WIP: Tiarhod Spiritbow

Characters currently being written and not yet ready for the approval process.
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WIP: Tiarhod Spiritbow

Post by tiarhod » Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:15 am

Player Name: Mandy
Name: Tiarhod Spiritbow
Nickname: 'Tia' or 'Chip'
Age: 23 years
Race: Human
Height: 154cm (5.05ft)
Weight: 47kg (103.6lbs)
Physical Description: Short and thin, Tiarhod looks like she has lived on the edge of poverty for her entire life. This however is not exactly the case. She has small, dainty feet. The pinkie toe on her right foot is slightly curled under her foot due to an accident from when she was younger. Her hands are long and thin, with short neat nails. The skin of her palms is rough and callused from working on the farm. Her face is round and young-looking, with high cheekbones and a low, protruding brow. Her eyes are wide, and down turned, her irises a mesmerizing starburst of green and blue that begin to mix into a teal as it nears the pupil. The down-turn of her eyes is offset by her thin, straight nose and pouted cupids-bow shaped lips of a rosewater hue. Her hair is a mousy brown and hangs lank and dry just past her shoulders. She often wears it tied in a bun at the base of her skull. Her skin is, in places a milky white with pink undertones. However, due to sun exposure the tops of her arms, shoulders and feet, as well as her cheeks and chest, are the color of dried dirt that slowly fades along the lines of her body.

On a daily basis she wears one of her three simple cotton dresses. They are brown, green or a light shade of cream. Each dress is a high-necked, sleeveless bodice and a wide, flowing skirt gathered in at the waist where it joins the bodice. She also owns a charcoal colored apron that ties around her neck and waist which has a pouch on the front of the skirt at the waist. Inside the pouch, her bunny Lopelle can often be found curled up asleep.
Possessions: Small hunting knife. Red oak long bow and leather quiver with twelve arrows. Her white dwarf bunny Lopelle. Small pouch of basic herbs. Pouch of collected items (anything from a strange piece of wood to a piece of metal, whatever she finds interesting during the day can be found in this small pouch)

Powers or Strengths:
Tiarhod can be overly optimistic to the point that she can often annoy the people around her. Having been on her own for most of her life, she has learned to find positives in almost every situation she encounters. While occasionally her optimism can be helpful, more often than not it can be odd and off-putting. She is slowly learning when her particular brand of optimism is acceptable!
Flighty by nature and flighty by mouth. Tiarhod has an incredibly short attention span and can flicker from one interest to another before anyone else has really caught on to her most recent change. She is quick to forgive and even quicker to forget as she bounds through life quicker than a dragonfly on water. Her fickle nature means she is almost always up for an adventure and will be on the trail before her comrades have even finished speaking.
Despite her flighty nature, Tiarhod finds peace in perfection. While a self-appointed task may go ignored for many moons before she thinks of it again, if she is asked a favor of she will work hard to complete the given task. This is fueled by an inner desire to be liked by others, and motivates her to work hard for their approval, even if to most it may seem entirely out of character to see her working so diligently on a single project.

Tiarhod's greatest need in life is to be 'accepted' by those she has shunned all her life. To this end she strives to be liked and will always try to fit herself into the mold presented to her, no matter the cost.

"Magic" Power
Speed up the growth of plants, put ideas in a small animal's head (rodents/birds etc)
She can influence the essence of a plant or animal to convince it to grow or act to her wishes. As of this moment, she is unaware that this is actually a 'power'. She believes it to simply be that she puts more care into her plants and that she simply has a way with small animals.

Tiarhod has a habit of daydreaming, no matter the time or place. Her lack of attention span often sees her floating off into her own universe mid-conversation. Sometimes even mid-sentence. To those with little patience this habit can be rather infuriating.
Having had little to no human interaction in the five years she has lived alone Tiarhod finds it difficult to be in the presence of others. This difficulty often leads to an increase in 'daydreams' as she works to shelter herself from the perceived threat. Her shyness often shows itself most when there is more than one person in her immediate vicinity and manifests itself in mumbling and anxious tugging at her clothing.
Just as it sounds, Tiarhod takes more pleasure in her own company than that of others. She can and will speak when necessary but will actively avoid social interaction wherever possible, or at least lessen it.
Curious and Inquisitive
Because of her isolation in the past few years, many things have happened or evolved that Tiarhod is unaware of. This excites her already curious nature to the point where she will easily begin a conversation with someone if it is to discover the secret to whatever it is that has caught her attention. Outside of this, however, she can still be seen picking up small rocks, or interestingly shaped items that she likes. These are often tucked away in a small pouch. She always needs to know who, what, when where and why, which often makes her come across as nosy, or gossipy to those who may not understand her intentions.
Tiarhod is not one to stand up for herself and has little confidence in her own convictions and beliefs. As such, whenever she is --can't think of word too tired-- she will often back down and admit defeat, even if she was in the right.
Anxious and Paranoid
'A shivering ball of nerves' is a phrase often used to describe this young woman in a social setting. She often worries over small nothings, and is often convinced that someone dislikes her, whether that is true or not. Her anxiety is more often than not aimed at the people around her, being unused to friendly company as she is. Her optimism is a learned trait, and is often hard at battle with the paranoia that bubbles up in her throat so often.

