The Naked Truth About Fairy Spells

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The Naked Truth About Fairy Spells

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Uluki and Rollick exchanged a look when Aorle suggested they take time as a family. On the one hand, that would obviously be a good thing to do at this juncture. Dash still looked extremely angry and would need some time to calm down before she could socialize politely with the refugees, Kira was clearly somewhat distressed, and Kaydee, who while not really part of the family now seemed almost like she was, had been acting a little bit distracted and off all day, though she was as polite and pleasant as ever. Clearly some time was needed for regrouping.

On the other hand, that meant that for the first part of the morning Uluki and Rollick would not be directly supervising the refugees, and they were reluctant to rely on the fairy-haters’ trust of someone they barely knew— even someone who was as obviously trustworthy as Aorle— to keep them from running to the Guard to report that a fairy at the compound was bewitching people. After all, Uluki should have been trustworthy too. Before they adjourned to their room, Uluki had a quiet conversation with Jenny while Rollick talked to the warriors who would supervise the digging, both warning of the possibility of defection. Rollick then offered to let Delphina see the log book as promised, but she seemed reluctant to come to their room; not wanting to turn it into a big issue after all that had already transpired that morning, in spite of his irritation Rollick said he would bring it to her instead. That done, the family went upstairs.

Rollick knocked on the door of Delphina’s room, and entered when she called, “Come in!”

“I brought the log book, if you’re sure you want to read it. It’s quite… oh gods! You’re unclothed!”

The last part didn’t really need pointing out, as Delphina was surely aware she hadn’t a stitch on her, but Rollick was too surprised and shocked to make a more intelligent comment on the subject. He looked away instantly, at the walls, at the floor, at anything but the expanse of smooth, pale skin bared before him.

How had this happened? She must have been changing her clothes, and he had blundered in on her. At any moment she would start screaming at him to get out, start throwing things at him…

But even in the midst of his embarrassment and unpleasant surprise, Rollick was fairly sure he had knocked, and waited to be invited in. He didn’t think he had barged into the room, even unintentionally. But if that was the case, why was he faced with a naked woman who assuredly wasn’t his wife?

She moved toward him, and he backed away, but she continued to advance. He was against the door, fumbling behind him for the knob, when he realized the door opened inward and now had his weight against it. In his discomfiture he had treated her like an enemy in combat who he couldn’t turn his back on, but had still let her chase him into a corner. Stupid, he was stupid! How could he be so calm on the battlefield and yet so easily thrown off his stride by strange women?

“It’s alright, Rollick,” Delphina purred, leaning toward him. “It’s just you and me here. No one will ever find out about this.”

In spite of the painfully awkward situation and his strong desire to just disappear or melt into the floorboards, Rollick couldn’t help but notice how pro-forma Delphina’s seduction routine seemed. She wasn’t attracted to Rollick in the slightest; she was just going through the motions with him as she had countless times with her clients when she was a prostitute. This rehearsed little scene was far from erotic, and just seemed rather sad and pathetic.

“Madam, I don’t know what you hope to gain from this, but your behaviour is highly improper.” He grasped her by the shoulders and propelled her backwards, firmly but still taking care not to do damage to her. “I am a happily married man, and I don’t think any of the other warriors would be pleased to be taken by surprise by such a display.” Though Rollick couldn’t vouch for the personal tastes of the Lightswords, shock and embarrassment weren’t typically things that put a man in the mood. “You no longer have any need to earn your coin in such a manner.”

Delphina scowled at him as though wounded. “I wasn’t ‘earning my coin,’ as you so delicately put it. I ain’t a whore no more.”

“I would never accuse you of such a thing, but surely you can see how your actions might be misinterpreted?” Rollick couldn’t believe how calmly the words were coming out of his mouth. It was surreal. “Exposing oneself to a stranger is not entirely befitting of a lady, and generally will not be well received.”

“I wouldn’t do it to the other men. I know it’s shocking. It’s just, I had to seduce you to break the fairy’s spell. Once you slept with me, her hold on you would be broken. So I had to. One of us had to, at least, and I said I’d do it because I’m the prettiest.” She brushed her fingers over her chest and downward; Rollick’s face went red and he wrenched open the door, prepared to flee.

Uluki was standing in the hall, her mouth open. A few pages from the log book were clutched in her hand— they had separated from the old, cracked binding, and fallen out as Rollick carried the book— and she had come to drop them off. Seeing Rollick dashing out of the room pursued by a naked woman, an unreadable expression crossed Uluki’s face, and she disappeared around the corner.

“Uluki, come back! Oh gods… you stay there!” he instructed Delphina. “And put some clothes on. As castellan, I order you to get dressed!” It struck Rollick as strange and ironic that the first time he had pulled rank was with a civilian, and on a matter about which he had no idea of the protocol. Was it within his powers to order a non-soldier to wear clothes? If not, at least Delphina probably wouldn’t be aware he was overstepping.

Uluki was just down the hall, sitting on the floor with her arms wrapped around herself, her body shaking. He could see moisture on her cheeks.

“Uluki, it wasn’t what it looked like. Please, I’m sorry…”

She looked up at him, and he realized that she wasn’t sobbing as he’d initially thought. She was laughing. Hard. So hard tears were coming out. “You should have seen your face!” she chortled. “You looked like you were trying to swallow a lemon. And Delphina… my goodness. You can tell she’s never had a baby! Did you see her…?”

