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Name: Hakujoumi
Race: Kitsune


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Player Name: Zina
Name: Hakujoumi
Aliases: Isis, Kita, Umelie, Jema, Karulin, Lucretia, Prithvi, Hecate, Yanet, countless others.
Age: 130
Race: Kitsune (nogitsune)

Human - 5' 9"
Half-fox - 5' 10"
Fox - 1' 4"

Human - 128 lbs
Half-fox - 120 lbs
Fox - 14 lbs

Physical Description:
Human - Though Hakujoumi can change her human appearance to a certain extent, she generally appears as an attractive human woman in her late twenties. In this form, she has sandy, reddish hair that has a bit of a wave to it and usually reaches her shoulders. It is sometimes tied up with a ribbon while subtle bangs fall and frame her face. Her skin is fair and healthy in complexion, with color in her cheeks and rosy lips. The structure of her face has been and always will be fairly narrow, with high cheekbones and brows, which are thin and dark. Her body is thin, tall, and very slender. As a human she has a little bit more flesh on her and is heavier, but not by much. Her eyes appear to be dark brown in color, but upon closer inspection (in decent light) they are actually deep amber. When sunlight hits them dead on they are a fiery orange color. In human form she is usually wearing a dress (often made of silk) or skirt that is long enough to be modest but short enough to show off her calves when she moves. She sometimes wears a corset or laced bodice that matches in color and style. Common jewelry she wears include necklaces of jade or other attractive gems along with matching earrings, all of which are fabricated. Rather than relying on clothing to seduce mortals, she uses magic and pretends to be otherwise lady-like and refined. She rarely wears shoes, and when she does they are usually simple wooden sandals.

(click for larger)

Half-fox - In what has become her most natural and useful form, Hakujoumi looks similar to a very small werewolf. Her body structure is like that of a human, save for key differences such as her feet and hands. Her feet are lengthened and end in sharp claws, which alters the muscular structure of her legs so that her calves and her thighs are a slightly different shape. Her fingers also end in long, sharp claws. Her head is very similar but not identical to her fox form, as she is capable of more human expressions and her ears are slightly more pronounced. The hair on her head is not very long by human standards, with a look and feel more like lengthened orange fur. It is not long enough to obscure her vision. In this form her three tails are the most pronounced, but are generally obscured by her clothes. If she isn't careful, they will drag on the ground slightly. She is covered in elegant fur the same pattern as her fox form. In this form she is typically dressed in loose clothing, usually a robe made of green silk.

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Fox - Left in her original state of being, Hakujoumi appears as a small, red fox with a thin build and structure. She looks very much like a regular fox, sporting ginger fur with black markings on her face, ears, and legs. Her tails give her away, as she has three of them with white ends. Her chin, chest, and stomach are also white.

Glass jar filled with eyeballs - There is a large jar made of half-inch thick glass that Hakujoumi uses to store one eye per every human she toys with and slaughters. The jar's capacity holds approximately three gallons of water, and this is filled about half-way full of eyeballs of different sizes and colors.

Over a hundred human skins - After seeing a rather large population of foxes skinned, their carcasses burned and furs kept, hakujoumi began skinning victims who had done what she perceived to be great evil. She then burns their remaining carcasses and will often leave them burning in open areas as a dark omen for all within the area. She dries the skins and keeps them hung in a room of her fabricated dwelling.

Nine-tailed kitsune toy - Before Hakujoumi turned demonistic, she once befriended and bonded with a young girl in her birth village. As a keepsake from this time and in memory of the child, she still keeps with her a small plush doll made by the mother of the child. The doll is a fine fabric with sheep's wool, a characterised, cuddly version of an orange kitsune with nine tails. She rarely looks at this doll, as it floods her with painful memories.

Ocarina - Secretly a lover of the arts, Hakujoumi treasures her polished green ocarina. It is an instrument she has known for fifty years, and so she possesses some skill with it. Generally it is something she plays on her own private time. No one living knows of this skill apart from her.

Eternal rose - A gift from her last lover and the only remnant of any of her previous relationships (aside from a couple skins). This is a rose created through special magic that once symbolized devotion and true love. Even after the relationship ended horribly, Hakujoumi kept the item, perhaps to remind her of what she could have had.

Shapeshifting - A purely magical ability, Hakujoumi is able to shift into many different forms. The easiest and most common form is a half-fox, with the second being full fox and third being human. She can also shift into many different objects, but unlike more powerful kitsunes, she can only take small forms of nature (rocks, small shrubs, etc.) and they must be solid. Her clothes are fabrications of reality and so disappear and reappear when she changes form, meaning she is also able to change her clothing at will at any time. All of her forms are eternally young and attractive in appearance, unless she chooses to change the appearance of her age. These shifts are not painful or unpleasant to her, but the more unnatural the form, the harder it is to get right. When she shifts, her senses also mirror whatever form she takes.

Agility - Kitsunes are extremely fast by nature in their half-fox forms. Their reflexes and agility give them the edge in fights against physically stronger creatures such as werewolves. There are few creatures who can out-manuever the kitsune. In all of her forms, Hakujoumi is graceful and loves to dance.

Tooth & Claw - Half-foxes have sharp claws and teeth, which are extremely damaging when speed is factored into the equation. Hakujoumi particularly tends to attack in this way when she is killing a man during sex, tearing out his liver and consuming it. Otherwise she generally relies on magic.

