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Caiomhe Feryn
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Caiomhe Feryn

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Player Name: Gia (Tovia)

Character Name: Caoimhe Feryn (Kah-OMM-ie FER-ren) *This is an unusual pronounciation of this name (Caiomhe), but I think she just liked it better than the usual pronunciation, so she's called how she pronounces it

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Tall for a girl at 5’8” Caoimhe weighs about 140lbs. She had darker brownish-black hair that she keeps pulled back, a pale face and green eyes. Her eyes have a milky film over them, giving them an eerie appearance. She usually keeps her lashes lowered because she doesn’t like being stared at or sympathetic looks from strangers. Even though she obviously can't see when people stare at her, she has an acute sense of when others are looking her direction. She has a young face but a hard attitude, because of being almost blind. She typically wears a robe that is a greenish-grey color with a lighter tunic underneath, both in shades that would blend into a foggy forest. She has a few scars around her eyes from when she was burned with lye, but her skin a whole is relatively good, if pale.

Possessions: She has two spare robes and hoods, along with an extra tunic, in a bag (one robe is lighter fabric, the other heavier for winter) that she carries off of one shoulder. Also in her bag is a small, sharp knife with a silver-wrapped handle with an eye engraved into it, mortar and pestle, different types of herbs for her job. She carries only the knife as a weapon, placing faith in the idea that she won’t be attacked. She isn’t too worried about being attacked, because she both looks strange and is strange.

Caoimhe carries many different types of herbs, herbs for awakening and herbs for causing her victims to sleep, and others for different tasks, like calming and inducing visions. Cai also has an irritating habit of turning people's fingernails various colors by spiking their drinks.

Strengths: Her knowledge of herbs is her strongest point, but she is strangely adept at finding hiding places in times of need. She also is an accomplished dancer, and can sometimes make a few coins dancing for wealthy patrons. She doesn’t care for dancing as much, because it reminds her of her home and makes her feel like a whore, but she will dance if she needs money.

Weaknesses: Caoimhe is nearly blind from an attack on her clan when she was younger. She can see really bright colors (though they appear dull), and extremely fuzzy shapes if they are large (like trees and buildings). Her sense of perspective is very poor, and she can't tell distance worth a damn. She is very bitter about her blindness, but she will joke about it. She doesn't take kindly to jokes made at her expense and is liable to poison the person unless she knows the joke-maker pretty well. She has a phobia of gloves, because the ones who made her nearly blind wore gloves to protect their hands from the lye. She doesn’t like soldiers in general, but she is dead scared of the ones with gloves of any kind.

Personality: Despite her bitterness at losing her sight and her way she thinks that she can reclaim it, Caiomhe is actually a nice person to be around once she stops trying to poison people because she's bored or irritated. She enjoys slightly crude humor, though she isn't as proficient at using it on other people as she would like. She gets moody and depressed when other people exclaim how beautiful something looks, and she doesn't fail to make sarcastic remarks at them when they do so around her. If someone takes the time to try and befriend her and she doesn't look at them as a potential victim, she will be a good friend in return.

History: Caoimhe grew up in the far west on the great continent, in Caelteth Eyrop (on the islands that would be considered the British Isles). She was raised by a druidic people who taught her the arts of herbs and dancing. When she was 12 years old soldiers came into her caravan and attacked all the druids for reasons unknown to the young Caiomhe, killing some and imprisoning others. The soldiers came into her living area and put lye into Caoimhe’s eyes, blinding her. They did this to some other children as well, she found out later. They were wearing gloves to protect their hands from the lye, sparking her fear of gloves. She was left there, alone and with no sight, until she got up the courage to move around. Her eyes hurt beyond any pain she had ever experienced, and she could feel tears streaming from them, trying to clear the residue of the lye and from the pain. She crawled over to her bed and slept there, exhausted.

When she woke up she was nearly blind. She could see the basic outline of everything, and she knew where it all was, but she couldn’t see detail, and as she began to walk around she bumped into different things. She stayed in her home because she couldn’t bear to face what she was imagining was outside, even though she wouldn’t be able to see it clearly.

Caoimhe survived the next years wandering around with another clan, who taught her some of the darker arts, how to perform sacrifices of the mind. Caoimhe wanted her sight back more than anything, and used this method of sacrificing she added her own bit—she stole her victim’s sight, and made them as blind as she was. She offered their sight to any god or goddess that was listening, and fancied that each time she stole sight her own improved slightly.

Her victims aren't killed by her sacrificing of their sight, and the only mark of their loss is the milky-white film that Caiomhe has herself over her eyes. She doesn't particularly like the sacrifices, because she thinks that they are time consuming for little result, but she continues on with them, roughly one every two or three months, but she would preform more if she actually speaks to a god(dess).

She heard that even though magic was outlawed in Marn and Shim, for some reason there were still some magic users. She wants to find out if anyone can help her with her sight problems, so she can get on with her life.
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Re: Caiomhe Feryn

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Whatcha doin with her tov?
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I was changing her history a bit and got distracted. I'll rework it some other time, you can lock this up again.
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