months are going to be difficult, you’ll need to learn how to control the change, after that you should have no trouble going back to your normal life, but to be honest, most shifters are not suited for the slow life” he gestured around him “I’ve been here for six months now and I’ll be heading back to Zhaltev after the next full moon” He looked her straight in the eyes “I’ll give you a solid piece of advice, if you see the chance to do it, travel to Zhaltev, it’s a long journey but it’ll be worth it.” He stood up and reached out his hand to her “It was a pleasure to meet you although I still don’t know your name, I have to get back to work now or Guisseppe will start grumbling at me for taking too long” he started to walk back towards the bar, hesitated and turned back “It might be impulsive of me, and I would understand if you refuse…..but if you want, you could travel with me to Zhaltev, I could teach you about shifters and how to control the change on the way there” Ravena started to answer but he put up his hand to stop her “don’t answer right away, just think about it and if you want to tag along meet me outside the gates three days after the next full moon.” After that he turned and walked away, leaving Ravena sitting at the table wondering what to do next…………

Back at the inn she started thinking, should she just go home and figure things out for herself or should she take a chance and go with Lorenzo, travel all the way to Zhaltev and the find out what her life would be like now. She had nothing to return to at home, besides the house itself. She had no friend, no family, so what would it matter if she just took off for what she could only describe as an adventure. Having made her decision, she left for home the next day, after having a note delivered to the Drunken Mariner for Lorenzo, telling him she’ll be at the gate three days after the full moon. She would have enough time to travel home, pack al that was dear to her, get the deed to the house and make it back to Belleza with time to spare, she could sell the deed to the house to one of the banks and use the cash to buy a horse.

Their travel to Zhaltev was long but uneventful, Lorenzo teaching her what he knew about being a shifter and how she could control the nervous energy and the change. Upon arriving in Zhaltev he brought her to the leader of the Jorvyk clan where she got a chance to become part of the clan or not. Ravena decided to stay on her own and find her own way in life, spending almost all of her remaining money to purchase a small one bedroom house at the edge of town near the crumbled wall. She never saw Lorenzo again…
After working odd jobs for about two three years she was approached by a member of the thieves guild, asking her if she would like a chance to earn a goodly amount of money and receive training in both combat and other things and she accepted their offer.

Now, years later, still employed by the thieves guild she had accepted a job to ‘retrieve’ a valuable artifact for a rich merchant from Athena who had petitioned the guild in Zhaltev for retrieval of the artifact.
She had rented out her house to a member of the Jorvyk guild and packed what she needed for her travels, saddled her horse and set out to Thar Shaddin, for that was where the artifact was said to be……………………

(sorry for the massive story :) I just couldn't help myself)

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Re: Ravena Vorlac

Post by Kitan » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:31 am

Hello Evita! Welcome to Thar Shaddin. Sorry for the wait, we’re in a period of fairly low activity at the moment. No need to apologize for the length of your application; we’re always delighted to see people put thought into their characters, and have reviewed far larger applications in the past.

I appreciate the reasonable level of power you seem to have given your character, but I will need some clarification as to her strengths and weaknesses. How skilled is she at combat? At what level can we expect her to perform?

As you have a background in D&D, one of my personal obsessions, I often like to compare Thar Shaddin characters to first level D&D characters. We only rarely allow characters with combat skills higher than that point. Shifters already have a few advantages on that front, so I’d carefully control how skilled she is in this area: particularly because you’ve described her as adept in three forms of combat (panther, hand-to-hand, and swordsmanship). Each would require substantial training and time investment. Keep in mind that many soldiers drill for years, while Ravena has only had her recent training from the thieves’ guild.

Which brings me to my next point: the idea of a thieves’ guild is already quite tenuous. Though common in outlandish fantasy, Thar Shaddin aspires towards a low fantasy theme. While organized crime syndicates are certainly possible in some areas of the setting, the setting strains to put one in Zhaltev. Remember, the vast majority of the city has the sense of smell of a dog. Most transactions are the barter system, making fencing difficult. There is also the blood oath, which would conflict with fealty to a criminal guild:
The bloodoath is a tradition that goes back since before Zhaltev was founded, brought in by the Jorvyk family as a way of binding its members together completely. If the bloodoath is broken the blood boils in the veins of the betrayer, causing a very painful death. The bloodoath cannot be removed once sworn. Bloodsworn must follow the orders of their leader, and those who use the bloodoath as the means of sealing a bond or a deal must adhere to it.
While your character declined to join a family, most of Zhaltev’s population has. A thieves’ guild would likely suffer from rapid loss of membership.

Her home province of Corezo is likely to have such groups, but they are unlikely to operate internationally except for drug deals with their immediate surroundings and coastal cities.

There is also the question of why such a guild would approach a woman with no prior experience in stealth, combat, or criminal activity. This, like many events in her history, seem to occur at random with little relevance to the other parts. A werepanther appears and bites her because it has gone feral. She does not know who the werepanther is and never meets it again. It has little impact on her story outside of giving her the powers of a werepanther, when the werepanther’s mere presence near her home has rich storytelling potential.

Similarly, her parents die, but no reason is provided as to why they pass away. It serves little purpose other than to leave her without any kind of attachments so she can travel, when those kinds of attachments are exactly what we encourage in Thar Shaddin. Placing your character in the context of Thar Shaddin’s world fosters plot and encourages thread creation: for example, you might decide that another character knows your character’s mother, and they meet through that shared connection!

All in all, it’s a pleasant application. The archetype of a friendly thief is difficult to work into a low fantasy setting, but the potential does exist. Please reply to this thread when you’re ready for me to take another look. I look forward to seeing your future drafts!
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Name: Ravena Vorlac
Race: Werepanther half elf

Re: Ravena Vorlac

Post by Raven » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:49 am

I will rethink my characters history and change it when I've rewritten it :)
thanks for the extensive explanation of what might be better when changed :)

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