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Name: Sisara Kasabian
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Sisara Kasabian

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Player Name: Steph / Soneya
Name: Sisara Kasabian
Age: 27
Race: Human

Physical Description: Sisara is just about your average height with a well-trained figure that has slowly started to shape up into proper womanly curves since she got fed a little better upon joining the City Guard. Her chestnut hair falls down to mid-back in slight waves but she generally has it confined into a ponytail to keep it from getting in the way. Hazel-coloured eyes with a small smidgen of gold sit in a slim face generally masked with a no-nonsense expression.

Soft leather bracers usually cover up her forearms, with leather straps around both her upper arms, to have some sort of protection for her limbs since she prefers to wear a sleeveless well-fitted tunic, held in place by a belt, tight leggings and soft leather boots. The colour of her clothes is in tune with her hair for the most part, for the simple reason that it makes her stand out less; which is the same reason why she prefers to wear boots that do not make a lot of noise. Her swords are strapped to her back and fastened in an intricate design of straps all around her upper body. It looks rather complicated but in fact only requires a few simple tricks to don. When she's wearing guard armour, she sticks to her sleeveless routine with only her torso protected, leaving her arms bare.

Sisara sports a tattoo similar to the flame design Farius Masello has, only with slightly thinner and more delicate lines, snaking down from around the base of her neck over her left shoulder blade, down along her side and ending in a dragon head on her hip, roaring its fury at anyone who would dare touch her inappropriately. A hint of the tattoo may sometimes be glimpsed underneath her tunic around the shoulder area, but she usually makes sure it is not openly displayed.


    - She owns a couple of light-weight swords, crafted especially to suit her hands. Well actually, she stole them back when she was younger but they really do seem as though they have been created to suit her perfectly. For anyone except Farius, the swords have been bought off a poor tinker in desperate need of money and thus willing to accept even a low price from a street girl.

    - She owns a small deck of cards, which is rarely used though since Farius always has his out and ready before she can even think about grabbing hers when they’re on boring guard duty together.

    - Several sets of clothes, guard uniform as well as armour, a few pieces of winter garb, which mostly consists of various pairs of woolen bracers to simply slip on over her typical leather ones, covering most of her arm and only leaving the shoulder bare.

    - A very small house, not too far away from where Farius lives, a place she keeps mostly to her own as her private sanctuary; somewhere she can feel safe and be herself, somewhere she can just let go from time to time. It is filled with cooking and baking recipes and anything interesting she comes across that she would like to have as a keepsake. Hardly anyone is allowed inside.

Farius Masello: Keeping Farius safe and on the right track is a large part of what keeps her going in life. He saved her at a critical time in her life and he gave her the strength she didn’t have anymore to go on. Ever since then, she has grown more resilient again and knowing that he is by her side makes her an almost fearless fighter.

Dual Swords: Mostly self-instructed but with the help of many hours of observing guard training and picking up bits and pieces from blacksmiths and weapons masters willing to talk a little bit, Sisara honed her skills to the best of her ability and turned out to be a natural with the swords. She is by no means perfect seeing that she is still fairly young but she is still already better than quite a few others. Her left arm has yet to grow as strong as her right but since she joined the guard, she was properly instructed and her ability has increased rapidly, maybe quicker than most would have considered possible - especially for a woman.

Thinker and Methodical: In terms of fighting and work, Sisara thinks things through before acting upon them and she analyses a situation before rushing headfirst into it. For the most part, seeing that she can look at a lot things without pouring emotional value into them – most of the time at least – she prefers to have a logical course of action decided upon before anything is done. Spontaneity works for her but only if makes sense and doesn’t involve brainless tactics.

Thread and Needle: A skill she picked up on the street from observing an old seamstress, who would sometimes allow her to test her ability on worn pieces of cloth which she could no longer use herself. Sisara custom-made her woolen bracers so they would satisfy her needs into the smallest detail.

Good Cook: Having needed to learn to supply food for herself at a very young age and knowing how to differentiate the good meat from the bad, she taught herself how to cook. With growing age and work experience, she came to be a rather good cook. She enjoys baking even more and has taken it upon herself to distribute her creations among the young street children, especially those unable to care for themselves and oppressed by the older, stronger ones.

Bad-Ass: Sisara wears a constant mask ever since she was young and has trained herself to not let anything affect her, not wanting anything to weaken her so she would never have to end up cornered ever again. For the most part, it works and she is left to her own devices, rarely attacked and respected. She is not all too fussed about getting herself into tough situations and generally gets out again unscathed – with Farius always at her side – and she has trained herself not to fear, though she fears for Farius quite a lot.

