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Odelina Meltzer
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Name: Odelina Meltzer
Race: human

Odelina Meltzer

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Player: Breda
Name: Odelina "Lina" Meltzer
Race: human
Gender: female
Age: 31
Profession: City Guard

Odelina is a tall, sinewy woman with long chestnut hair. Her face is narrow and well-defined, with straight nose and grey eyes. By personality she is steadfast and reliable, if somewhat withdrawn, and has a caring, almost motherly attitude towards the younger members of the guard. She is a dedicated professional, with a no-nonsense attitude to her work. She sees the Marn City Guard first and foremost as the protector of the citizens, and views any sort of intrusion by the city politics to the work of the guard with strong disdain. While she is technically a puradyne, the guard is her true religion.

Powers and strengths:

Physical abilities: As a girl she enjoyed running, climbing and horseback riding. After joining the guard she has trained vigorously to match, and occasionally beat, her colleagues.

Guard training: She is trained in both melee combat (sword and shield) and archery. She has a stady hand and quick reflexes. In melee combat, she is equal with the others of her level of experience, and last year she became third in the yearly guard archery combat.

Education: She has been educated in reading, writing and arithmetics, and is said to have "a head for numbers".

Determination: She prides herself of getting the job done, be it work-related or something she has promised to a friend. For her, letting others down is the ultimate sin.

Weaknesses and flaws:

Withdrawn: She has a tendency to keep her troubles to herself, even past the point when it would be wiser to share, or at least let others know she has something on her mind.

Lack of strength: No amount of training can help with the fact that she cannot match her male opponents in pure physical strenght. As long as she can keep tem at arm's length she can survive on speed and agility, but when melee turns to wrestling, she almost inevitably loses.

Not good at saying 'no': Particularly when it comes to work. Often leads to her shouldering more than her share.

Self-flagellation: While she can be harsh on others, especially those under her training, she is ten times harsher on herself. She also has a tendency to carry guilt for a very long time.

Alcohol: She does not drink that often, but when she does, it tends to be destructive. Happens particularly when she is troubled (see above).

Born as the fourth child and the third daughter of a local merchant family, she was given a good education by a well respected governess, but she did not have high hopes for inheriting the family business. To the disappointment and embarrassment of her father, she was not interested in being married off with the small dowry of the youngest child, but rather chose to provide for herself and at the age of seventeen enlisted in the city guard. In the guard, she very soon found the meaning she hadn't even realised her life was lacking, and as her relationship with her family grew somewhat cold, the guard became her new family.

As a woman, she had to work hard to get along, but she had always been an active, sporty girl, and while she couldn't match her male colleagues in physical strength, she turned out to be more than a match for them in speed and agility. Over the years she has gained the trust and respect of her colleagues, particularly when it comes to training rookies, and there have been rumours of an impending promotion.

She has had somewhat complicated relationships with some of the other women in the guard, but she has grown fond of Sisara Kasabian, seeing a lot of herself in the younger woman, despite their very different origins. Consequently, she has also had to learn to get along with Farius Masello, whose arrogant nature initially did not appeal to her at all. Having spent a fair amount of time with the young man, she has learned to see his potential, and despite all evidence to the contrary, she still hopes that one day Masello will 'man up' and put his abilities into proper use.
As for the rest of her colleagues, she is unlikely to have problems with anyone who does their job well, unless they are obviously disrespectful towards her or the other female guards.

(Arabelle by Peachplums @ DeviantArt)
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