Lucan Dethwit

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Name: Lucan Dithwit
Race: Half-Elf

Lucan Dethwit

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Name: Lucan Dethwit
Age: 27
Race: Half-Elf

Description: Lucan has straight, dirty-blonde hair that just barely covers his ears, with a shirt, rough beard of the same color. He is a hair over six feet tall, with a lean but athletic build. He walks with a slight but noticeable limp as a result of a knife wound to the back of his calf. The only noticeable details of his attire are his high leather boots, a black top hat, and a dark green half coat, riddled with small discreet pouches.

Possessions: Lucan is a strong believer in travelling light. His backpack contains only an extra pair of undergarments, along with some writing utensils, a canteen and a fire starting kit. Slung across his back is a scoped crossbow, which is the only clean thing on him, its hickory frame lovingly polished. He also wears a coil of ropes like a sash across his torso. At his left hip is an open silver flask, which is balanced on the other hip with a coin pouch with 40 Bishani. Hidden in his boots are an assortment of tools, including lockpicks, a file, pliers, a small knife and about a foot of coiled wire. Hidden at the small of his back is a knuckleduster.

Powers or Strengths:
Tactician: Lucan is a skilled tactician and quick thinker, knowing how to read people and their intentions. His first priority in any situation, good or bad, is to position himself so that he has the most to gain.

Unarmed Fighter: His time working in a tavern has made him a skilled, though unrefined, fist-fighter and grappler.

Sharpshooting: He is also a skilled crossbowman, though most of his expertise lies in shooting static wooden targets.

Resoursefulness: Lucan's greatest asset is his improvisational ability. He has solved many a problem by using mundane objects in unconventional ways, like coating wet tinder in fat from his rations so that he could start a fire.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Arrogance: Lucan doesn't just think he can outsmart any person or obstacle, he knows it. His privileged upbringing has resulted in him confusing education with intelligence. Because of this, he is overconfident and has sometimes ended up gravely underestimating people.

Foolhardy: Lucan's skill in improvisation gives him a near-complete disregard for planning and anyone who attempts to do so.

Socially Inept: He is a skilled negotiator but has trouble seeing past what people can do for or against him, and is easily caught off guard in delicate social encounters.

Limp: In addition, a knife wound to the back of his right calf makes it incredibly challenging for him to run and climb.

History: Lucan was born to two reputable merchants, and elf and a human, and raised in Keltaris. His early life was comfortable for the most part, but was plagued by his relatives at family gatherings, both of which disagreed with the union of two different races, and detested their offspring. This caused Lucan to become reclusive as a child, often retreating into his parents' study to read through their books, particularly those of Pal Tahrenor's history. He grew envious of all the people throughout time who had impacted the world and changed history. Lucan felt robbed of this, as he believed that everything to do had already been done, he had just arrived too late. When he was a teenager, his parents began grooming him to take control of their business, which bought and sold antique objects, books, and even weapons, and he became educated in the ways of negotiation, finance, and deal making. While Lucan had a natural talent for this, it bored him, because all the work he did always simply ended up in a difference of a handful of Bishani. He wanted to make more of an impact than that.

When he came of age, Lucan was given a small degree of control over the day to day operations of his parent's business. It was at this time that he learned of more behind-the-scenes activities, namely buying and selling stolen and sometimes forged goods. This alone annoyed Lucan, but considering that they traded almost exclusively with the higher-ups of society, he did not feel as though he was doing any grave harm. This changed when he discovered that his parents were also dealing in living goods, namely slaves. More infuriated than anything else, Lucan considered turning his parents in to the local authorities. But, knowing that this would endanger both their livelihood and their lives, he decided instead to simply cut all ties with his family and put as much distance between them as possible.

He went south first, surviving by doing odd jobs and labor along the way. He first settled down in Athena as an accountant, but quickly grew bored of it. After about half a year, he moved west, and happened upon a small outpost village along the south of Eyropa. He was able to get employed as a barkeep at the local tavern, but underestimated the amount of violence that could befall one in his position. The manager of the tavern took Lucan under his wing, and trained him how to handle himself in a scuffle. Lucan learned that this sort of rough-and-tumble fighting suited him, and even enjoyed getting into brawls with the tavern patrons. Lucan also learned how to shoot a crossbow in order to procure meals for the tavern, though hunting was not his strong suit, and ended up relying more on snares.

Lucan's duties as both a barkeep and a bouncer slowly extended out of the tavern. He became respected by the people of the small village, and became the closest the outpost had to a sherrif. His duties were trivial for the most part, but there was the occasional theft or burglary that Lucan had to resolve, and enjoyed doing so. One night, as he was finishing up his round, Lucan witnessed a mugging behind the tavern. Two adults were trying to take something from and adolescent. Lucan went to pull them off of their victim, but was knocked to the ground. One of the men drew a knife and slashed at Lucan, who desperately tried to protect himself by kicking the knife away. He missed, and took a deep cut in his right calf. The pain triggered something within Lucan, which removed all hesitation or remorse from him in that instant. He rolled away and put a crossbow bolt through the knee of the man who had attacked him, got up, grabbed the man's hair, and slammed him into the tavern wall, shattering his jaw. The other criminal fled, and so did the boy he was mugging.

Lucan limped into the tavern, and his mentor was able to suture the wound, preventing the need for amputation. When they went to take Lucan's assailant into custody, he was gone as well. The next day, the two men returned, accompanied by a third, much older man. The one that Lucan had fought had a metal contraption supporting his broken jaw. The older gentleman explained that they were part of a group of smugglers, and that since Lucan and the other man were both severely injured, no further actions would be taken, so long as their activities could be conducted in and around the tavern. Lucan looked to his mentor, who subtly shook his head "no". Lucan told the old man that if anyone of their gang showed up around town, they wouldn't come back. The old man sighed, and the three of them prepared to leave. He turned, pointed his finger at the ale casks, and they exploded. The tavern came down around Lucan and everyone else inside as the smugglers left. Lucan pulled who he could out of the flaming rubble to safety, but his mentor was crushed under the weight of the building. After a funeral service, Lucan resigned his position as the unofficial sheriff of the town, and set off to kill the man who had destroyed the tavern.

Back on the road, Lucan worked as a mercenary to pay for his drifter lifestyle. He has heard of the trade that takes place in the Historic District of Marn, and decided that such a place is a good one in which to track down the gang he was pursuing. Lucan had tasted the excitement of adventure, and he wanted more.

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