Seduction - Hakujoumi has a powerful means of bewitching mortals through seduction. This is not merely because she is female, but because it is an innate magical ability. The actual magic for this only works when she is in human form, and eye contact of longer than five full seconds is required. Bewitching does not work on people who already feel true hatred towards her, and typically only works on people who gravitate toward women sexually. Seduction can also be ruined if an individual realizes what she is doing to them, and can only be used on mortals and people who do not believe in Inari.

Manipulation - Kitsunes are known tricksters, and nogitsunes tend to be even worse because they are capable of true evil. Hakujoumi has an ability, enhanced by magic, to manipulate others so that they are more likely to listen to her advice, which is usually bad and meant to do more harm than good. This is certainly not fool-proof because it is not entirely supernatural. She will instead befriend a person, and then try to manipulate their lives however she can until she ruins them entirely.

Foxfire - By rubbing her tails together, she can create modest amounts of fire and lightning, which she can then manipulate and use to deal magical damage or whatever else she pleases. She cannot create a whole lot of either element at once, but she can focus the energy and deal quite a bit of damage if the circumstances serve her well. She can also create temporary elemental barriers with this. Obviously, she cannot do this in her human form.

Earth summon - In her fox form only, Hakujoumi can magically encourage plants to grow. This is a fairly weak power and she doesn't use it anymore; originally it was a power she used to help mortals grow crops.

Invisibility - In darkness, including night and very dark, shadowy areas, she can disappear entirely. She is very dangerous at night for this reason if battling, because she is still able to deal physical and magical damage. This does not work on believers of Inari, nor will it ever work in well-lit areas no matter the time of day.

Illusions - While Hakujoumi cannot bend space and time very well, she can still create small areas and therefore project illusions to mortals. The area she creates is quite small; no larger than a small room in an average house. This is a fabrication of reality but to the unaware, it is very convincing. Inside the illusion she can create false characters, animals, situations, settings, etc. She cannot harm an individual while supporting this illusion or use any other magic, as it requires her full attention and artistry. If the viewer of the illusion leaves the area, it collapses. An illusion will also collapse if Hakujoumi is disturbed while creating it or if an Inari believer touches the illusion "wall".

Immortality - True kitsunes are immortal. However, they can be killed. Hakujoumi has three lives; one for every tail. Every time she is killed, she loses one tail, and if she is killed while only possessing one tail, she will not rise.

Wisdom - One hundred and thirty years of life experience is quite a lot, really. Although fifty years of Hakujoumi's life was spent in a fox form, she has been manipulating people for her entire life and has constantly been in their presence. She is wise, and possesses a keen sense of understanding about many things. She is still, however, very rash and often doesn't follow her own wisdom.

Not bound by Inari - Though kitsunes are usually messengers of Inari, nogitsunes are not bound by this. Hakujoumi doesn't have to do anything Inari tells her to do, and in fact has a deep-seated hatred for the God and seeks to destroy the faith whenever possible.

Fox speak - As she was born of two kitsunes and has lived much of her life as a fox and amongst foxes, Hakujoumi can communicate in fox "language".

Magic resistence - She is resistent to many types of magic, although she is not unaffected by them.

Creative mind - Hakujoumi takes great pride in her illusions, which are so detailed that they are often indistinguishable from the real world. She is also secretly able to play the ocarina exceptionally well, and can compose music.

Literate - She can read and write, though her script is quite poor.

Dog phobia - Most kitsunes possess a fear of dogs, especially hounds and other types of hunting dog. If a threatening dog is near enough, Hakujoumi will abandon her form and shift to a fox or half-fox and flee.

Physically weak - No matter what form she is in, Hakujoumi is physically quite weak. She will likely never be able to handle a weapon larger than a knife, nor wear any sort of armor. Her physical attacks are only damaging in her half-fox form, and she only tends to have the upper edge due to her speed. If she is hit hard physically, she may be forced to flee as she does not possess any healing abilities. When she shifts, she is also weak to whatever her image is weak to. For instance, if she took the form of a shrub she could easily be harmed by fire. If for whatever reason her magic is disrupted, Hakujoumi would be extremely vulnerable, as nearly all of her abilities and strengths are based on it.

Secret name - There is a reason why Hakujoumi never tells anyone her true name. Her name is sacred to her and she would be compromised if she were to tell it. She could even be forced to obey orders of a person who knew her real name.

Closet romantic - Despite her using sex as a tool to cause mischeif, ruin (sometimes end) lives, and create animosity between mortals, Hakujoumi is a firm believer of love. Like many kitsunes, she is overcome by an eventual want to pair with a mate and raise a family. However she is also extremely guarded in this area, and it is unlikely she will allow anyone to ever get close enough to see such a soft, romantic side of her. She is also very lonely, as her kind are not meant to be loners.

Short temper - Kitsunes tend to be rash, vengeful, angry spirits. Hakujoumi is certainly no exception. She is upset very easily and it is impossible to win an argument with her because of her horrid stubborness. She also tends to have a severe lack of judgment when she is upset.

Children - Hakujoumi does not like hurting children and will go out of her way not to do it, which often distracts her from her present goal and can potentially save someone.

Paper - She has a weird aversion to paper. She will often open books with oversized, protective gloves on, and has been known to squeal when balls of paper are thrown at her.

Bound to promises - If Hakujoumi makes a promise, she cannot break it. It is part of her code and she is bound to it so deeply that if she cannot keep a promise, she may kill herself. If someone breaks a promise of hers, they become a lifelong enemy instantly and she will probably try to kill them.

