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Name: Quinn
Age: 7 (?)
Race: shape-shifter (barn owl – human)

Description: Quinn looks unsettling. She possesses the darkest charcoal colored eyes you’ll ever gaze in to, her skin is white as frost and her statue is fragile and elongated, framed by long slightly wavy flaxen hair that reaches down to her waist. Somehow you can’t bring yourself to call her beautiful but must find her creepy. She appears shine through and washed out – like a ghost. If you stopped starring now, you would find her not wearing any shoes, her white woolen under garment reaching down to her ankles. It’s well looked after but has been mended many times. She does wear a blue overdress, girdled around her waist. The dress is opened around the sides, so that you can reach under it, where she keeps a sack with her valuables and a dagger, she doesn’t really know to use either. She also owns a huge leather sack and a sling out of linen, that keeps her warm and can also be used to carry things. She owns a coat out of leather, stuffed with wool, to keep her cozy outside for longer and a pretty kerchief, she could wrap around her head to protect herself from the sun. It definitely seems that she is used to travel, but in fact, she has no knowledge about the world and despite speaking the common language, she is rather clueless and naïve. That may be the reason, why her mannerism is a little too hasty, her expression nervous and a little shy. But when she speaks, she pushes her chin upwards, looking fiery and a little too arrogant, which makes her appear even younger. She loves to tell stories and has a nice singing voice and can play the recorder.

History: Quinn grew up in the woods, carrying for her grandfather’s animals, sleeping above their stable at night, her head pushed under one of her wings. By day she was left by herself most of the time and spend countless hours herding the sheep, bringing home food for the livestock or willow branches for her grandfather, which left plenty of time for play. They fed one pig every summer and owned a few chickens for eggs. Her grandfather prepared tinctures and other healing supplies, but never taught her anything about it. A lot of days he wasn’t even present, hence he went to sell the baskets he wove in the evenings by the fire, whilst telling stories to his grandchild, and the medications he had prepared by day. That said, she was kind of lonely, but knew herself loved and was well cared for. One day, her grandfather just hadn’t returned after dark and Quinn waited some time until the food was scarce, then released the animals into the wild and left her meager home to find the place, where her grandfather had sold his produce. After wandering for some while, she decided that she must have missed the settlement since her grandfather just left early in the mornings and returned after sunset. It also dawned on her that she never got to know her grandfather’s name or that of her parents. In fact, she had just lived day by day, never even having much contact to anybody else. You might think, she would have fallen into deep despair, but Quinn became rather enthusiastic about her situation, finding herself head over heels into her countless stories and not the slightest bit afraid as she could transform into a barn owl, who, despite looking a little fluffy around the head and back, was already able to fly and therefore able to hunt.


- Wooden recorder
- Dagger with wooden, beautiful carved handle
- Sewing box
- Leather necklace with a carved stone circle, she wears all the time

Weaknesses: She is of course poor and knows nothing about the world around her. She has not much of a clue how to handle social situations however doesn’t back away from them. She isn’t used to live by day most of the time and she prefers dim lighting or none to bright daylight. Her skin is prone to sunburn and she tries to keep herself covered because of it. She frowns a lot.

Power: Quinn can feed herself as an owl at night, therefore is prone to not eat much as a human. She is able to move rather silently even whilst being a girl, her hearing is fantastic and she seems to be witty and more than eager to learn.

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