Tiarhod's birth was difficult on her mother. After nearly seventeen hours of labor, and a shocking amount of bleeding the small girl entered into the world with the passing of her mother. As the tiny body took its first breath, its previous home, Tiarhod's mother, took its last. Her father did not take kindly to the death of his wife, and blamed the young girl for her mother's death. Rhalouf's drinking got steadily worse through Tiarhod's toddler years until he was barely incoherent at any given time of the day. His dependency on the alcohol lead the family to lose many of their possessions in an attempt to make back money they were losing.
At ten years old Tiarhod started tending to the family's small farm in a desperate effort to make some money. She began working to harvest wheat and tomatoes from a small pouch of seeds she had purchased from the village markets with the small amount of coin she had to her name. She sang to her plants daily, often sitting cross-legged with her elbows resting on her knees, her hands pressed together supporting her chin as she stared wide eyed. The plants grew at a steady rate and produced plenty of harvest. Every week she would gather up what she had managed to grow and transport it in a small, dirty wagon to the village where she would sell them dirt cheap to those who, like her, could not afford to visit the markets.

Years passed, with Tiarhod making those weekly trips and making enough coin to squirrel away for when she was old enough to leave home. At the age of fiteen, her father passed away, leaving their run-down cottage to Tiarhod. It was the week after her father passed that she found a tiny baby rabbit, hidden under the leaves of a tomato plant in her small plot. She spoke softly to the bunny who lay shivering in the dirt, its fur dark and matted, eyes wide and electric blue. Tiarhod reached out to it with her small hand and allowed it to smell her. Eventually, after many long minutes the creature crept forward enough for Tiarhod to scoop her up into her palm and take it inside.

She bathed the rabbit, revealing its shocking white fur, before nursing it back to health, feeding it the insides of a tomato from a spoon. She carried the rabbit with her wherever she went and told it about her home and about her family. She told it stories she thought up as well as ones about what she had done in the past.
The time soon came for Tiarhod to release the rabbit back into the wild, now that it was able to move freely and was big enough to find food for itself (as she found out once when she went looking for the creature to find it outside, on its back with a half eaten tomato beside its prone body). She took it into the woods by the stream, just north of the village and set it on the ground. She waited but the little rabbit never moved. It sat staring at her with its wide blue eyes. Despite her many attempts, she could not convince the rabbit to leave and so after an hour and a half she decided enough was enough. She picked up the small white girl and held her against her neck.
"Did you want to stay with me, little one?" She asked gently. The rabbit, as if in response peeped quietly before burying its nose into her neck.

Tiarhod named the rabbit Lopelle and the two of them worked on the farm and spent every waking hour together in the years that followed. The two were practically inseparable. Lopelle would sleep by Tiarhod's head of a night, or curled in her arms. During the day she would curl up in a fabric sling Tiarhod put together for the bunny.

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Re: WIP: Tiarhod Spiritbow

Post by tiarhod » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:35 am


I intend to finish up Tiarhod but a lot has been happening for me lately. I live in the flood zone and have unreliable internet right now. I'm also on call for my aunt and uncle as my uncle is very sick.

I'm sorry I couldn't quite get it done but it's probably better I hadn't quite immersed myself in the community just yet!

I hope to be back within the month and be able to actually play this character on this incredible site! Thank you to all the members I have spoken with so far! See you as soon as I can get back into a normal rhythm.

Admins, feel free to close the post if you feel it necessary. I will be back, and I will be playing this wonderful idea for a character as soon as life returns to normal.


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Re: WIP: Tiarhod Spiritbow

Post by Katona » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:27 am

Don't worry, Mandy. You can keep an unfinished application around for as long as you want. We don't delete them or anything like that.

Whenever you're ready to come back and finish it, you can do so. And once you're ready for review, just post in this thread again to let us know. Or message a mod, if you need anything else.

I hope things improve for you soon. It sounds like a difficult time. Good luck.

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Re: using an old character

Post by Diantha » Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:38 pm

I would like to use my old character Dianelopa which I last used in 2013. At that time I had an email which I no longer have, so I cannot login. I do not remember what my password was. Can you help?

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Re: WIP: Tiarhod Spiritbow

Post by Frug » Tue Mar 22, 2022 3:49 pm

Wow, hey Lopa. Been a while.

Thar isn't really alive these days but if you still want it, PM me with your current email and I can send you a new password to that account.
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