To Catch The Fly

Factories along the northern quarter of the city for the production of goods like cloth, brewed ale, and construction materials. An old water-wheel provides power for half the city.
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Re: To Catch The Fly

Post by Lylessa Uluki » Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:30 pm

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Orion smiled as Rosemary took his hand. Never in his life had he felt so much like he had a friend. He wouldn't venture to say that aloud for fear she might contradict him or be offended, but he treasured it inside.

He didn't push the issue of Rosemary questioning Rollick. "Sure, we can talk about things. I can tell you what I think your husband might enjoy you doing with your mouth. But do you think Julen would mind if I did...? I mean, he might not want us talking about stuff like that. I don't want him getting mad at you. Or at me, for that matter. He might think I was... being improper with you. You could talk to your woman friends and see what they do for their men, if you don't want him getting the wrong idea. Or we could just not tell him."

He felt for Rosemary as she talked about how helpless she'd been while Julen was suffering in the shanty town. Orion didn't interrupt her as she got the water, but when she'd presented the mugs to the new arrivals, he said softly, "It's a horrible feeling, isn't it? People hurting, people you care about, and nothing you can do. I know what it's like. Not able to save them. Hell, not even able to save myself. I'm sorry you had to go through it. But you're a strong woman, and I know you bring help and comfort to lots of people. That matters a lot."

Orion was taken by surprise by Cindy's words, and for a moment he just looked at her. He couldn't remember another time in his whole life when anyone had claimed to be like him. Not his clients, not his fellow whores, and certainly not that vicious bastard Snyde. To hear someone say they were alike-- and apparently consider being like Orion a good thing-- not only shocked him, but touched him deeply. And that, his own reaction, surprised him almost as much.

He gave Cindy an encouraging smile. "Huh. Yeah, that's right. Guess we are the same, aren't we?"
"When you feel like you can't go on, love heals.
Hold onto love, and it will lead you home. Love heals." -Rent

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Re: To Catch The Fly

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Rosemary actually hadn’t considered Julen’s reaction to any sex skills she might learn, other than his immediate reaction in bed. But Orion had a point. It wasn’t that Julen was a jealous man -- a truly jealous man would have been driven mad by being married to the village beauty. However, Julen was his father’s son. Years of being raised in silence, of being taught all the things real men didn’t talk about, had taken their toll. There were certain lines drawn in the conversational sand, and only Julen’s relentless curiosity caused him to occasionally stumble across them. Rosemary felt fairly certain that lovemaking tips were definitely on the list of forbidden topics.

“Maybe you’re right. There are certain things Julen considers to be private, and he might feel betrayed if I discussed them with someone I met so recently.” Rosemary gave an apologetic smile to everyone present. She hoped they wouldn’t take this personally. Her words weren’t intended to say that they wouldn’t become close friends some day -- just that they weren’t quite there yet. “I don’t think he’d get mad. But he might be hurt, and that’s worse. You wouldn’t believe the way he can look at you when he gets hurt. Like a puppy with a thorn in its foot.”

Silently, Rosemary resolved to ask for Uluki’s advice. Uluki already knew about the abortion...this couldn’t be any more private than that. And the happy state of Uluki and Rollick’s marriage surely pointed toward things going well in their bedroom. If it turned out that Uluki didn’t have any insight about tongue usage, Rosemary would try a new learning path. Maybe there were books which described such things?

Orion’s words about being helpless earned a sympathetic nod from Rosemary. Everyone in the shanty town must know that feeling. Her story was probably one of the few which had turned out well -- in the end, she was alright and Julen was alright. Rosemary doubted that many of the other refugees had been so fortunate. “Thank you. I try to do what I can. But no one can help all the time, I guess. No one can always be strong. That’s why it’s so important that we work together. So we can catch each other when we falter.”

It was like Cindy said, they were all the same. Elf or human, prostitute or farmwife, man or woman. They were all in this world, trying to make the best of it.