Rebel Cell - The Dragon Awakened

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Rebel Cell - The Dragon Awakened

Post by Gil Agathos » Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:51 am

Original Character Classifieds thread:

They are going to set the city alight, so as to illuminate the corruption lurking in the shadows.
These characters are an elite group who have worked together before.
It's very likely they won't make it out of the rebellion alive.

But it is better to burn out than to fade away.

===Cell Members===
Gil Agathos: Demolitions, Propaganda, Access to the university
Remmeke: Angst, Elvishness, Access to the gentry.
Trick: Perky ass-kicking.

(Details to be updated when all characters complete)

===Bombing Plot Notes===

The Four Bombs
1. The Gala - shrapnel explosive - Kills Guile's wife, random NPCs, something for partygoers to respond to. Badly injure Lorenna.
2. Justice Hall - demolition charge - Porter's magic prevents major damage to the structure, but permission to kill off a battlemage and some clerks
3. Memorial Park - Big statue of a Guard slaying a Dragon. Blow up the Guard, not the Dragon.
4. Civic Court - demolition charges - Bring down the walls.

Cell declares itself 'The Dragon Awakened' with manifestos left at the vandalised statue. The idea is to distract attention away from the main Paragon activities

Goal: Take the heat off the Paragon, create an obvious 'enemy' for Government forces to focus on while the Paragon continues working behind the scenes in preparation for its ultimate objectives.
I shall speak the truth with words of fire and thunder, and Marn's elite shall tremble at their sound

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