Factories along the northern quarter of the city for the production of goods like cloth, brewed ale, and construction materials. An old water-wheel provides power for half the city.
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Re: Casualties

Post by Lylessa Uluki » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:42 am

Uluki was normally not difficult to fool-- but even for her, Kaydee's first story didn't ring true. Why would a mortally-wounded Delphina seek out the people who despised her, instead of a friend? If she was willing to risk that, why go to the girls when a healer slept in the next room? How had a woman who was about to die made it up the stairs in the first place? And why would the girls unlock the door to someone who they knew was capable of unprovoked murder, and who had already that day attempted to harm the family? Uluki wanted to believe her daughter, but there were just too many holes in the story to be plausible.

Prepared to gently prod for the truth, Uluki was rather relieved when Kaydee revealed it of her own accord. Uluki gave her a warm, comforting hug.

"It's alright, Kaydee," Uluki assured her. "You and Dash did the right thing in defending yourselves. That's the most important thing. I don't think Dash is really broken. She's just in shock. She'll get better. We'll take care of her, all of us will, and she'll feel better."

Uluki hoped that was true. She knew how Dash had struggled with who she was, worked hard to prove to herself that her nature was not that of a killer... and this had almost certainly set her back in her quest for an identity apart from the purpose she was created for. Dash had already made a lot of progress, though, and surely that process would continue once the initial shock wore off.

But still, Uluki worried. She had never seen Dash this bad before. Dash tended to be introverted and introspective, and to worry about things, but Uluki had never seen her in this almost-catatonia. Uluki hoped Dash hadn't been pushed so far she could never recover.

Uluki had no intention of giving up, though. Ever. She had seen people bounce back from terrible ordeals, things you would expect to wreck them for life. Dash's family would provide all the love and support they could to help her bounce back, too.

"You shouldn't feel bad about not finding out the information from Delphina, either. We know we need to be on the lookout for someone wanting to harm Rollick, so he isn't really in any more danger than before. And the thing that will be most important to him is having you and Dash alive. Losing one of you would break him. It's better for him that you girls fought to stay alive, too. He will not be forced to bear that loss."

Uluki didn't comment on the ineffectiveness of Kaydee's attempted interrogation techniques. Kaydee was a smart girl, and would see it for herself. Uluki felt no need to rub it in.

"I'm glad you're alive, too. You girls... you mean so much to me. I'm also glad you decided to tell me the truth about what happened. I don't ever want you to feel like you have to lie to us. We'll love you no matter what, and we'll do our best to understand, whatever happens."
"When you feel like you can't go on, love heals.
Hold onto love, and it will lead you home. Love heals." -Rent