Metarie Sehkhara

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Name: Metarie
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Metarie Sehkhara

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Player Name: Metarie
Character Name: Metarie Sehkhara

In Common: Metarie Sehkhara
Nickname: Ree
Born: February 17, 217 PW
Age:~95 (equivalent to 25 years of age)
Race: Elf

Physical Description:

• Hair: Auburn, falling just to the tops of her shoulders.
• Eye Color: dark green with gold flecks
• Skin tone: Golden
• Build: Willowy
• Height: 5'8
• Weight: 140

Typically, Metarie wears comfortable shoes; comfortable, decently snug pants; a tank top; and a white lab coat. She is typically dressed in muted, natural colors that compliment her complexion. She usually has a scarf tied loosely around her neck. In winter, she wears a thick cable knit sweater.

Possessions: (anything they own or keep on their person)
• Courier satchel containing a medical kit - bandages, suture supplies, aseptic lotions made from homeopathic remedies, willow bark, mortar and pestle, and other medicinal herbs. Satchel also contains a thick sketch book bound in leather and tied with leather string and drawing utensils.
• A leather bracelet, which she wears on her right wrist to cover the registration mark.
• Hospital ID (worn on lab coat)
• Magic User’s ID (sigil on inside of right wrist that can be removed by the Judges)
• Money (kept in front pocket of pants for easy access) - Metarie makes a decent salary working at the hospital, but she typically does not carry around a large sum of money.
• Metarie also has an animal companion, Kona. (He looks like this:!!iri ... nd-095.jpg ) Kona is a gentle giant. He rarely barks, observes often, and is loyal to Metarie. Metarie takes him to the see the children at the hospital every day. There, Kona, lets the children climb over him, pull his ears, his lips, his paws, and his tail with no deterrent to the more rambunctious children than a big paw or a lick of his tongue.

Powers or Strengths: (including stuff like magic, money, martial arts, etc.)
• Keen intellect, eyesight, and hearing (racial quality)
• Artistic - paints or draws (natural talent)
• Highly dexterous and physically flexible (learned)
• Physically quick (racial quality)
• Especially talented with a bow and arrows (learned)
• Homeopathic herbalist (learned)

• Practitioner of the healing arts - able to cure up to moderate wounds in conjunction with more mundane medicinal practices, i.e., bones must be splinted, skin must be stitched and then healing spells are used to knit the breaks and tears back together neatly.
• Highly sensitive to magical and natural forces - for example, can see ley lines when concentrates; magical beings and users give off auras of varying degrees.
• Earth magics - basic water, fire, wind, and earth spells: conjure fire (nothing larger than a candle flame), rain (a small cloud appears over a 10x10 area and rains on that area; rain can last for 1 second to 10 minutes), earth shift (moves the ground in a 10x10 area for 2 minutes; spot must be specifically designated by description or marked off); dust devil (small wind tunnel, approximately 3 feet in height is created; can be directed to a particular area or at a particular person) - these will increase in duration and area as she ages.
• Blend - a magical ability to blend in with her surroundings, similar to an invisibility spell

• Does not like dead things that do not stay dead
• Serious problem with restraints and small spaces
• Fear of the day she might be called upon to hunt once again
• Hunter’s mark on the back of her neck - this is the Lojack of sigils; the Judges like to keep up with their possessions.
• Excessive magic use is tiring; rest is needed rejuvenate her energy or she may black out.
• Her willowy build means she does not take blows well
• She is not well trained in melee combat

History: (be descriptive with your history, this is what tells us if you're capable of putting effort into your writing.)

“:Elves are naturally more gifted in the magical arts and can "feel" a connection to various magical and natural forces.
The elves tend to be taller, quicker, and on average more intelligent than humans, however they suffer from a certain kind of inflexibility. They can be delicate, non-confrontational, and yet socially or politically arrogant in their ways. Where humans come in all shapes and sizes, elves have a more homogenized phenotype which can limit their potential as a race. Elves live longer than humans, up to three centuries.”
- Races of Thar Shaddin

When Metarie was born, Elves had been in the world for at least 900 years and Marn was in a state of reform. During this time, anti-magic laws were hotly debated and many elves that were especially sensitive to magical and natural forces were impressed into government service to ferret out the best places to establish governmental buildings and those with high degrees of magical abilities. These elves were called Hunters by the Guards, but their own kin disparagingly called them Si Kes’m Pyl,* referring the mark placed on the back of the Hunter’s necks and the leather chokers used to easily distinguish them from the other elves.

