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Public Health Announcements

Post by Guile » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:29 pm

Glued onto the brick and stone walls of Marn buildings are large posters bearing the official seal of Marn's Health Ministry. Written in black ink, the posters are decorated by gruesome depictions of the harmful effects of magic upon a long-term user. These posters are nothing new, they have been posted ever since Mr. Markus was elected as Minister of Health. However, the illustrations and particular illnesses are new information. New posters are produced weekly or monthly.

Know the Dangers of Long-Term Shifting
A drawing of a screaming half-man, half-beast, bending backward as its spine splits.
Recently, it has been discovered by our incredible Marnian research teams that those with the curse of an animal form are cursed yet more. If such individuals choose to change forms, they may develop serious illness leading to paralyses and/or death.

One study has shown that just a single transformation, or a single use of such transformational magicks, can cause the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee to split or tear completely, rendering persons with shifting abilities unable to complete their transformation and unable to move. Fixing this tear mid-transformation is an involved procedure requiring immediate and painful surgery. Sufferers may never walk again.

Over many years, shifting increases risk of Palmozin's disease by six times. The disease is incurable and causes the interior organs to slowly fail, causing death.

Know this danger! Avoid shifting!

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