Encounters at Dusk

Factories along the northern quarter of the city for the production of goods like cloth, brewed ale, and construction materials. An old water-wheel provides power for half the city.
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Re: Encounters at Dusk

Post by Fayane » Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:03 pm

Fay leaned lightly into the touch and smiled a foxy smile. "Should you ever require help again, simply ask one of the guards where to find me, they'll tell you." She wagged her tail once, shifted into a full fox, yipped, and skirted away silently. She managed to get out of the inn without issue and silently shifted once more into a half-fox so she could climb onto the top of the inn. Once on the roof where she could listen to Breda sleep Fay lay down and looked up into the moon, pondering. Why was she so damn concerned for this woman? Why was she going out of her way to help and protect her? Fay wasn't sure... grumbling under her breath something about her own heart being too soft for her own good, Fay settled for a night of guarding.

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Re: Encounters at Dusk

Post by Breda Dreaughan » Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:40 pm

"And you know where to find me," Breda whispered after Fay's disappearing figure. "Not that I know what I could do for you."

Her room was indeed just after the stairs. It wasn't large, just enough space for a narrow bed, a small cupboard and even smaller desk, but it was all she needed. After all, she spent most of time at the smithy.
It was a relief to get the dirty, sweaty clothes off, even though the injured arm presented some difficulty. Her trousers were already getting too tight, and the heavy woolen tunic barely hid her growing belly. Without the clothes she felt able to breathe properly again.

Despite the throbbing pain in the arm and general aching around her body, she felt perfectly safe and comfortable, curling up under the covers. It was as if, on some level, she knew she was being watched over.