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Name: Aura
Race: Human

Aura Thesin

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Name: Aura Thesin (Or-ah Tay-sin)
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: chestnut brown
Eyes: Hazel-green

Physical Description/Personal Possessions: A slim, feminine looking female woman, Aura is attractive only if one enjoys looking at beautiful women. Her chestnut brown hair is held back in a loose tail, held at the nape of her neck with a stretchy band. Hazel-green eyes view the world from behind her mask of cynicism and various jaded views.
Despite her slim appearance, Aura is quite strong. Her arms are slender but toned, muscles standing out as she moves. Her legs also display moderate amounts of muscle, well-toned and also slender.
Aura's clothing tends towards form fitting and tight, but the material allows for ease of movement. Other than a few changes of clothes, some food, a few Bishan, and a small knife belted at her hip, and the pack that holds many of the afore-mentioned items, Aura carries nothing with her but her dignity. Her bearing when she walks speaks of confidence and ability.

Strengths: Aura has some minor martial art ability, taught to her by her mother, who was a former monk. While able to defend herself adequately against general riff-raff, and even some skilled opponents, she would be made short work of by any well-trained foe. She also has some knowledge of herbs, taught to her by her father, a traveling herbalist.
Perhaps the most distinguishing ability Aura has is one that cannot be seen or sensed. For some reason, perhaps because she comes from a dimension that has absolutely no magic, Aura is not affected by magic. This includes spells cast directly at her, targeted to her, or any item that comes in contact with her. However, should magic throw items at her, or create an explosion that would have an area effect, she would still be vulnerable to that.
Magical items will often have their abilities suppressed when they come in contact with Aura, for a period of time determined by the item's magical strength. This can be anywhere from a half hour to a day or two. However, some items will only have their abilities weakened instead of completely suppressed. (Obviously it would also be dependent on the owner's needs/wants.)
Magical creatures, such as Faeries, and to a lesser degree, werewolves and other shifters, would be harmed by even just a touch from Aura. However, the harm would only amount to a minor burn or burning sensation, perhaps increasing to the type of pain felt when one places one's hand on a hot object without realizing exactly how hot it really is.

Weaknesses: Other than the fact that she is a regular human with very little special abilities, Aura's biggest weakness is her lack of trust. Prior events in her life, and finding herself in a strange place, has left her with little but cynicism and a jaded view of people in general. If one were to ask her about relationships, she'd say, "Don't get close to people, because they either die, or leave you anyways, in the end."
Aura does not yet know about her innate resistance to magic. All she knows is that what others consider magic doesn't seem to effect her in the same ways it does others. However, she has been fortunate enough not to have the full powers of a mage directed her way.


