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Name: Lucinda
Race: Kitsune


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Name:Lucinda Tsirko
Age:17/67 human years
Species:Kitsune(thinks she's human)

With short,black hair, a normal looking face and not-so-fascinating eyes as well as a short,lean stature Lucinda manages to blend in with the crowd. Her parents are forgotten in her memory but if her face was anything to go with, they were plain and boring.With no interest what so ever to investigate her parents death she wonders around town looking for sweet shops as well as rich civilians with extra Bishans in their pockets.
Although Lucinda may look dull and boring she has a somewhat sunny personality around her that draws people that she talks to in.
Of course there can't be light without darkness and certain triggers and make her cross the line to becoming completely crazy for a few days.
This is when people should avoid her.
Lucinda likes dressing up in black and she enjoys her clothes being tight fitting and comfortable to move around. However this can change during crazy periods when her dressing sense becomes a bit more...erratic...

Scythe: This scythe will be seen with Lucinda all the time. It can usually be shrinked into a small charm bracelet but if she wants to scare of people all she has to do is put the full size scythe behind her back. This is scythe,gifted to her by the street performers has some interesting abilities itself, no matter what Lucinda would not be able to lose the scythe. However if it is dropped further away she can't use the scythe for around 2-5 hours depending on the distance.

Special Book: A lover of books she wants to carry a whole library but of course she can't do this. This special book has a red cover on it with a mysterious symbol, she got it by pick pocketing a rich couple that walked around the alley ways.

Gold Locket: ever since that day of her first memory (which was when she was taken up by the street performers) she had worn this gold locket, it's meaning is a mystery to her and it seems to be quite useless. However no matter how much she tries she can't seem to sell or throw it away. It seems important for some reason.


Illusions: being a kitsune Lucinda is good at illusions, however they aren't tangible at all and are only passable pictures that she thinks about. Never less it is amusing for her to watch the confusion on people's faces when she casts a illusion spell on them. She wants to train this ability a bit more.

Darkness/Shadow manipulation: Lucinda has a knack at all things dark, mainly being shadows,when she was a street performer she was taken in mainly because of her natural talent with shadows, sometimes, if she concentrates really hard she can create a shadow entity as well as move things with tendrils of darkness. But of course the stronger uses always come with a cost. (see weakness)

Good Hearing/eyesight: she can see/hear further than normal but she has no idea about this because it seems so normal to her.

Good with a scythe/knife: Because Lucinda gets bored very easily she spends time training on her scythe as well as some "borrowed" knives. Since she does this her throwing knife skills are pretty accurate and the scythe she has is part of her body.

Agility+silence:Lucinda can bend in flexible ways and this has often come in handy when she tries to pickpocket people. The silence of her movements also help alot.


Strange Emotions: Lucinda is very confused about her emotions,even when all things are perfect she gets nervous and sad. When things are sad she sometimes feels happy. This sort of behavior gets her weird looks,which is something she can't have if she wants allies and friends.

Fainting:After she has cast her strong spells (ie,shadow monster creating and such) she will usually faint within a few hours, sometimes enough time to get away but it gets really annoying,therefor, she doesn't use these strong powers much.

Can't Transform:being that she has no idea that she is a kitsune she can't transform, only someone who is a kitsune and knows that she is one can teach her.Otherwise, she might live her whole long life not knowing how to transform.

Craziness:through certain triggers Lucinda can become crazy,damaging her reputation. She had to already move a few times because of this. No one knows why she has this condition but Lucinda strongly suspects it ties in with the time she was picked up by the street performers.

Lucinda was the child of two pure rebel kitsunes. It was by pure chance that they had met each other and fallen in love. However, being rebels they were soon hunted and killed by much more powerful kitsunes who tried to force upon them their traditional religion. They ignored the small mewling fox hidden behind the bushes in their rage.
Lucinda remembers none of this.
Picked up by magic wielding street performers,they decided that the past was too dangerous for her to remember,they gave her the locket and trapped all her memories in there, this is the first day that she remembers, surrounded by people and other creatures, by then she was already over 50.
For ten years after that she performed with them faking real magic as only illusions that could be replicated by anyone.
At eleven years she decided to leave, she wanted to explore the world more. She couldn't live with the fact that even though she had been placed on this planet,she wouldn't be able to explore all of it.
She had no house, food or water, even worse she had no one to turn to.
Her emotions were broken in this period.
And this was when she started to lie excessively, going crazy at random times and pick pocketing everyone. This continued for a few months. Until finally,a random person, out of pure kindness gave her food and friend ship. She started to heal. She is still friends with this person and her psychotic tendencies have lessened.

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