Maniac On the Loose!

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Maniac On the Loose!

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"'A patient from the asylum escaped the other day during one of their many leisurely walks around the fenced-in yard. I interviewed the doctor who was charged with her care all those years ago to get the inside scoop, and what he said alarmed me.

"'"You have no idea what she's...capable of! She has no sense of the real world, all she sees is illusion. She could mistake any of us for something threatening...and attack! The guard has refused to search for her and bring her back to where she belongs...because they...see her as dangerous. I beg everyone to keep an eye out for her."

"'This maniac is none other than Raishel Munden, a descendant of the Munden line and first child of the current Lord and Lady of that good family. About twenty-two years ago they were forced to lock her up at the Asylum, and she has since been forgotten. Now she is on the will the city react? What havoc will be brought?'

"What! This is rubbish!" cried Dr. Greydock. "They quoted all of what I said out of context! This is going to make them hurt poor, defenseless Raishel! Oh god..."

Sam patted the doctor on the back. "Don't worry Doc, it's only a small article in the back of the paper. We just have to keep a look out and soon it'll all be over. She's bound to turn up eventually, anyway."

"So you'd say, you nincompoop! You're the one who let her escape!" he raved some more, drawing quite a few glances.

"Now, er, that's kind of a leap...It was Whitney, too, ya know...Took us by surprise, it did..."

Dr. Greydock waved off his employee's remarks and stomped down the street, printed newspaper in hand. Sam followed meekly, casting a sheepish glance around at the spectators of Dr. Greydock's rant. They were sullenly looking at the pair as they walked down the street, until they were too far away. Luckily they then turned a corner, and he was forced to shake off his embarrassment. He'd have to put this back right, for Dr. Greydock's sake.

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