Braken Tenil

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Name: Braken Tenil
Race: Elf - Human

Braken Tenil

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Player Name: Colours

Character Name: Braken Tenil

Age: 42

Race: Elf, 1/4 human

Physical description:

Braken is underwhelming in almost every way to the point where he can often be in a room with only a few people and it might take you a while to notice that he is actually there. His small frame is in an almost constant state of slouching forward, as if he had just been punched in the stomach, or maybe is looking at something on the floor - which is where he actually prefers to stare while talking with you.

His thin lips, hazel eyes and perfectly ordinary nose do nothing to make him stand out and if you were to notice anything particular about his face it would probably be that his nut brown hair seems to be thinning already from the constant stress of his job...and life in general.

He rarely wears any colour then black, it hides the blood. If he had succeeded in life then he would have been proud to wear the whites of a doctor but as is his way, he was a failure. Black his is way of reminding himself of what he could not achieve.


- Clothes. Mostly black with a few dark blues, deep reds and other dark colours thrown in. Never white, he refuses to wear any white and even his handkerchiefs are specially made in any other colour then white.

-Medical supplies and tools, lots and lots of medical supplies and tools. Braken used to want to be a doctor. And if he was honest with himself he still does want to be one. He went through the proper training and still has all the tools that was given to him to pursue such a career, each one meticulously sterilized and polished at all times. Braken grows what plants he can to make his own tonics and poultices, what he can't grow or make himself he purchases from a quiet apothecary who doesn't question his uses for them.

-Home. His family aren't too fancy but were well off enough to afford to send him to medical school. After the shame of failing out multiple times he moved out of the family manse, purchasing a small cottage with a greenhouse in the backyard where he grows the odd flower but mostly plants that can be used or dried for medical purposes. The windows of the house are often closed, the blinds pulled. From the outside the place might look scary but inside, even though it is dark, it can be rather cosy and certainly very meticulously clean.

-Horse and buggy. Back when he was in med school his family gifted him a fine mare and small two person buggy so that he would be able to make house calls to all the influential people he would be taking care of. They almost took them back after his failure but let him keep them in the hope that, at the vary least, he would actually get out of his dark cave of a home and maybe meet someone - like a wife.


Medical Skills - Braken has taken the four years of medical school every decent doctor is required to take and while he may have failed his final exams it does not properly reflect his skills in the field, nor his passion.

Gardening/apothecary - Braken has taken his love of medical knowledge a step further and has gone as far as learning how to grow his own plants to be used in his work. His greenhouse in the back as well as his house is filled with various plants, growing, drying, or waiting in jars to be pulled out and mixed into various powders and liquids for all sorts of purposes from healing, to pleasure and more often then not, to his displeasure, torture.

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