Farius Masello: As much as Farius is her strength, he is also her weakness, because as much as she loathes him for his carefree and reckless personality sometimes, she is very fond of him and would do almost anything to keep him safe. She has long since stopped counting the times she had to cover for him or step up to keep him out of getting into even worse trouble. More than once, she got her share of trouble out of trying to save his neck, but in her eyes, he is worth it, as much as she tells him off every single time.

Illiterate: Having grown up on the streets and previously with uncaring parents, Sisara’s reading and writing skills are practically non-existent though she is able smooth-talk her way out of many situations. She tries to keep this fact low-key for the most part and is working hard on it but if she is required to write reports, she is sweating blood because they always turn out to be a complete mess and without the help of others the clerks would definitely have already called down hell upon her head.

Ranged: Anything to do with ranged weaponry whether it be archery or throwing daggers is lost on Sisara. She trains with Farius from time to time but hitting a far-away target is not her strong-suit though she is gradually improving her skills, she is far from being proficient in any of them. Should she ever properly master either of those skills, it will most likely be daggers as she has much more affinity with bladed weapons than any other.

Childhood Trauma: Her mask keeps her safe and she has adopted it as a way of life she handles very well, but far in the back of her mind, she is very aware of the fact that should she ever not pay attention and end up in a really bad spot again, her mask will crumble and she may just return to being the whimpering little girl, unable to defend herself - in public. As long as she doesn’t end up hopelessly outnumbered by a larger group of older men, Sisara is fine and can generally handle herself quite well. But being in the guard, surrounded by a lot of men at all times, turns her into a shaking and crying wreck from time to time, in the safety of her own home where she allows herself to break down if all else fails.

Dependant: As much as she would like to tell herself that she can take care of herself, that she is a grown woman in need of nothing and no one, this isn’t quite true. Deep down, she knows this herself. Without Farius, she wouldn’t be where she is now and without Farius, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Everything she has done and does in her life, in some way relates to him or his actions. If she were to lose him, she would lose more than just a large part of herself and as strong as she is when she’s with him, she might just completely fall apart if she knew without a hint of a doubt that he was lost to her. To many this will not be clear, and as with so many other things, the only one who possibly knows the truth of this, is the man in question himself.

Childhood: Sisara’s parents were never really interested in their daughter or took particular care of her. Her mother was wasting the day away, drunk for the most part, while her father was spending more time gambling than running his butcher business. Any money he ever earned was spent either on booze or he lost it gambling. More than ones he came home, severely beaten because he had lost and couldn’t pay up, and more than once he took his frustration out on Sisara’s mother. At first, out of love for her mother, Sisara tried to stop him only to take the brunt of his anger herself. Once the young girl noticed however that her mother didn’t care and that her mother never tried to protect her from her father’s fury, she stopped and resorted to hiding from him when he came home in bad shape.

It was in her father’s butcher shop, on his rare good days, that she learned how to properly wield knives, how to cut up meat and how to differentiate the good from the bad. His father had no discipline when it came to his earnings, but he knew his profession, as little use as he made of it. At first, he allowed Sisara to be in the shop with him and seemed to enjoy having his daughter around but over time, when he had less and less good days, he ordered her to help him or even forced her to run the place in his stead, she was only ten, which then turned into arguments and worse. She was too young to understand it all completely and she wanted to do her best but no matter how hard she tried, she wasn’t good enough, not well trained enough, quite simply too young to run a shop completely on her own.

After having once again been forced to try and run the shop while he briefly went out on an errand, which turned into several hours of drinking and gambling, Sisara was underpaid for several valuable pieces of meat because she didn’t know any better. When her father than returned home that night and found out, already drunk as a skunk, he completely lost his marbles. He beat her severely, and finally threw her out of the house, yelling at her never to come back. Bruised and bleeding, Sisara run out without a backward glance but she didn’t go far, in the hopes that he would see sense and take her back in, but he didn’t. Not that night, not any night after that, and after almost two weeks, the girl of barely a few months past eleven gave up.

The first few weeks were probably the toughest weeks Sisara ever had to live through, despite an abusive father. She was young and she hadn’t grown up on the streets, thus it was hard for her to get on the good side of any of the kids who were constantly battling over food and sleeping places. She got lucky in finding a dry spot with a roof over her head by sneaking into a grocery store. The middle-aged owners either didn’t know or didn’t care that she snuck in every night. She didn’t steal their food other than what they couldn’t sell anymore anyway and didn’t get in their way during the day either. The arrangement worked well and Sisara was glad to have found this spot and that she didn’t have to fight anyone over it. Her fighting skills were minimal, used to merely ducking and trying to protect her vital parts rather than properly defending herself or even fighting back. She tried to stay out of the way of any other kids for the most part and usually she managed to do so, making her own life, by herself, not trusting anyone.

