A Most Devious Deception

The farms and houses of Shim, a single inn known as the Red Chalice, and an old manor on a hill overlooking it all to the north.
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Re: A Most Devious Deception

Post by Kaleb Morrington » Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:17 pm

Kaleb didn't hear the girl over the ringing in his ears. His heart was pounding, his mouth was dry, he was very much afraid. The kid dangling between the two guards didn't look good and the girl was glaring at him. She made the movement of basically 'fuck off'. Kaleb took a step back, then another. The girl with the house said something and that was enough for Kaleb.

He whirled, spinning on his heel, as he ran into the forest. He'd always avoided it due to all the people and animals that had died there, but he had no choice. It was that way or into the guards, and Kaleb sure as hell wasn't handing himself in, no with those gems still heavy in his pockets. And so he fled into the darkness, unable to feel the tears streaming down his face.