Ugrendi Lobots

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Name: Ugrendi
Race: Dwarf Folcath

Ugrendi Lobots

Post by Ugrendi » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:49 am

Name: Ugrendi Lobots
Age: 247
Race: Half Dwarf Half Folcath

Description: brown skin with green like moss on stone, stout broad body at 3 foot 5 inches tall in a square shape almost stocky kind of chubby. Long hair braided and pulled back into a bun usually waist length used to be brown but mostly stone grey now. Green eyes with a bit of white in the right eye for partial blindness. A few scars randomly all over with several on the hands to elbows, rough wrinkly skin. Slightly pointed yet broad ears, a tear in the left while a hole in the right, simple stone earrings and usually wears simple loose comfortable robes with a gnarled root staff with a giant knot club like end.

Possessions: Gnarled root staff club, robes, various stone jewelry, a couple of donkeys, a simple covered wagon, several jars and herbs, pestle and mortar, random simple alchemy tools and vials.

Powers or Strengths: Plant manipulation(Amplification), See spirits, Communicate with Spirits

Weaknesses and Flaws: Old, Not really good at combat anymore, Half the time forgets how to do her abilities, loves to drink which makes said forgetfulness worse.

History: Female dwarf got drunk and met a Folcath, later had Ugrendi who had some abilities with plants and spirits along with a club. Wasn't really too welcome with the dwarfs because of "Magic" Though Ugrendi swears it isn't magic just her natural ability. Soon as she could left her dwarven home to travel the world with her helpful plants and helping give solace to the bereaved and the spirits. Sometimes just winged it, as she got older had to wing it more and more. Had a few kids here and there but not really stayed in one place or settled down entirely. Sometimes she meets up with her kids and grandkids and their families but never stays in one place too long.

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