Meeting Farius Masello: At the tender age of twelve and a half, about a year after she had been thrown out and only briefly after she first had her blood (an elderly woman had taken pity on her as she had found the young girl shaking and crying in an alley without an idea of what was happening to her or why she was bleeding for no reason, and she had taken the girl in for about a week, explaining everything to her in detail and fixing her up a little), Sisara had found herself surrounded by a group of thugs, smirking and leering at her, knives in hands and without a possibility for her to escape. Though street rats always found a hole somewhere to wedge themselves through, the young girl had found herself thoroughly trapped by the men and instead of trying to escape she had remained where she was, frozen to the spot and staring at them out of terrified eyes. She knew what they wanted to do to her and knew that she would either not survive the rape or later die in reason of an unwanted pregnancy her young body could not handle.

Out of nowhere, Farius suddenly appeared and although she could not believe her luck and thought it must surely either be an illusion or some sort of nasty trick, he rescued her. Sisara cannot remember much of what happened afterwards but several years later she spoke to Farius about it and received a few more details. Though sincerely, it didn’t matter to her how he did it or where he took her afterwards, all that mattered to her was that he had saved her and that he had been there for her ever since.

Through Farius, Sisara learned the ways of the streets and learned how to toughen up. It was in those early teenage years that she learned how to put on a pokerface so that nobody could get to her emotionally, no matter how much they insulted her or even threatened her. In return for his help, Sisara tried to be a beacon to Farius, tried to keep him on the right path as much as possible, which wasn’t always easy considering the hardships they both had to endure from time to time.

In order to hide her emotional vulnerability even more, Sisara took up learning how to fight, and more specifically with two blades. The idea came to her when she saw a young rich boy parading around with them but obviously without having a clue how to use them. She took to observing him for a while, at first to find out where he got them from, later on because she realised that he wasn’t actually interested in using them and thus wanted to figure out how she could relieve him of them, but she felt too bad about going through with the action, so she never stole them off him. When he then accidentally sliced his own leg open because he still didn’t know how to use them and was too spoiled-rotten to accept anyone else’s advice on how to handle the blades, they were put away, out of his reach and he was forbidden to ever use them again. The tantrum that followed was hilarious and Sisara decided that there was no reason whatsoever for her to feel bad about taking the blades for herself. The official story is that a tinker in desperate need of money accepted a low price for the pieces of junk – though they were anything else but. Those blades turned into treasured companions and she began to perfect her use of them over time, training as much as possible if sometimes only to get used to the weight of them in her hands, watching Guards train and sometimes asking for a little advice from a blacksmith or weapons master when they were inclined to even look at a girl.

When Farius’ grandparents died and asked him to become a member of the guard, she urged him to honour their final wish as it was the last thing he could do for them, but he didn’t need much convincing. Unable to really be without him, and not really knowing either, Sisara tagged along and was accepted into the guard as well.

Within the Guard: After initially rubbing each other the wrong way a little, Sisara has formed a rather strong bond with Lina, whom she not only sees as her mentor but also as a close friend, practically the only friend she has apart from the incorrigible Farius. Thanks to her female support in the guard, Sisara learned quickly that proving herself one way or another was the most important step in order to be respected, and so she heeded Lina’s advice, trained even harder in order to match her mentor in speed and agility because she knew that she would never be able to compete the male guards for strength. Sisara also looks to Lina for help in terms of reading and writing.

Not only the stamina she quickly gained but especially her rapid grasp on proper sword wielding earned her the respect of most of her fellow guardsmen, though the fact that she was a woman still kept a shadow over her, but as long as they left her in peace and respected her work, she didn’t care about that. She was in the guard for Farius, and for doing some good, which she soon realised was something she quite liked to do. Farius’ grandparents’ last wish had not only done their grandson some good, but her too and she was glad that Farius had honoured it. During the first few months in the guard, she came to understood just how much she could really do in her position. Earning a small wage, having a reputation, not only among the guards but the street reputation still remained somewhat intact, and she used it all to her advantage. The younger street kids had to learn but a lot of the others still trusted her, and she used that trust to distribute some food amongst those who could not take care of themselves, who were bullied into giving up everything they got to the older, stronger ones. It was a deed she slowly came to do on a more regular basis, something she learned to do for her own self and without anyone else. The action was making her happy and made her feel as though she could restore the darker sides of street life into something slightly better, though it would never be a comfortable life for any of those kids. It was slowly starting to give her another purpose in life however, one that did not necessarily involve Farius, and she cherished this more than her work as a guard, no matter how many people she might be able to help in her profession. It was the step away from the life she was leading, the step away that finally taught her that there may be more to life than living from day to day without any real thoughts for her future.

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