Inari faith - People who believe in, pray to, worship, or otherwise serve Inari can see through nogitsune illusions and it tends to be much more difficult to bewitch them. Unlike myobu (Inari kitsunes), she can still harm Inari believers. She cannot go near Inari shrines.

Malevolent & narcissitic - Nogitsunes are malevolent, angry, cruel, cold-hearted members of their race that tend to lack the moral codes that myobu possess. Rather than attempting to help mortals (kitsunes often fail in helping anyway), Hakujoumi tries to destroy their lives and tear apart their social equilibrium. She takes great pleasure in mortal suffering and will contrive lengthy, energy-exhausting plans to tear apart their families and communities. She also will take the occasional joy in seducing and killing men, as well as manipulating and convincing young women to also become man-eaters (though less literally) and finding other ways to toy with mortal lives. Hakujoumi is also rather in love with herself, seeing herself as the image of perfection and all-powerful. She often goes by the names of different Goddesses because of this, and will sometimes even shift her human form to look more like depictions of these Goddesses. She does not tolerate criticism or sarcasm very well. She also overestimates her own power and has more than once almost been killed because of it.

Memories - Hakujoumi does not like to remember most of her past, and anything that reminds her of its darker parts can set her off. She is emotional and often her sadness is conveyed through rage.

Fox shadows - No matter what form she is in, her shadow is always that of a fox. For this reason she does not often go out when the sun is lower in the sky because her true form is easily guessed. Her reflection also appears as a fox in mirrors and very clear water, but not all reflective surfaces (due to its natural distortion, she will still appear as her shifted/fabricated form in the reflection of a glass or window).

Chapter 1 Vastitas
Rare and sacred was the family, created by the pairing of Misakikaen and Oomizu. Misakikaen had one tail and brilliant fox-orange fur, and he was good and held justice above all other ideals. Oomizu had white fur, and had long been in the god Inari's good books. For her good deeds she had earned five tails, and had lived long enough to be the most powerful creature within a twenty mile radius. It was passion and love that had paired the two foxes together, and it was these two great powers that brought Hakujoumi, her brothers Raiko and Kageku, and her sister Natsu into the world.

Oomizu always found it important to teach her kits of mortals. The lessons began as soon as each kit showed signs of their inner power and intelligence. Despite their inability to speak in the complicated tongues of man, they were taught Eyropan by their mother. She showed them the importance of honesty, harmony, love, and blessings in the lives of mortals, and taught them how to master their individual arts well. Each kit was able to call the earth at least somewhat by the time they were around five years of age. The family lost Raiko to a golden eagle, but the rest of the kits were lucky. Often for lessons they would follow their mother into farmland and encourage the crops to grow. They spent many days watching the activities and mannerisms of simple mortals.

Despite the seemingly good and just nature of Oomizu and Misakikaen, both kitsunes were as deceptive as most others. And, despite their love for each other, both were often found within the farming village disguised as humans or elves. Oomizu in particular took great pride in her ability to shapeshift into a very attractive woman, and would often seduce married men just to prove that she was able to. Several marriages were ended and many lives damaged because of the kitsunes' "playful" actions.

The good and the bad seemed to halt at once when a dreadful accident befell the family. It was early morning on a dew-rich, autumn day. Misakikaen was away from his family, meditating before an Inari shrine in the form of a fox. It was an unfortunate set of misunderstandings that caused his death. No fox is a match for a well-aimed arrow. The hunter who made this mistake was new in the community, made his living off of fur trapping and hunting, did not understand the nature of a kitsune, did not believe in Inari, and did not understand his mistake until it was too late.

There are a lot of things that one should never do in Pal Tahrenor. The one noted here is, of course, to never piss off a powerful kitsune. With her passionate love affair abruptly ended, her mate slaughtered and skinned, his death unjustly ignored, Oomizu immediately became vengeful. Despite Inari's several warnings, the widowed mother felt that her family had been unfairly targeted and that Misakikaen's death had been a corruption of normally good-natured mortals. She sought a way to "uncorrupt" their minds and believed that they were being used as tools by either some higher power or a nonexistent force. Her visits to the community in her human disguise became so common that she was often away from her adolescent children for days, even weeks at a time. Rather than simply seducing mortals for fun, Oomizu began a more dangerous way of living among them by marrying a human and taking on the task of educating the village's children. Her kits became increasingly worried for her safety, as well as her sanity.

The three kits began to follow their mother into more populated areas. Being unable to transform and appearing as simple foxes, this made them particularly vulnerable. It was Natsu, the white-coated sister who fell victim as a result of this new behavior. The increasing number of hunters steadily, albeit slowly, arriving in the village also increased the number of hounds. The slower, slightly less nasty herding dogs were generally easy to outrun, but the hound dogs were specialized. Natsu's death was grim and untimely, snapping the fraying threads of Oomizu's sanity at last.

Though not well known to be a brilliant illusionist, Oomizu quickly became known as the "dream weaver" due to the realization of her true power at this time. The hunter who had killed Misakikaen also had a son, who had raised the dog that killed Natsu. Their family was targeted by an angry mother kitsune. Over the course of several months, Oomizu developed within the town a large illusion. In this dream, she projected foul images of plague, disease, and death, terrifying many of the villagers and convincing them that their village had become cursed. She would often project phantoms of beloved, dead family members, who would tell their families that they were the ones who had caused the death. Psychological trickery was Oomizu's weapon of choice. Steadily the dreams progressed from the hunter's family to the entire village, effectively turning it inside out socially.

