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Security Bulletin

Post by Saruna » Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:28 pm

It isn't often that anyone dares to attack a Battlemage, but a large, crazed man has done just that. This man, described as large, muscular, and hairy in the manner of people from the far north, has escaped the Guard after brutally attacking one of the Battlemages sent to do justice in Shim. His name is unknown, but if any stranger of that description is seen, the Guard requests being notified.

The man is described as being wild and unruly. He has a large war hammer as a weapon, and wears animal hides and chainmail for armor. He has long, dark hair and facial hair. It is advised to stay away from him.

The man was last spotted running out of the Red Chalice Inn, and is suspected to be hiding out around the Shim area, possibly in the forest itself. He is armed and dangerous, and the Guard encourages any citizen who sees a man of this description to head to safety, and if possible head straight to the Guard headquarters.

This community relies on its members to be eyes and ears where its Guard cannot. By doing your duty as citizens, it is possible to keep this community as safe as possible.
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