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Name: Ruadha

Age: 36

Race: Human

Height: 5'9

Weight: 175

Physical Description: Slender of build, with not much muscle. His hair is light, shorn close, but uneven and messy. His skin is patchy (almost leopard-spotted with darkened and bleached spots), thick, and leathery in appearance, like crumpled tissue paper stretched over snakeskin. He bathes often so as not to smell himself and become confused in his work. His eyes are colourless and opaque. He does not bind or cover his eyes. The clothes he wears are of undyed wool and linen, and of good make. He does not waste time with mediocre materials, and expects his clothing to function and serve him for long periods of time. There is a sleeve-less linen shirt he wears tucked into wide drawstring linen trousers, and a sleeved woolen robe he may don if he feels a chill.

Possessions: Ruadha is an apothecary and an herbalist. He has a shop in the residential district of Marn, with a walled garden in the rear, and a small apartment over the storefront. This he inherited from his father. It has been a family business for several generations. The business does well, maybe because the housewives of the neighborhood love his cooking herbs and healing simples, and maybe for other reasons. Who can say?
On his person, he carries a cane made from well-seasoned ebony, for making his way about town. As his only weapon, he likes that it's strong, dense, and heavy. He wears a wide belt made from a strange sort of leather, with several pouches. In these pouches are various herbs, powders, and phials of liquid. There is a small sickle-shaped, double-edged knife he wears on a cord-laced chain around his neck, which he uses to prune and harvest plants, as well as to chop small quantities. Always with him he carries, concealed, a magic item. (see Magic)

Powers or Strengths:


A true green thumb. He has an affinity for plants and they appear to share his love for them.

An impeccable memory, intellect, and cunning.

The enhanced senses of smell, hearing, and taste.

Ambition. Not for beautiful things or wealth, but for power and knowledge.


Attract/Repulse -
A form of telekinesis, his "attract" allows him to focus on an object and summon it to either hand. For example, he may sit in a chair on one end of the room, prostrate his arm, and think "Bottle of wine". The bottle on the mantle across the room would then quickly magnetize to his hand. This only works with objects he would physically be capable of lifting and carrying that distance with that hand, and works to a maximum of twenty-five feet for very light items (such as a pouch of herbs, or a scroll), and a maximum of eight feet for heavier items (like a sword). He does not necessarily have to be familliar with the specific object ("leather-bound encyclopaedia of TharShaddin Birds" isn't necessary. "Book" is acceptable), though familiarity does allow him to summon specific objects ("Small phial of dried rosemary", or "The Lady Beth's potions")
The "Repulse" is a defensive maneuver. It allows him to create a "force push" extending 6" away from his body. Thus, a punch to the face would be forced to stop before hitting him, and someone grasping his person would be pushed away. This field must be summoned, takes a lot of energy to maintain for more than a few seconds at a time, and will not stop a piercing weapon. It may slightly reduce damage from a wide blade, such as a broadsword or an axe. It may or may not nullify or reduce damage from a magical attack.

Allows him to draw a circle around the room with a powdered combination of obsidian and crow's bones, and upon speaking the Word of Power, transporting anyone in the circle to a pre-designated location. The current location is a 10 X 10 X 6 foot iron lattice cage in his garden. The cage has an enchanted lock so as not to permit exit to anyone but him.

Deal Pain:
The effect of a minor magic item - a metacarpal bone rumoured to be that of a once-famed Necromancer from Tzalxochitl. When held against an opponent's bare flesh, the bone causes a burning pain. The longer it's held, the greater the pain. No physical damage is done, but the pain will remain as though the area had been scalded with boiling water (up to a couple of days). This is mostly useful as a deterrent to muggers, as no one will be bringing down Dragons or Wyvyrms with this thing.

A complete lack of physical combat skill. Not much dexterity. And he's definitely not the most charismatic individual. He'd much rather pay someone to do what he wants than try to be nice and ask for a favor. Friendship doesn't mean anything to him. He's not particularly fond of people.
River Blindness: (also see History). As a child, he was infected with a parasite. The parasitic disease blinded him and continues to affect his skin - particularly by robbing it of elasticity. He makes and takes a medicine every three years to help slow the reproduction of the parasite, but he knows of no cure. The disease will slowly progress throughout the remainder of his life.


Ruadha's life story is a simple one, with a few unexpected twists. He is the only son of two human Marnian residents. His father's business has been the family business for generations: a small apothecary and herbs shop in the residential sector of Marn. There they have taught and learned, father to son, the practice of herb-lore, and made quite a good living providing simples and remedies to the people. There is some speculation as to whether they are involved in the more unsavory activity of potions-making and magic-trade, but nothing has ever been proven, though the Guard passes through every so often.

He discovered his own magic quite young. Playing with neighborhood friends, their ball became lodged in a high tree. Ruadha lost at casting lots to retrieve it, and began to climb. Being somewhat afraid of heights, and running out of strong limbs on which to balance, Ruadha reached for the ball just too far away, begging the ball to let him grasp it. Suddenly, he realised he was holding it! It wasn't long after that, that during a family picnic near the river that young Ruadha discovered a honeycomb in a fallen limb. The bees didn't much care how grand a treat this was to a young boy, and began to attack. Anxious from many stings, he cried out an willed them all away. The stings stopped. He opened his eyes and saw the angered insects inches away from his body. These small developments sparked the beginning of Ruadha's lifelong goal - the acquisition of magical power.

When Ruadha was young - before his ninth year - Father brought him along to the regions near The Great Sear, to seek a supply of very rare and powerful herbs. Though he learned much during their half-year away, Ruadha was infested with a parasite that flourished in the humid riverbeds, and he soon became blind. His father's skill was able to help slow the progression of the debilitating skin condition that accompanied the parasite, though they know of no way to remove the bug completely.

There was no question as to what would occur - Ruadha would still learn the family trade. It was too important to let pass. He used his growing senses of smell, touch and taste to learn every leaf, every bud, every root, and every seed. In time, he even began to learn the family's "secret business".

(the "Secret Business" is still to be developed. At this time, I can't go into further detail, as it requires possible collaboration with other members.)

Ruadha was 26 when his father succumbed to illness, leaving the business in the hands of his son. Ruadha put his younger sister, the calm and meek Mineveh, to work as his assistant. Her duties are mainly to keep the shop clean and to keep too many people from bothering Ruadha with simple, mundane questions. Their mother is alive, but unwell. Mineveh takes care of her for the most part.

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