Hakujoumi and Kageku too were angry about the death of their father and sister, but neither understood the concept of Oomizu's wrath. They went into town and tried many times to convince their mother to stop, for Inari would not approve of such actions and the mortals would be turned against the God and the entire race of kitsunes.

As expected, Oomizu did not listen. Fueled by her anger, she manipulated the dream sequences and the illusions projected to the villagers. The hunter's wife became ill due to the effects of the illusion, so convinced was she that she was diseased that her mind essentially made her physically sick, like the opposite of a placebo effect. This caused the hunter to kill his own wife, convinced that she was in such great suffering and pain that such was necessary, not helped by Oomizu's fake sounds of the wife screaming and crying, begging him to end her life. The son of the hunter believed that the illness of his mother had been caused directly by his father, perhaps because of Oomizu's projections of the father feeding her toxins every morning (in actuality it had been medicine). The son became so enraged that he fought with and killed his father.

Amazed and in awe of her own handiwork and obvious ability, Oomizu became power-high. She had transformed from a good-natured, pure of heart kitsune to a vengeful nogitsune who would never be satisfied of the pain and suffering she had caused. The son committed suicide after Oomizu purposely ended his illusions and revealed the truth to him, ashamed of his own actions and "inability" to defend himself from the nogitsune's torments. Oomizu began extending her power to even the children of the village, manipulating their perception of reality and convincing them to do foul, terrible things. One child beat a young hound dog to death and decapitated it, believing that he was simply making bread with his mother. A dark cloud fell over the village, for no one had the mindpower or strength to fend off this threat. In fact, none were aware of the threat's source, convinced that demons had invaded the village and possessed its peoples.

It was her two children who decided to take matters into their own hands (paws, at the time). Unable to bring back their sweet-tempered mother, Hakujoumi began practicing her own new-found illusionist skills, using magic to bend the perception of reality weakly. At this stage she was able to create false voices inside minds, which she used to try to make the villagers aware of the nogitsune threat. Kageku did not possess the skill of his sister, but he still attempted to help convince the townspeople by manipulating far more simplistic things like the reflections of villagers, illusioning ghosts invading their brains and such dream-like occurences.

At last the villagers were awakened to the threat and rallied against Oomizu, entering a classic stage of naive "torch and pitchforks" gatherings. In her home, they hunted down the five-tailed nogitsune and shone fire in her eyes to reveal her shadow. Newly enlightened, they found their strength in numbers as Oomizu's shocked family fled from her. Hakujoumi stood with the villagers, convinced that her mother was beyond help. Kageku, however, stood with his mother, using his far more practiced earth summoning powers to attempt to cover Oomizu in battle. Oomizu, furious, hurt many villagers with violent strikes of lightning and created a fiery mess. The Inari-believing townspeople and even nonbelievers stood together to try to banish the creature forever.

A well-aimed arrow strike from a skilled huntress was the first taste of death that the nogitsune received. A once well-earned, brilliantly white tail was taken from her. When she awoke the next morning as a fox, Oomizu was caged with wrought-iron, magic-imbued bars, much to the disdain and sadness of Kageku. The four-tailed creature was forced away from the town, and her whereabouts were thus unknown by Hakujoumi.

Chapter 2 Societas
With the dangerous threat of Oomizu gone and rid of for good, a feeling of rebuilding and of new peace rested over the community. Kageku and Hakujoumi eventually came to terms with one another and decided that each had done what they had thought was the right thing. The family of kitsunes had diminished to the two siblings, who decided to use their mother's old teachings to the best of their ability. They began doing what they could to help the community, despite only being foxes. Kageku used his earth summoning abilities to encourage the growth of crops, while Hakujoumi tried her best to help with this. She would also wander into town and play with the village children. If a child was lost in the wood, which happened occasionally, she was the one to bring them back.

Despite the interest in fur-trapping, the townspeople became so used to the presence of the two foxes, noticing their goodness, that foxes were deemed unlawful to hunt. The combination of good deeds and the banishment of Oomizu was what earned the siblings both a second tail, a blessing from Inari. In their youth the kitsunes also had a generous amount of naivety, beleiving that the hearts of most mortals were either good, or simply needed their guidance. The siblings were known to do many things that encouraged what they considered "goodness" in people. This is around the period when Hakujoumi began to practice much more with illusions, creating "happy" illusions for people (which often took the form of very strange sexual dreams, because she found this particularly amusing). The more she practiced with this, the stronger, more stable, and more intricate her illusions became.

Kitsunes naturally tend to be tricksters, and though Hakujoumi and Kageku believed they were always doing what was best for the people around them, they were also prone to tease mortals with weird illusions. They would play tricks on people often, things that they called practical jokes that often ended in property damage and the occasional dead dog. Once the siblings learned that two tails granted them the ability to create foxfire (in very tiny amounts), the jokes became a little bit more serious. One woman's house burned down because Kageku was unable to summon enough water to put out his sister's fire.

Though the two kitsunes had a fair amount of fun, their lives weren't devoid of real connections with the townspeople. A little girl, no older than four, met Hakujoumi in the garden once while the fox was busy playing with a frog. The girl was called Mila. Her parents soon became used to seeing the little girl play with the two-tailed fox almost every day. They would play games of tag, chasing one another around the garden, and sometimes the kitsune would project playful illusions, telling stories to the girl through them using talking animals as characters. Mila's mother sewed her daughter a little kitsune doll with nine tails, the perfect image of the family's friend, aside from the number of tails.

