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Jenica Sabiny

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The artist who drew this is Nathan A. Lyons. I *wish* I could draw, but sadly, I can't. His stuff's on Elfwood if you want to take a gander.

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Birthday: July 29th
Age: 21 when sired, currently approx. 24 years
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Height: 5'7"

Eye Color: Very dark brown, almost black. The red within varies depending on her mood and the bloodlust she's experiencing.

Hair: Black and short for a woman's, sticking out at odd angles from her head. When she makes the effort and brushes it down, it comes layered to her shoulders.

Clothes and Appearance: The picture is accurate. She is grungy, shows lots of upper skin, and splotched with dirt, soot, and even bits of dried blood. Any creature with a heightened sense of smell would smell a wild predator with the kill still on its breath. She changes her clothing and washes often enough because she likes the water, a maximum of once every two weeks (give or take), and always rips any shirt she's stolen to her standards of barely there.

Personality: Quiet and monotone, with the mental capacity to match. If she's not putting forth effort to think or speak, her thoughts remain in a dull hum she finds soothing. She is not particularly bright or conniving; she does not engage in forethought. She is a creature of impulse, not planning. She won't breathe unless she has to (i.e. to talk), and speaks in staccato sentences/phrases, often not speaking at all as she finds talking laborious and painful.

Jenica does not have developed morals or qualms; she is capable of doing anything, and will do so with little hesitation. The concepts of innocence, morality and justice are lost on her. She does not and will never regret her actions. Her mentality is more similar to an animal's than a human's, and one would do well to treat her as such.

She is hard-pressed to be comfortable with human interaction and does not try to hide her species or justify her actions. She is free of the human concerns and morals which make others hesitate to speak or act in certain ways; she follows her impulses without thought. She will be lewd or vulgar because she finds reactions to this language amusing.

She will accept significant aid only after extreme protest, and will not trust without a fight, either physically or mentally. Once her trust is gained it is permanent. Jenica is loyal to a fault and would fight to the death to defend those she has become loyal to, or do anything such a person asked of her.

History: Sired within the past 5 years by none other than Belatucadrus. She abandoned Bela when given a choice and thus has never had a formal vampiric education or even met another vampire besides herself. She is unaware of (and thus will not act within) normal vampiric customs. A character who has studied vampires beyond the regular myths and legends will know more about her species than she will.

Human History: Upper-class, one of two children. Older brother - bad history there. While many older brothers enjoyed playing pranks on their younger siblings, hers enjoyed teaching her about how cruel the world could be. This abuse continued until she left home.

Her parents were emotionally distant and saw no value in their wayward (and unwanted) daughter, allowing her to be raised through a various stream of tutors. She never had a solid friendship or bond with anyone as a child/young adult and is hard-pressed to form them now without severe resistance.

She left home at 16 because she knew that she would need to find the education she wanted in the slums and seedy areas. She trained under multiple masters with the goal of becoming a mercenary assassin on behalf of justice. Once she reached what she felt to be her prime, she ventured into the business but was quickly disgusted by the type of people who came to her: husbands or wives wanting to kill their spouse, siblings wanting to eliminate the other as competition, people who craved the destruction of innocent loose ends. Exactly the type of people she wanted to kill.

Jaded and unwilling to bend her sense of morality, she wandered until she journeyed to Rashinvale and was discovered by Belatucadrus. She chose to be sired by Bela because of the bond she perceived this would create, along with the enhanced abilities she felt she could use to benefit others. Immediately after he'd reawakened her corpse, her sire buried her in a dirt grave as part of an old tradition. While within the grave she panicked and inhaled enough dirt to permanently damage her vocal chords; speaking will always be painful for her, which is why she speaks so little. Unable to focus beyond the terror she felt enclosed within the earth, she released the monster she could feel roiling within her, and soon after she clawed and punched herself out of the ground.

Her first kill was Bela's ghoul, the very man who dug the grave for her. Her second was a vengeance kill on behalf of a molested and murdered child.

She had allowed herself to be sired predominantly because of the perceived and unbreakable bond this would create with a sire. Instead it only created more distance between herself and her previous race, and she found that she could not tolerate Bela's presence nor the presence of humans.

She encountered a water nymph named Nami with whom she traveled for a while, choosing the nymph over her sire in the course of one night after witnessing his cruelty and learning that he had created her for a purpose, not out of some innate connection. They split after approximately a year and she fended for herself for a few weeks, but soon realized that she needed Nami's personality to help keep her from slipping away. In her search she found the dryad Dide and traveled for several weeks with the odd creature. Dide's accepting personality further helped the vampire ground herself in reality but the dryad vanished within the course of a few months, leaving the vampire alone once more.

Without the aid of semi-human companionship, Jenica turned inward and began fending for herself in whatever ways her instincts drove her to. Any attempts she has made to bond or reach out have failed, including three attempted blood-bonds - to her the strongest type of bond she could form. Now terrified of trying to connect and submitting herself to further rejection, she avoids contact with sentient creatures as much as possible save for feeding and will stubbornly resist attempts to reach her emotionally.

