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Daily Tattler

Post by Niabi » Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:47 am

Mysterious Disappearances

It has long been thought that the local woods that stand between Shim and our fine city of Marn are haunted. What was once thought to be the simple superstition of the simple-minded or stories to keep the children from wandering away from home may have some bit of truth to them. The Vidara Woods might actually be haunted.

Now before you go and brush this reporter off like a mad man, hear what a few of the locals have to say about the strange disappearances.

"My husband went off 'bout a month ago 'r so, bless his soul but he ain't been back since. He went off in da woods to catch us some rabbit and he ain't come back." A local woman sobbed as she described the disappearance of her husband. Could a monster in the woods have gotten to him or did he did he wander instead to the arms of another woman?

This is not all, there have been other incidences of men who have vanished when on a routine trip through the woods.

"Daddy was going to the market, he was going to buy me a pretty new dolly but he didn't come home." A little girl from Marn spoke of her father. "Mommy got really mad when daddy didn't come back. She cried and cried but he still didn't come. Have you seen my daddy mister?"

Then there were the words of wisdom from an elder man in Shim, to serve as a warning to us all.

"Dim woods sure 'hey be haunted, we all 'hat. 'Hey be monsters in there, big 'erribal monsters. 'hey'll rip 'ur face off and eat 'ur soul before ya know what 'appened ta ya. Watch out, 'hey'll get ya if ya ain't be lookin."

The next stop was that of the guardsmen themselves. Though they refused to give a comment it was said that there was nothing to fear in the woods and that the disappearances would be looked into. All shall rest assured that they will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Lost Girl Found

Early this morning, local plant store owner turned a young girl to the authorities. He claimed to have found her on the doorstep of his shop when he went to open it. Nobody from the area could offer an identification and there was nothing left on her person. The girl was in such a state of shock that she is currently unable to speak or respond to outer stimuli.

The authorities suspect she was victim of robbery, though no obvious marks of assault were present. Due to the lack of injury and her current state of mind, magic is suspected of her assailant. Anybody with information is asked to do their part of good citizen and come forth.
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