As servants and messengers of Inari, the kitsunes helped over the years in the creation of new Inari shrines, sparking new belief in the God through their illusions and by learning to speak to the townspeople by projecting voices. During this time the siblings lived with a "clan" of foxes, which mostly consisted of juvenile red foxes. Because of the ban on fox hunting and trapping, the population of red foxes was allowed to heal and steadily rise until stable. Foxes became common sights in and around the village, and seeing one was considered very good luck.

Trouble arose when a new human moved to the village. The man's name was Trilerahn, and he believed in having fun at the expense of others. He was a charmer, a man who was able to get young adult girls to swoon for him. He often was courting five to ten women at any one time, sleeping around while still getting them to believe that he was exclusive to them. This, obviously, caused a serious amount of tension between people when discovered. It became much more of a problem when girls started to go missing, girls that had been otherwise happy and often the women who had denied Trilerahn in the bedroom. Unsurprisingly, the townspeople grew angry at this.

But, Trilerahn was also a man who was determined not to let this phase him. So, when approached by a few angry fathers of missing girls, Trilerahn was able to convince the men, and many others, that it was the kitsunes who had done this. He spoke of kitsune lore, saying correctly that a kitsune could take the form of a human. The townspeople who were old enough to remember Oomizu suddenly became paranoid, and were convinced that it was their trusted Kageku behind the disappearances of the women. The townspeople did not recognize that neither Hakujoumi nor her brother were old enough to take a different form.

After two of the women's bodies were discovered in a nearby river, the townspeople grew so angry that they hunted down and attacked Kageku. That night, despite Hakujoumi's attempts to save him, her brother lost a tail. She dragged him away so he could not be harmed during his recovery. The sudden lack of trust in her and her brother angered Hakujoumi, but she took no action apart from trying to sort out the truth with the townspeople. Unfortunately, Tilerahn had won the trust instead and Hakujoumi's voices and illusions were unable to convince the people that her brother had not committed a crime.

A week later, in a sacred Inari shrine that Kageku had helped to build, a young man who had been courting one of the dead girls before she was killed found the fox there. Kageku tried to explain as the man cornered him, but it was no use. The kitsune was killed in a fit of anguish and misunderstanding, leaving his sister behind full of rage and hatred.

Chapter 3 Violotio
At age fifty, Hakujoumi discovered the new art of shapeshifting. By focusing her magic, she found that she was able to take the form of a half-fox, a kitsune not unlike the illustrations she had been taught of by her mother. Not long after, she discovered that she could also take a human form and manipulate this form somewhat to her will. This additional power took quite a bit of practice and training to perfect, and it would be years before she could do it without slipping up occasionally.

Hakujoumi used her new power to begin stalking the man who had killed Kageku, as foxes were no longer tolerated when they were seen in town. The ban on fox hunting lifted after Kageku's death. This change of heart from the villagers did nothing to keep an angry Hakujoumi from pursuing her brother's killer. She found the young man and used her better illusionist skills to begin projecting images to him. She did this for weeks on end, showing him disturbing images of young children being slaughtered in Inari shrines and repeating voices over and over in his head.

After the fourth week of doing this, the man went insane and committed suicide. Now that her brother had been avenged, Hakujoumi planned to return to helping the mortals.

But the town was slowly degenerating. New people coming to the village had made it increase in population. The crime rates increased as shady individuals lurked in the fibers of the community, creating gangs and organized crime. Drugs began to surface as well, a new concept that Hakujoumi had never seen before. Dog fighting also became a common practice relatively quickly, and though the kitsune had never been fond of dogs, she recognized the practice as cruel. Though the crimes were a far cry from larger, fouler towns, the sudden shift in the community's climate gave Hakujoumi a newer, far more cynical few of mortals. She tried to manipulate them into stopping their crime, but rarely succeeded.

She became a reasonably common sight within town. Often, men would try to court her and she would either refuse, or occasionally have sex with them in order to manipulate them. This new tool, sex, was one she used rarely at this stage, as she still hoped to find some charming individual to settle down with. The town as a whole began to make a gradual change from a farming majority to a fur trapping industry. Some animals were even caught and attempted to be bred in order to make money from furs. Foxes were among these caged creatures. Fur trapping and hunting became so common and so out of control despite Hakujoumi's many warnings and attempts to stop them that she began threatening people with their own weapons, despite not being able to handle them.

The clan of foxes that Hakujoumi and her brother had lived with was a group that she often visited whenever she was in the woods. It was an unfortunate, red day that the kitsune called and barked for them, her friends, and they did not come. A foul scent was in the air. It was a smell of fear, blood, fire, and flesh. Her friends would not come to her that day. Instead, she would come to them. She would find them, and a hundred others like them, skinned and stacked one upon the other. Together their lifeless, furless bodies created a spectacular, ugly, terrible bonfire, one that enraged and never even touched the brilliancy of the anger festering in the kitsune's heart. A fell cry hit the air, unheard by all but the sympathizing trees around her, the voice of this treachery.

Someone tried to shoot her that day. She was the last fox in the area, so heavily hunted were her kind. A new power, her invisibility, saved her. She was lucky. She was angry.