Aura was born to Demetrius and Ansa (Ahn-saw) Thesin, in a world that could only be described as on the opposite end of the dimensional scale. Aura grew up where there was no such thing as magic, and, in fact, there wasn't even a mention of magic or special abilities. As a young teen, she was taught some martial art skills by her mother, until her mother was killed in attempting to stop a grocery store robbery. Aura stood by and watched helplessly, fifteen years old and without the confidence in her own abilities to even attempt to help. This was the first blow to her innocence.
During the times when her mother was not teaching her martial arts, Aura was learning herbal lore from her father, and traveling with him to various small towns and villages. Demetrius plied his trade at these towns and villages as an herbal healer, and was well respected and liked. After her mother died, Aura went with him often, but her interest in herbs and learning began to dwindle.
At the age of eighteen, Aura met a young man named Milo (Mee-low). The two fell in love, and another tragedy occurred in Aura's life shortly thereafter.
They were sitting at the edge of a cliff overlooking a lake, at the edge of a forest. The leavings of dinner were laid out before the two, and the sun was beginning to set, running trails of pink, orange and gold fire across the undersides of the few fluffy clouds left in the sky.
Several thugs slipped out of the forest behind them, watching the young couple as they sighed and kissed and watched the day slip slowly away from them. Neither Aura nor Milo noticed for several long moments, and by the time they did, two men were holding each of them. Aura stood still while the men rifled through her pockets and copped the occasional feel, but Milo couldn't stand watching her being treated like that. He struggled until the two men could hardly stop him from breaking their grasp. The oldest thug, the obvious leader, simply stepped forward and stabbed Milo in the gut without a word. Then, with a gesture, he waved at the men who were holding Aura as she strained against their grips, fighting to get to Milo.
The hilt of a knife contacted the base of her skull, and Aura remembered nothing until she woke, her arm draped over a cold, lifeless Milo. Her innocence took another blow, and Aura began wrapping herself in shrouds of bitterness and cynicism to better combat the harshness of her world.
She stopped traveling with her father to the villages and towns, training herself in what she remembered of the martial arts her mother had taught her. She wouldn't be a victim again, this she promised to herself.
A little over a year later, Aura submitted herself to the same monastery her mother had trained with. For the short time she was at the monastery, she and another young woman, Karlynn, developed a minor intimate relationship. Both women had arrived at the monastery within weeks of each other, and were close to the same age. They often sought the other for support and comfort through the long nights and tough training. The relationship blossomed shortly after their third month at the monastery, and lasted right up until Aura vanished mysteriously from the monastery.
Mysteriously to all, except Aura, that is.

A voice whispered to her from the darkness of the hallway. Groggily, Aura sat up and looked through sleep heavy eyes towards the door to her room, which was slightly open.
"Kar?" she whispered, keeping her voice low to avoid it carrying farther than the hallway just outside her door. "That you?"
There was no response. Aura shifted in her bed, easing aching muscles from the day's training. "Kar?" she whispered again.
The padding of feet away from her doorway was the only sound she got in response. Shaking the sleep off, she stood and tiptoed to her door, peering through the opening. The tail end of a robe vanished around the corner to her right, and Aura slipped out of the doorway and chased after it, remaining on the balls of her feet to keep from making too much noise. She peeked around the corner before darting down the hall. Always the robe was one corner ahead, until it vanished down a winding staircase; a staircase no one was allowed to go down.
Aura paused at the top. "Kar! This isn't funny anymore!" she hissed down the staircase. Her name, barely distinguishable, drifted up from the stairs somewhere below. Frustrated and scared, Aura should have turned around, but she couldn't let Karlynn go down there by herself.
Aura raced down the stairs, finally finding herself at a barely open door. She listened at the door, but heard nothing, and saw nothing as she tried to look in. The torch burning behind her illuminated nothing inside the room.
As her hand crossed the threshold of the door to push it open further, she felt a tingling run up her arm as it continued further through the doorway.
She shuddered and pulled her arm back, looking at it, then back at the doorway again. There was nothing there she could discern, and shrugged it off as being nervous. Again, as she reached to push the door open, she felt the tingling. She pushed through, and threw open the door, stumbling...
... Across hard packed dirt to fall face first on the ground in front of a small hut. She lay there, stunned for a few moments, her forearms stinging from the scrapes she had received from the fall. She sat up, in nothing but her thin nightgown, and turned to look at the door she had just come through.
She blinked in surprise. There was nothing behind her but a dirt path leading away from the hut.

Aura spent a few days at the hut, finding clothes that fit her passably well. It was clear from the dust in the place that it hadn't been used in some time, and she lived off the overgrown vegetable garden in the back, and what she could catch in the forest behind the hut.
Once she was comfortable enough, Aura decided it was time to set out in this new world, either to find a way back to her friend and lover, Karlynn, or to find her way in this new and strange place.
Her wandering eventually took her to Marn, where she has just recently purchased the few bits of clothing with some of the Bishan she found in the hut, and was able make by working on various little farms for a night's stay and meals.
With eyes wide with wonder, and heart and head guarded by bitterness and cynicism, Aura began to explore what she had just decided would be her new, if temporary, home.
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