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Post by Saruna » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:52 pm

Dawn, Marn

The land was still, as it always was within Marn when the barest touches of light made the barely-seen northern range glow. This morning was not the same. Light that had not originated from the sun abruptly brightened the far off craggy peaks to the northeast. The light did not disappear. It flowed over the steppes, tipping stalks of grasses and flowers with its glow, but it was tinged a wrong shade for the colors of sunrise. It was a cold, unnatural mixture of green and blue, and harsh.

After a count of seconds that was not a full minute it began to gutter down, though it did not disappear. As sudden as the light, a rumbling sound growled towards the south, though it would not be heard by those not yet awake within the city. Deep, menacing, thunderous noise roared over the steppes, weakening the further south it traveled. It was not a sound that could easily be attributed to a natural cause, even with distance muting its full effect.

The ground shook -- though it was only a mild and ignorable tremor within Marn itself -- and the faraway mountains seemed to disintegrate as the dimming light flashed forth brilliantly, black and red shooting up into the air. It was big, even at the great distance to Marn. The light spread like wings with a long trailing tail made of fire, fire spilling up into the sky from the mountains to replace the weird greenish light. The sound intensified, as did the shaking, and then it was gone.

Everything stopped.

Dawn continued.
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