Enraged at this horrible desecration, Hakujoumi abandoned the idea of having a woodland home. She adopted her human form as a sort of default, and rather than going into town often and then returning to the woods, she found herself a living space within the town itself. By doing this, she hoped to mesh herself within the community well enough to eventually get them back for what they had done. She used her closeness to the mortals to seduce them and once more, project disturbing illusions to them, hoping against hope that these dream sequences would make people realize what a terrible crime had been committed. She earned her way to live by convincing people to give her money, and also learning to wait tables in a small, local kitchen.

She met a man called Arukin, a scholarly, handsome person who had come to the town because he had heard about the declining animal populations. He was soft-hearted, charming, and easy for a woman like her to fall for. Though she remained mistrustful of him because he was mortal, Hakujoumi quickly befriended Arukin after discovering his passion of protecting animals that had no business being hunted. He was intelligent and spoke with an air of youthful wisdom. It was the first time the kitsune was completely smitten, perhaps solely because of his flowery ideals.

Their friendship became close. They spent time together and eventually Arukin began teaching Hakujoumi how to read and write, which she did not pick up very quickly. Over the course of a handful of months, the kitsune learned how to read and write Eyropan. With the lessons, her knowledge increased as well as the growing bond between the two. The two soon after began a sexual relationship.

Together they began trying to give the woods a voice, teaching to the townspeople the importance of life. They often targeted children with their efforts, telling stories with morals that suggested making it a priority to preserve life and respect nature. Soon, other people joined them and some townspeople began to shift their ideals of life to a more environmental, naturalist approach. Still, the majority easily trumped the growing interest, but the small group kept at it.

The efforts seemed to be making a positive difference in the community mindset, but when Arukin suddenly fell into money troubles, things slowed to a halt. As if ashamed of himself, Arukin refused to tell Hakujoumi what the issue was, and stood quietly and obviously in pain as he was forced to give nearly all of his valuable belongings away. Eventually he was forced to abandon his home and join Hakujoumi in hers. Hakujoumi began to assist him financially until she realized that his money trouble was due to bartering with a large criminal organization. Arukin was in terrible danger for borrowing too much money from the wrong people, and his kitsune girlfriend wasn't going to let evil come to him. When two assassins came to kill Arukin, Hakujoumi created an illusion to fake his death and convince the two men that they had murdered him, thus saving his life. She confessed her love to Arukin, and the feeling seemed to be reciprocated.

The next day, however, she discovered a strange woman in her home with the man she had fallen for. Enraged at this treachery, she used her half fox form to violently kill Arukin. After this she skinned his body and left his corpse in the center of the village, burning, just as the humans commonly did to foxes in the wood. Arukin was the first human she ever killed directly. After his death, the woman who had been sleeping with him began to spread rumors about Hakujoumi being a terrible witch. Although some elders in the village were on edge because of Oomizu's and Kageku's memory, most had forgotten the dangers of 'demonic foxes.' Hakujoumi spent less time wandering around the village in human form and more time practicing with her talents. Invisibility was a very useful thing.

Fur trappers and hunters began to disappear one by one, always men who had killed animals not meant for food and a few women. The disappearances kept the town on edge, but nobody suspected the red-haired beauty. Then, a few months later, a small hut made of cedar logs was found with a dozen human skins hanging on the walls. The villagers became terrified of this new threat and were on the lookout for a witch of some kind, but Hakujoumi was never suspected.

The group of individuals rallied by Arukin and Hakujoumi had declined in number, but was still trying to voice their opinions. A man named Xurien joined the group and became an influential member, often moving to teach the children values of nature. He was fond of the natural world and although he was a hunter, he only hunted what he required to sustain himself. Hakujoumi began attending meetings with the nature-lovers again and discovered Xurien. She became careless. Though she was over seventy years old, she had a remarkably weak heart. She seduced her new crush, hoping to satisfy her own needs, but the encounter merely caught Xurien's interest. The two began a serious relationship without meaning to, and Hakujoumi fell head over heels for her new lover quickly.

After a pointless fight regarding Hakujoumi's hair color, Xurien's angry girlfriend decided it would be fun to play a bit of a trick on her new lover. Her illusions were strengthening in both size and elegance as the kitsune learned how to master her talent, paying attention to subtle details like an artist chooses paint. In her illusion, Hakujoumi tricked Xurien into believing that he had murdered his sister by strangling her during a fight. His real sister happened to be away at the time, and after the illusion was complete, Xurien fell into deep despair, much to the amusement of his now ex-girlfriend.

Making people believe that they have murdered one of the only important people to them is kind of a bad idea. This was something Hakujoumi had to learn the hard way after her would-be lover went completely batshit insane over the belief that his sister had died by his hands. After multiple attempts to kill himself (with Hakujoumi stopping him two of those times), Xurien gave up on trying to hurt himself and started targeting other people. Four young girls the age of his sister went missing and were found dead in the nearby river days later, all of them strangled to death. Due to her carelessness, plus the unfortunate witness who had seen Hakujoumi transform into a fox, the townspeople finally realized that all of this violence including the recent murders were because of her.

Despite her attempts to console the villagers, they banded together in an attempt to kill her. In a fit of rage not unlike her mother, Hakujoumi fled and in the middle of the night, she used her magic to set the town on fire. Most of the village fell victim to the flames, although many families escaped. Over two dozen died in the horrible blaze; it marked the end of Hakujoumi's time there. She packed up and moved on to seek a new purpose in life.

Chapter 4 Redemptio
For the next few years, Hakujoumi abandoned her human form and lived in the woods far from the touch of mortals. She began to lose touch with reality after not having contact with anybody except her fox friends, and developed a severe hatred toward humans after mulling over everything in her head that they had done. This hatred would last a lifetime. She moved around a bit in the wood, and eventually found her way to a community of wood elves.