Metarie’s parents, Fithin and Ciara, had been one of the first of the Hunters, following willingly with that peculiar inflexibility given to elves. When Metarie was born, in the year PW217, she also showed a high degree of sensitivity. Her overjoyed parents presented her as soon as possible as a candidate to the Captain of the Guards. Small and delicate, Metarie was able to fit in places the larger humans and elves could not go. Many were discovered with her talents. As she aged, though, Metarie developed a dichotomy to her parent’s philosophies. Enough so that they saw fit to forcibly keep her at home when she was not working for the Guards; partly in fear of her doing something they thought she should not, but also to keep her alive. Those who disagreed with the government disappeared... permanently. During the whole of her tenure as a Dog, Metarie was thought to be mute. This was another gift from her parents. A potion to “freeze” her vocal chords kept her from voicing her dissidence.

When Judge Vincas came to power, the Hunters were “retired,” or so the populace was told. After all, can one ever be free once compromised? Metarie is a known magic user, legally registered, who works at the hospital in the business district. She maintains a small, nondescript apartment with a single bed, single bathroom, and a kitchenette. The apartment is located in the downtown area.

* The Guard's Dogs
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Name: Metarie
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Re: Metarie Sehkhara

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NPCs, parents of Metarie Sehkhara

Name: Fithin Sehkhara
Gender: male
Born: 377 PW
Deceased: 210 PW (Age, 168)
Race: Elf

Description: The elf, born and raised on the Darleone Causeway, was especially elf-like in his appearance. The closer to magic areas one lived, the less human one appeared. His eyes were small and set within a narrow facial structure composed of angular cheek bones, pointed chin, and a generous mouth. His hair was fair and wispy, starting high on his forehead, in a widow's peak, and brushed the top of his collar. Fithin Sehkhara was tall, standing at a lanky 6'4. His build was as slim and angular as his features.


Fithin was the Dean of Political and Philosophical studies at Teodinus College, located on the eastern coast of Darleone. The Sehkhara family name is an old one, in terms of human years. For elves, the name is one found in early literature dating back to 900 PW. Familial investments result

Upon moving to Marn, much of the familial documentation and journals were left to the University.

Ciara Sehkhara
Gender: Female
Born: 354 PW
Deceased: 202 PW (Age, 152)

Like her mate, she was an elf, but with softer angles than her husband. Ciara had been born and raised on the West Coast of Darleone, far from the chaotic magics of the Causeway. Her hair was brown, tinted with auburn, and her eyes were dark green. She had large eyes and an angular, but slightly broader face than her husband.

Ciara is best described as detached. She is an observer and researcher with a desire to comprehend and understand the "why" of things. She was especially fond of anatomy.

(photo source: Sir John Lavery painting of Lady Lavery 1928)

History - Marn:

Fithin was scouted from Darleone to establish the education system in Marn. The Sehkhara name is found on several buildings including the Sehkhara School of Philosophy and the Sehkhara Library.

As a founding member of Marn, Fithin worked closely with Vincas and the others to hash out what was needed to re-establish the city. He was a major contributor to Marn's civil statutes and Tomes as an active proponent of equality, based on philosophical and intellectual grounds. Some conflicts occurred, as can be expected when debating politics; however, Fithin was well respected even if he was not liked. He was active in Marnian affairs until his death in 210 PW. Metarie was seven. Because of Fithin’s role in education, the Modestine, Vyaduka, and Malatrast family are allies.

Ciara Sehkhara's main purpose for moving to Marn was to study and work with Belatucadrus on his "condition." Upon arrival, she helped establish the hospital and helped recruit able-bodied synevives to run the hospital(including training them), but focused mainly on Belatucadrus. Several medical textbooks, published both before and after their arrival, are still used today for medical training.

Ciara became more active in Marnian affairs after Fithin's death. Her activities resulted the creation of seekers (Si Kes'm Pyl - the "Guard's Dogs") used during the anti-magic movement of 208 PW and the Scryers used in 207 PW. Her activities aligned her, and the Sehkhara’s by proxy, with the families seeking Judge roles, such as the Vincas and Moryldar families and Guard families, such as Oslun. As a First Settler, she would make a point to attend key voting meetings, voting along lines that supported the tenets of the Tomes, the epitome of a Marnian citizen, except for that pesky (yet accepted) magic use. Granted, that use was limited to her research and that research often benefited those seeking to uphold the laws of Marn.

History - Darleone
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