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Name: Hakino
Race: human-demon


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b]Name:[/b] Hakino
Age: 18
Race: Half human and Half Demon of unkown

Physical Description:
Hakino stands at a small height of 5 feet 4 inches with hair the color of pitch that was jagged and uneven as though it was cut with a dull rusty knife. The hair covers a pair of alluring sky blue eyes that had small flecks of silver in them that always gave them the look of sadness or loneliness. Though the eyes match his pale skin that was almost the color of a recently fallen snow. A large scar ran from the end of his right eye all the way down to the bottom of his left lip before running down to his right shoulder towards the center of his stomach. Scars lined themselves along both his arms that gave him the look of barbwire had been wrapped around his forearms. It just seemed to compliment with his lithe form though that was covered in a long sleved shirt that was two sizes to big in the sleeves and a pair of leggings that billowed out from the knees down to his feet. A simple pair of black combat boots adorned his feet. On his face was a red mask that he always wore no matter what the situation was as if to hide his feelings.

A necklace that looks like a metal coin beaten with a hamer till it was bent and chipped written in a language that was hard to decipher due to the damage of the coin.
Crimson mask with multitude of scars along it that he always wore
a pair of black gloves that have no properties

Powers or Strengths:
A small control of fire that merely surrounds him like a shell.
Stronger then a normal human due to his half demon side but not stronger then a full blooded demon.
Weaknesses and Flaws:
Mentaly unstable and is very timid around people and large groups of them. Hakino has a tendancy to do what hes told by anyone that wants him to do something especially if the orders come from one of the oposite sex though he wont follow all of the orders given at times.
Crowd pleaser
like a cat, he is interested in everything and anything and will mess with it just to see what it does.

Hakino was born after a unfortunate accident with his mother and his demon father. Due to not wanting a child, the Father left his mother and his son in the woods alone hoping that something would happen to them. The mother stricken with grief tried to follow his father, leaving Hakino alone in the woods as she ran after the man she loved. Hakino was abbandoned and crying out when a group of slavers found him in the woods. Looking about for his parents they shrugged and placed him in a basket on a cart, hauling him to the city to sell and make a proffit.

Once in the city, they quickly sold Hakino off to a Couple that ran a arena for fights to the death. When Hakino was old enough to stand, he would be trained day and night on the ways of fighting. When he wasnt being trained they would induce methods of torture that one would do to gather information just to make him scream and drive him mad. After 7 years of this they finally made him insane as they pitted him against others just like him with nothing but there bare hands. Hakino had earned his mask after making his first kill though what ran through the boys mind no one would know as he killed what he considered his best friend.

This treatment went on till he turned 15. A civil war broke out in his homeland causing people to abandon the arena and fight eachother though soldiers quickly came and demolished the trade of the arena due to its horrors. Hakino was able to escape from the fighting that was occurying and ran into the woods. With nothing but the clothes on his back and his mask he had begun to wonder around, looking for something that he felt was missing in his life. He had happened to come across a young woman aspiring to be a sorceress. Seeing Hakinos state of mind she tried to heal him. It suceeded in a way. Hakino was able to seperate reality and insanity for a small amount of time though his hold isnt that strong on reality. The sorceress said he could improve it over time as she sent him away. Ever since then he just always walked around only stopping when he became interested in something.

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Name: Saruna Rischett
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Re: Hakino

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Hey Hakino!

At this point in time I would like for you to rewrite your application and perhaps consider going with a simpler backstory. I would like for you to take some time with spellcheck and re-reading your sentences for basic grammar - we don't ask that you be perfect, but we do ask that people aim for correct spelling and complete sentences.

Additionally, if you would like to make him a new species that has not been done before (we do ask that you keep demons non-religious, as we do not want to step on any toes, and it would not make sense for the setting. Additionally, 'demon' is a catch-all term for most things from the Astral Plane), we ask that you create a basic write-up for them in the World Development section, which can be found here.

Here are a few apps that are good examples of first time characters.

Derin Edala
Dia Lyn
Talia Idris
Mather Link

Too if you need ideas for places to have your character be from or how he could be tied into the world, you can search the setting for more information on the world. And, of course, members are a great resource for clarifying details from the setting.

If you have any questions please send me a pm or hop into chat. Generally the members here are great at helping to brainstorm for ideas!
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