The community called themselves the "True Race," and believed that they were a special race of elves that had been the first and only on Pal Tahrenor. They believed that all other races stemmed from theirs, and that they were capable of the greatest magic. Hakujoumi began spying on them in her fox form, learning that they were in fact regular wood elves who simply had a collectively ethnocentric mindset. She was discovered by the wood elves. The community of elves had ancient bloodlines and had made so sure to keep their blood pure that it resulted in a lot of inbreeding and thus a lot of magical ability, so their belief that their magic was somehow better than everyone else's was not entirely unfounded.

After her discovery, the kitsune was referred to the high priest since the family didn't know what to do about her. The elves could sense that she was a magical creature, even without the help of her second tail. The high priest, for this reason, decided to allow her to adopt a True Race appearance and live amongst its people. She did, and this was also how she discovered that immortals had the ability to see her true form. Even in her True Race skin, the immortal high priest could see right through to her half-fox form if he wanted to.

The priest's attractive young son, Helibrion, immediately took an interest in the kitsune woman. After she had been staying in the community in the home of the priest and his son, Helibrion gifted her with a beautifully crafted, green ocarina, decorated with True Race runes and with a fox painted on its front. Despite his kindness, Hakujoumi was careful not to grow fond of the man because he was courting another girl. Still, even though he and the girl would spend a lot of time together, Helibrion would often try to charm Hakujoumi. She decided that it would be a good idea to test him in order to discover if the True Race was really any different from other mortals.

She began making moves on Helibrion's father, the high priest, as he was supposedly forbidden from sex. Even though her charms are not supposed to work on immortals (the priest had acheived this through magic), the priest was easily seduced. She enticed him without a thought and began a falsely passionate love affair with him. She then "accidentally" allowed Helibrion to stumble upon them one day and discover the affair, who became very angry. Helibrion made the mistake of complaining to his girlfriend, and thus everybody became enraged at Hakujoumi for ruining their perfect little dynamic. This confirmed to the kitsune that the "True Race" was in fact bullshit and she made plans to leave.

Before she was able to go, Helibrion cornered her in the house and tried to rape her. She did not hold back her powers and subdued him with an elemental barrier, then used her claws and teeth to violently slaughter him. The discovery of his remains prompted the community of elves to band together with powerful, violent magic, forcing her out of the community. They erected a very large magical barrier to prevent her from ever returning, and to keep out everyone else.

After being banished from the True Race community, Hakujoumi adopted a new human appearance slightly different from her old, and moved to a small town nearby where magic was a common practice. The town was fairly large, and had two schools devoted to mage arts and also included alchemy. It was a place a bit off the radar, and a place where many young people travelled to in order to learn magics for their own selfish wants and desires. It was also a safe haven for many types of creatures from the astral plane, and is the only area Hakujoumi has ever seen a live, tame dragon.

Here she met a group of young, powerful mages plus an alchemist, all sharing the same desire: to be powerful. Hakujoumi weaseled her way into the group through subtle manipulation, befriending the group of five and showing them that she, too, could create powerful magic through foxfire and illusions. They came to respect her and her ideas, but they were never granted the opportunity to view her true form or guess what she was.

Hakujoumi took a particular interest in one of the women in the group, who called herself Jema. Jema was weak-willed, but because of her gender and seemingly strong self, she acted as a, unnoficial leader of the group. Hakujoumi seduced Jema and afterward convinced her to manipulate the others into helping her with a special task, the reason why she had befriended them to begin with. Still angry with the ethnocentric wood elves, she hatched a plan to use her magician friends to get back at the community for banishing her, and to show them that they were no more special than any other elves.

With the group, the kitsune led the way to the True Race community and had the mages and alchemist assist her in disabling the magical barrier around it. With the combined power, the forcefield was torn down. Hakujoumi's newest lover created a new forcefield that would prevent any and all escape, under the kitsune's dangerous spell.

With the help of the others, Hakujoumi created a large, horrible thunderstorm and set the community ablaze. Her magic enhanced by the help of the group, the wood elves became cornered and stood no chance against the additional power. The kitsune could only grin with the satisfaction of revenge as the community she had once been apart of burned. Their screams were forever burned into her memory; none escaped the disaster.

After the event, one of the mages, called Rafael, greatly regretted what they had done. Surveying the remnants of the once bustling community and looking at the destruction, he expressed feeling terrible able the ordeal and torture to Hakujoumi. She felt a strange sense of envy for him, as she found herself unable to really care about the lives she had worked so hard to destroy. She had a lot of difficulty trying to explain this to Rafael, and was very much caught off guard when he announced to her that he had loved her since they had first met.

He told her that he had been severely wounded by her denial of any feelings toward him and her sexual encounters with Jema, and suddenly she found herself stuck in a situation where she found that he was right. What she had done was beyond sinful. It was the first time she ever felt regret for hurting another person.

Chapter 5 Stultitia
Hakujoumi tried to distance herself from Rafael, afraid of becoming attached to someone again. The group of mages and the alchemist broke apart and went their separate ways after several disagreements about what had happened to the wood elves. With them gone, Rafael pursued the kitsune and she eventually succumbed to his will. She fell hard for him despite all of the warnings in her heart, and decided that it was worth the risk to be with him.

