Daily Tattler Vol. 5 Issue 2

Current events, from the local sources. Newsletters, gossip, propaganda.
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Daily Tattler Vol. 5 Issue 2

Post by Saruna » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:59 pm

Overdue Arrests

by Darli Reushinska

Justice seems to be the theme of the Guard lately, as they have outdone themselves catching criminals. Though perhaps these criminals are not of the grand sort seen in the recent murders that have plagued the city, they are still law breakers -- petty though they might be. It is certain that the prison will be filled with these rabble soon, and it can only be hoped that they will be discouraged from such antics in the future.

The only one odd enough to be found laughable was performed by a quite egotistical man whom had taken it upon himself to use magic in broad daylight. Those stouthearted Puradynes who witnessed the affair were undeniably shaken by this bold act. "Rot in the cells [magic users] right should, aye." Said one Mistress Hamay. The sentiment was echoed staunchly by other bystanders, and no one seemed disapproving. Indeed, it was reported that a small cheer went up at the man's arrest.

A more typical, though less remarked upon, incident occurred when a prostitute from the Cozy Kitten was saved by an off duty guard from an over amorous swain. The proprieter of the Kitten said only that she had lodged a complaint "two full moon phases ago, for all the good it had done." She said the caught man was not the only one harrassing her girls, but "one less is one less." In addition, those with the man in question had been taken in on charges of assaulting a guard.

Meanwhile, the search for more dangerous criminals continues, without nearly as much success. Though it shall be said that I, for one, am glad at least some of Marn's scum is being taken in for justice.

Attack on the Library

by Darli Reushinska

In a scandalous display of criminal activity a band of would-be thieves were spotted being apprehended after breaking into the Library late yesterday. There were not witnesses to the actual crime, but the rousting of guards and what appeared to be a successful diversion did catch the attention of many citizens. The older of Marn's gossips deemed it to be the most brazen display of criminal ego Marn has seen in years, second only to the ring of magic users broken up by the guard late last year.

Details were sketchy, and the Guard was quite close-mouthed on the affair. A typical statement was released assuring the public that justice will be done to any who trouble the law, and so we must content ourselves with the knowledge. But really! To break into the Library? One might think the criminals in this city have gone full daft for such an odd crime. As for their intentions, perhaps we will never know; it is doubtful the criminals in question will be telling anyone of the public any time soon.

Resurgence of Religion

by Horas Gingethal

Religious practices surge and wane with what society deems vogue, and while the depth of fervor to the Puradyne faith is never in doubt within Marn, the public aspect of worship and reverence has changed over the years. As early as a decade ago, it was deemed proper to make public obeseince to Teodinus in the public Temple, but things have changed since then.

We asked Madame Rishory, a devout tenet of the Puradyne faith well known for her reliability, about the trend of private worship in recent years. "It all started with the Judges' wives," she said, "Couldn't be seen dusting their smart-waxed slippers in with the humble street walkers. Oh yes, it's all recent. It took root solidly not even three years ago."

And that trend has seen a steady decline in public interest towards Marn's venerable Temple. The keeper of the Temple, one Brother Ezekiel, has been allowed to steadily allow the Temple to decline as fewer and fewer Puradynes attend the temple, preferring instead to worship at private shrines inside their own homes.

Yet a young fresh monk to Marn by the name of Brother Matthias has taken it upon himself to restore the temple.

"It is a sorry state that the faithful in Marn have to rely on outsiders to keep the symbol of our worship proper. [Brother Matthias is] a good lad. Exactly what this city needs. You see how people are flocking to the Temple for worship? Certainly not that old souse's doing." Madame Rishory commented of the new Monk.

Perhaps the trends of Marn's religious Puradynes will once again swing towards the solemn public worship they were once known for. As for Madame Rishory, she believes it will hinge on the aristocracy to "give up their shameful snobbishness and be proper leaders for their fellow Puradynes."
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