Weapons: Her weapons vary depending on her last kill and how long the latest weapon she's stolen lasts. She hasn't practiced or drilled for over four years now and is rusty on many techniques, but she had training in various fighting skills and retains a warrior's reflexes. The main addition is her use of shadows (which to her are alive and sentient) as a main source of defense, protection, and even attack.


She trained for speed, strength and silence as a human, and so her vampiric powers serve to heighten her already-present skills.

- Extreme speed and strength - In order to be visible as she moves, she makes the conscious effort to slow her movements enough to be seen. While fighting she removes this restraint and will move and hit with full force and speed, making her invisible to the eye with sledgehammer fists. Try not to be hit by her. Jenica does not pull back on a punch or kick without the provocation not to kill. In many ways she is unaware of her strength; she will unintentionally hurt someone or break objects if not paying attention. She has to make an effort to be gentle, and thus her actions can be either feather-light or bone-crushing. There is little middle ground.

- Heightened perception of smell, sight, hearing, etc. - Standard fare. She is able to distinguish smells from miles away carried on the breeze and can track based on scent. She is capable of hearing bare whispers and conversations much further down the road or in an adjacent room.

- Extreme quiet - She has the ability to silence her movements and presence to the mortal ear. She has not fully developed this ability, and so supernatural creatures may still be able to hear her, but a human or elf could not.

- Control over shadows: She will use this often and with great abandon. There are hundreds of small shadows on the human body and she uses them to bore into the skin, slither about, enter eyes and ears and nostrils...however she does not control the shadows in the traditional sense of commanding them. They are sentient to her, and she asks them to join in her games and fun rather than forces them to. The shadows like her and will defend without her input if the situation calls for this. They have voices which speak to her and serve as companions to combat her innate loneliness.

~Mechanical manipulation - As a human Jenica loved tinkering with small mechanical objects, such as clocks and watches. Because of this she has a serviceable knowledge of how innards work within small machines and can manipulate these small pieces using her shadows. She predominantly uses this knowledge to pick locks. This is not a perfect skill as she cannot see the gears she is working; rather, she can "feel" them through the shadows. This process is not immediate; she needs a few minutes to suss out the internal workings before she can manipulate anything. This ability can also be modified to fix broken mechanical objects (such as a watch) to an imperfect degree, though any type of large machinery is beyond her abilities. As an example of something other than locks she could use this for: she was once attacked by a man with guns. She used her shadows to make the guns fall apart in his hands - but this was a stand-off situation which gave her to time needed to feel out the mechanics within the guns.

- Fortitude: Jenica is used to and can handle extreme amounts of duress and pain. She pushes her body to the maximum limit before it gives out on its own. She is capable of taking massive damage without dying. It is possible to inflict an injury which will make the body itself shut down, and she cannot fight this because of the abuse she herself heaps on it. Poisons which rely on distribution through the bloodstream will not work on her unless they are within the victim she is feeding from.

- Knack for new skills: Jenica is a fast learner, picks up on skills very quickly and is a picture-perfect mimic. For example, if you show her a fighting move or use one on her once, she will have already learned it. If you teach her calligraphy she will have beautiful handwriting. Etc. (Without repetition she will forget these skills again).

- Seduction: Jenica does retain the ability to seduce. She cleans up well and will use her body as bait. Nami taught her the artwork behind seducing men into giving in to her will, and Jenica uses this ability consistently - the majority of her victims are male.


- Claustrophobia: Jenica is mind-numbingly claustrophobic. She was as a human, and when her sire buried her 'alive' it cemented this fear. Being enclosed in a small space can and often will cause flashbacks.

- Absolute focus and weak-willed: When Jenica is focused on one thought she is completely vulnerable - her concentration is absolute. She does not possess a stable mentality. She switches between outer and inner contemplation, and while she's inner she's not paying attention to outer. Extreme emotions can disable her mentally for several minutes at a time from shock. She is emotionally fragile and vulnerable, and to counteract this avoids personable contact as much as possible. She was molested consistently as a child and may occasionally display signs of this trauma (i.e. if she is restrained in such a way that she cannot break free she will stop fighting).

- Unpredictable/Careless/Apathetic: She does not form plans or think actions through. She is impulsive and rash. She will act on X-factor impulses; when in a confrontation, if she feels the desire to speak inappropriately or strike out, she lacks the social grace to restrain herself. She is easily bored and will investigate curiousities for the sole purpose of providing herself entertainment.

- Lack of expertise: She does not consciously remember fighting technique or skill. The reflexes may be called upon while defending herself, but her fighting is designed for one purpose: instant knock-out or kill. She can punch through a wall but she cannot wrestle. When backed into a corner she will lash out with claws or feet rather than begin complicated fighting moves.

- Holy items: Blessed objects or holy spells will hurt and damage her severely. A stake in the heart will paralyze but not kill her.

- Blood dependency: Jenica needs blood to fuel her speed, strength, and life. The longer she has gone without blood the weaker she will be, both mentally and physically.

- Sunlight and fire: Though both she and her sire have shown that they're capable of standing within 20 feet of a fire if necessary, she much prefers not to. But this is of serious note: while traveling with Dide and Nami, both daylight forest creatures, she learned the ability to move within and tolerate the daylight shadows. She will never like doing this, and direct sunlight will kill her, but she has a versatility which most vampires have never had to cope with.