“Yes, I did,” Rollick said quickly, not waiting to hear which particular physical feature Uluki was commenting on. He’d seen far more of Delphina than he’d cared to, in fact. “And it wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience. Are you really alright, dear one? I was afraid when you saw, you’d think… you’d think I wasn’t any more faithful than…”

Uluki smiled sympathetically and patted the floor beside her, encouraging him to sit down. When he did so, she took his hand. “Rollick, there are places in me that used to hurt, that don’t any more because of you. I know I can trust you. I have no fears about your fidelity. You make me feel safe, not scared. I’m alright now, because you showed me I can be. So when I saw her without clothes, and you with your lemon-face…”

“It was not a lemon-face. It was much more dignified than a lemon-face.” Rollick was relaxing a bit, able to share her joke now that he realized she wasn’t sad or angry.

“…You with you with your very-lemon-like-face, I knew you weren’t betraying me. Because you don’t do that. And you have to admit, it was really funny.”

“Somewhat funny, perhaps. Mildly amusing.”

Really funny!” she insisted, smiling at him.

“Alright, fine. Have it your way, Duskling. It was really funny.” He smiled too and wrapped his arms around her. She snuggled against him, still chuckling.
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Re: The Naked Truth About Fairy Spells

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Well, Rollick was definitely bewitched. Delphina was sure of that. What other explanation was there for his resistance to her own charms? There was always the slight possibility he preferred the company of other men to that of women, but he seemed taken enough with that fairy that Delphina wasn’t prepared to believe that bedding the blue woman was straying from his natural inclinations.

It never even occurred to her that he simply hadn’t found her display enticing. She’d been naked! Men liked naked women; she knew that surely enough by now. What else exactly could she have been expected to do? Why hadn’t she succeeded in bedding him?

Truth be told, a part of her was slightly relieved. Rollick appeared to be a nice enough person, but he was so old, and he didn’t seem like he’d be very sexually adventurous. Delphina knew sleeping with him wouldn’t be bad, but she’d expected to be rather bored. She was just as happy not to have to bother. But sleeping with men had been her job for many years, and whether or not she really felt like it didn’t enter into it. Whether or not she expected to be paid, Delphina approached matters of the bedroom as a farmer milked cows or a blacksmith pounded iron. It was all in a day’s work.

Her pride was hurt, though. She’d exposed herself to him in a very literal way, and been rejected. Even though she hadn’t really wanted him in the first place, that stung.

Delphina hastily and huffily put her clothes on, then went out to join Mamie and the others.

“Did you break the spell?” Mamie asked doubtfully. It seemed unlikely a successful encounter would be over so quickly, but you could never tell with men, even these warrior-types.

“No. The magic was too strong. I’m not sure he was even conscious enough to know what I was doing.” His red face and struggles with the doorknob belied that, but it was the most face-saving explanation.

“Well, only one thing left to do, I guess.” Mamie shoved her cleaning bucket into a corner where it wouldn’t be noticed. “I’ll be back in a couple hours. Cover for me till then. If anyone asks, say I went to the privy or something.”

Acting as casual as possible, Mamie made her way to the compound entrance after passing by the latrines to reinforce her story. That detour, however, meant someone had gotten there before she did.

“Where’re you going?” Jenny asked, still holding her broom.

Mamie was about to repeat her privy excuse, but since she was now clearly leaving the fortified area, that wasn’t going to work anymore. “Out,” she said shortly.

“Didn’t you hear what Mister Aorle said? Ain’t supposed to go out by yourself. What happens if Mister Snyde sees you and there ain’t no one there with you to help you?”

“Well, I have to go anyway. It’s important.”

“I’ll go with you, then, if it’s so important. Maybe we could get one of the warriors to come along too.”

That would ruin everything. “No reason for you to trouble yourselves.”

Jenny stared at her with angry eyes and brandished her broom like a weapon. “I know exactly where you’re going, and I ain’t gonna let you do it. You’re going to tell the Guard about Uluki, probably make up some lie about her because you never saw her do nothing wrong.”

“I saw her bewitch people! Saw that with my own eyes. And I guarantee you that ain’t in keeping with the laws of Marn.”

“You never did. People like her because she’s nice. You think I’m standing here because I’m bewitched? Look at me, Mamie. You seriously think anyone could bewitch me? I ain’t that easy to hoodwink. No, I’m standing here because she brought me and my daughter and my friends out of the shanty town when there was no benefit in it to her. There was no way for me to make her keep her promise, but she done it anyway. Then she saved my best friend’s life, and saved her baby. I have lots of reasons besides bewitching magic to be here, and I ain’t letting you go.”

Mamie took a step forward, and Jenny whacked her with the broom.

“You’re an idiot, Mamie, and no mistake. What do you think will happen if you go report Uluki? You think they’ll just let the rest of us go our merry way? No, they’ll come bust this place up like the wrath of the gods, and we’ll all be back on the street. You want that? How long do you think it’ll be before you’re back working for Mister Snyde? How long can you hide from him, you think? A day? Maybe two? And is he going to just welcome you back with open arms after you up and left with his enemies? Don’t be more of a fool than you have to be, Mamie. At least see what’s best for yourself and your son, even if you’re too blind to see what’s best for the rest of us.”

The logic behind that was inescapable. Even Mamie couldn’t help but see how likely it was Jenny was right. The City Guard was known for many things, but compassion wasn’t among them, especially not to shanty town whores. If they destroyed this one source of shelter in pursuit of the fairy, where was left for the refugees to go except back to the shanty town and Snyde?

“You think on that, Mamie, and tell your friends. Ask them if they like being here, or if they want to go back. And if you ever again try to report my friend Uluki, I swear I’ll break your legs myself before I give you the chance.”

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