Rafael made her want to be a better person. Her sudden change of heart had seemingly ended her will to do terrible and evil things. For so long she had spent much of her time seducing and slaughtering men and women who fell for her foul trickery. She had spent her time being angry and rageful toward the people who had hurt her, trying to fix society by destroying what she considered its darker parts, and by tearing apart "corruption." At least, she found peace, and once more began trying to better her ways and do good by the people, returning to Inari faith.

Rafael and the kitsune built a house together and lived by the sea. It was the last time Hakujoumi would ever know peace. The sea was a beautiful place, and it was a place where the kitsune discovered she was truly happiest. The pair lived a simple life for a while and then Hakujoumi revealed her true form to the man she loved, not knowing what to expect. He took this well, and the kitsune decided to give her body to him to give them a child. This sacrafice was what helped earn her third tail, which she received as a gift from Inari after the pair created a shrine outside their home.

Unfortunately, happiness for Hakujoumi has never been meant to last. A terrible storm came, caused by the sudden disruption of the oceans and anger of some malevolent water demons. While pregnant, Hakujoumi bravely defended the home and tried to ward away the demons with her magic, with Rafael struggling to help her. Rafael was subdued by one of the demons and the kitsune ultimately lost the battle. The home was destroyed and the stress of the battle, along with some violent torture from the water demons, forced her to have a miscarriage. After she lost the child, Rafael suddenly turned into a completely different individual reminiscent of the man who had helped tear apart the True Race community.

After he tried to do battle with the already weakened Hakujoumi, she subdued him after shifting into her half-fox form. She could have easily killed him then, but could bring herself to do it, so great was her love for him. She let Rafael go, and he ran as far as he could without looking back.

Believing that the unfortunate set of events was due to Inari's "obvious" hatred toward her specifically, Hakujoumi flew into a terrible fit of rage. She blamed all of her misfortunes on Inari alone and renounced her faith, tearing down the shrine she had built. She vowed to destroy faith in the God whenever she could, and thus turned completely into the demonistic nogitsune so many know. Abandoning her home, she began trying to use mortals to destroy various Inari shrines whenever she found them, but her plans usually backfired. She found herself unable to get near the shrines and then realized her illusions and manipulations would not work on believers of Inari.

There was one time in particular where Hakujoumi should have backed down and didn't out of foolishness. Using her powers of manipulation, she often had lackeys to do her bidding, strong and powerful men and women alike who she could order around like slaves. She sent them to destroy an Inari shrine, but all of them were defeated easily because of a group of Inari kitsunes defending the sacred place. Without any sort of thought, Hakujoumi overestimated her own power and tried to do battle with those of her own race, but instead she nearly died. The myobu spared the three-tailed kitsune out of pity and goodness, leaving her on the edge of a forest to nurse her wounds and pride.

They left her on the edge of death because it was what she deserved. Hakujoumi did receive a lucky break though. A young girl not entirely different from a child she had once known so long ago found her, appearing as a three-tailed, wounded fox. The girl was named Kita. She took the strange creature, knowing that it was in need of serious help, and carried Hakujoumi home to her family of three others.

Kita lived with her aunt, uncle, and older cousin in a small home outside of a nearby village. Her parents had been killed by a band of werewolves. She brought the three-tailed fox to her elvish aunt, who recognized immediately what Hakujoumi really was. Still, using special medicines, the elf healed the kitsune in the hopes that Hakujoumi had a good heart. Once her health was restored, the fox lived with the family of four as a pet of sorts for some time. The others in the family didn't know what she really was, and she kept it that way easily, though grew increasingly restless. Because of her attachment to Kita, she did not feel she could abandon them.

While she was staying with the family, Hakujoumi began to believe that the uncle was abusing Kita because of harsh nature. Despite his common yelling, the uncle was innocent of whatever the kitsune thought he was doing, but that didn't save the family from Hakujoumi's dangers. By creating an illusion, Hakujoumi tried to force the aunt to kill her own husband and thus rid Kita of the alleged abuse. Her attempt failed after the aunt broke the illusion, and the event caused severe tension. The aunt became all too aware of what Hakujoumi was doing, and tried to banish the fox, but before she could, the nogitsune successfully manipulated her into killing someone.

By accident, Kita had been murdered. Afterward, her aunt grew mentally unstable and insane, and Hakujoumi was ashamed of what had happened to the little girl. The uncle fell into a terrible despair that he never recovered from, and left his elvish wife to rot in her own insanity. The cousin, a young man, abandoned his family and fell into a life of crime. With nothing left for her there, the nogitsune moved on with her path of destruction.

Chapter 6 Ultio
With the family behind her, Hakujoumi moved forward, searching for a new place to settle and destroy the lives of mortals around her. She met an old woman who she manipulated into allowing her to join a small group of travellers, made primarily of gypsies and shady entertainers. Hakujoumi began earning bishani through dancing, often suggestively, flaunting her false body for others to get what she wanted.

With the travellers, she entered Thar Shaddin by the trade route. Through seduction, she would often convince men that she was a common whore, take their money, and then kill them. When she had enough money to sustain herself, she abandoned the travellers after turning them against one another, convincing them that they had all been stealing from the other.

She dragged her belongings to the outskirts of Shim and hid them in a tiny hut in an uninhabited area. Setting up shop there, she began seducing and killing more men who travelled along the path some ways from Shim. She quickly grew bored of this mundane existence and easy pickings, and began exploring the nearby farming village of Shim, and the city of Marn.

For now, she keeps her head low.
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