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Derin Edala
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Name: Derin
Race: Human


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Player Name: Derin Edala
Name: Derin
Age: 62
Race: Demon
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Physical Description: Derin has the physical body of a 23 year old human female. She looks reasonably strong, although it's hard to tell under her fitted traveller's outfit. She habitually keeps her whole body apart from her hands and face covered in durable if cheap clothing unless it is unusually hot. A silver bracelet, conspicuously valuable compared to the rest of her outfit, adorns her right wrist, usually hidden by her sleeve. Derin's waist-length brown hair is habitually tied back in a tight braid, split and dry as it is. Despite her general modest appearance, she carries herself with confidence and rarely shows signs of fear or friendliness. Her brown eyes are almost always cold, her face giving away little in the way of emotion unless she is particularly irritated.
Possessions: Apart from the usual clothing and supplies every traveller needs, Derin carries a well-maintained knife in her belt. She also conceals a small stash of semi-precious gems in her travelling pack. The silver bracelet that is her most precious possession never leaves her wrist.
Powers or Strengths: Derin has no magic. She does have a very good knowledge of magical theory as practised by demons, but in a world where she can neither use the magical gifts she used to have, nor converse freely with other demons, such knowledge is frustratingly useless. She is reasonably competent at fighting with a knife, able to hold her own in a street fight although not against a professional. She can read and speak several languages.
Weaknesses: For all practical purposes, Derin is physically human. As she is used to being much stronger than a human and having better senses, she has a tendency to overestimate her own abilities. Her largest weakness is her bracelet – if it is removed, her human body will die and she will lie dormant in the bracelet unless and until somebody else is stupid enough to put it on. Derin's interpersonal skills are absolutely terrible and she can rarely tell when others are trying to manipulate her or predict their behaviour.
History: Derin grew up on the astral plane, although she could hardly be said to be “grown up” by the standards of her species. The trouble started nine years ago, when she was forcibly summoned to the material plane to deal with the trivial emotional problems of a foolish self-serving magician named Thadon Sharn. He had fallen in love with a woman and endeavoured to make her return his affections; Derin was yound and inexperienced with dealing with mortals, and as such was unable to stop him from binding her soul to a bracelet he planned to give his love. The plan was simple – Derin would be bound to the wearer of the bracelet and to the bracelet itself, which the magician could use to compell the wearer to obey him.

Unfortunately, the design was not perfect.

During the three years that she had been compelled to play the perfect wife, Derin had often wondered whether the man knew that his so-called love had actually died the moment she put on the bracelet and was now just a flesh puppet for Derin's soul. If so, he never said a word about it in those years before he had the consideration to die, freeing her from his power if not from the item he had created. She had lived a further six months playing the widow, spending her time researching obscure magical lore, before her bracelet was stolen. Derin remembers nothing from the two years between the time the bracelet was pulled from the widow's wrist and when it locked around that of Shana Portman, a 20 year old farmer's wife, but as soon as she was conscious again she wasted no time in stealing everything of value from her house and abandoning her husband and baby son to resume her search for some way to break her link to the bracelet and find a way home. Unfortunately, the non-demonic magical lore she has been trying to study is not only very different to her old way of doing things but frustratingly inconsistent, and despite many initially promising leads she has not yet made any progress. She has come, very reluctantly, to Thar Shaddin, because she believes that the cemetary in Shim may hold answers.
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