Soiree Smut - fictional works commissioned by Luca Abernathy

Journals and written correspondence between characters.
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Soiree Smut - fictional works commissioned by Luca Abernathy

Post by Luca Abernathy » Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:16 pm

M'dear S,
such a shame you missed the latest soiree

Because the soiree also missed you, here's a salacious vignette to sate your tastes somewhat ~ the first part of a little something I commissioned myself.

I was quite impressed with the young man who wrote this, and have appointed myself as a patron to his arts - both nocturnal and literary. Do let me know if you'd like to experience more.

With lascivious regards,


---The Doctor and the Dandy---

Tragedy had struck one of the city's most beautiful men. "Changers help me" the wounded Luca Abernathy moaned, "I need a doctor. No, don't tell them why, just fetch me the best that Marn Hospital has to offer".

With haste, the dandy's manservant sought aid in the hospital, and found succor in the compassionate form of the doctor Metarie. Moved by the footman's assertions of Luca's dire need, the buxom elf healer soon found herself attending the afflicted nobleman's sickbed.

Luca sprawled across velvet sheets, tormented by his injuries, his hair tousled in the throes of his misfortune. "Oh Luca," said Metarie "You look positively unwell. What has happened to you?" As a professional, she tried to pay no attention to how his unbuttoned shirt gave tantalising glimpses of the smooth skin beneath.

"Vile villainy" Luca uttered, huskily "I was assaulted in a fashion most foul."
"He was kicked in his manhood" added Luca's manservant helpfully "Kicked hard, too." Luca groaned in confirmation.

It was indeed a tragedy: why, if not treated, was there not dire risk to Luca's ability to continue the Abernathy line? It was fortunate then that Metarie was skilled in the Elven healing arts and possessed of a gentle touch.

Metarie took charge of the situation immediately and shooed out the manservant "The patient and I need privacy for the healing to work." Luca was initially resistant to the idea of Elven healing, but with the alternative being a life of celibacy, he set aside his reluctance. "Do with me what you will" Luca declared weakly, "there is no horror which can compare to the life of a celibate."

Metarie loosened her own blouse to better prepare her Elven arts "You will need to remove your trousers so that I can examine the injury and treat it." There was no room for modesty between man and doctor, and soon Luca's lightly muscled and handsome physique was exposed, as was the bruised manhood which so direly threatened the fortunes of the Abernathys.

"The only cure is to massage the injury with Elven life magic" Metarie explained. Luca looked horrified "But I am in agony! Elegant though your hands are, they are not so soft that I will not be overcome with the pain." Metarie berated him "Those are the misconceptions of the amateur. There are softer parts of the body which will still allow the flow of Elven magic" Carefully, Metarie untied her blouse completely, freeing her soft bosoms - one of the secret sources of the Elven healing arts.

Luca laid back as Metarie massaged the injury, breathing in and gasping as her elven healing arts restored vitality with each gentle pass, until signs of life were clearly restored. Luca was incredibly grateful "Oh doctor, how can I ever repay you?" Slightly embarrassed, but still a professional, Metarie managed to calmly explain that it helped her recover if the source of the healing was massaged in turn.

Ever a gentleman, Luca embraced the good doctor from behind, so that she could be spared having any blush witnessed by him, and slowly massaged the sources of his most recent recovery. As the doctor relaxed into the massage Luca, whose chin was all but resting on Metarie's shoulder, couldn't help but be curious about the rumour he'd heard that Elven ears were far more sensitive than a human's ears. "You know, doctor, I might be able to do more to help you recover." Metarie, who was feeling more and more restored each minute the noble's delicate hands massaged her, was curious "And how is that?"

Throwing caution to the wind, Luca nibbled along the Elven doctor's ear. A thrill, like the spark from touching a gnomish lightsource, shot down her spine. "Oh, yes, do that again." Luca gently applied his teeth to the area again, then ran his tongue along the edge, not failing to keep up his duty as a masseur. Metarie moaned a little then, when the sensation overwhelmed her, and said "Perhaps we can make this more than just a professional visit." The doctor turned to face the dandy for a passionate embrace - and what Camulous didn't know couldn't hurt him.

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