Svyatoslav Bogdanov

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Svyatoslav Bogdanov
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Name: Svyatoslav Bogdanov
Race: Human

Svyatoslav Bogdanov

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I wanted to make a character that starts out with a normal life and slowly develop him. Do I want something fantastic to happen to his life? Absolutely. Does it have to be earth-shattering? Not really, but who knows?

Name: Svyatoslav Bogdanov "Slava"

Age: 16

Race: Human

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 120 lbs

Physical Description:
Dark-brown hair cut short, square-jawed and steel-grey eyes. His physique is noticeably better than that of a typical Shim farmer (one of the benefits of working at the Inn as a stable hand is that he eats better than most). He still has the lankiness of youth, but is slowly filling in.

  • Ash quarterstaff
Knack with animals

Quarterstaff proficiency

Can't hold his liquor — A single glass of ale or wine knocks Slava out cold. This has led to some fights with other boys of his age group when he gets teased about it.

Ties that bind — Slava is nothing if not loyal to his family and those people he calls friends, passionately so. He has a tendency to give too much of himself for those he loves.

School of life — Life on the farm and work at the inn is pretty much the only education that Slava has. He knows his basic letters and can handle money, but he has not had any formal education.

Svyatoslav, or Slava as he is commonly known, is the middle child of five born to native-born Shimians, Bogdan (40) and Nadezhda (38). He's preceded by his brother Vlad (20) and sister Miroslava (17) and followed by brother Boris (12) and sister Svetlana (9). Slava and his family are descendants of immigrants from the Province of Ciasse who settled in the, then, newly formed town of Shim.

At the age of twelve Slava talked his father into asking Fegrin Burlumnyr to take Slava as a stable boy in the Red Chalice. Slava reasoned that Boris should have the option to decide if he would like to help on the farm instead of being forced to find another trade as most third sons do.

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